Aurora Police Department

  • Agency: Aurora Police Department
  • Address: 100 South Aurora Road, Aurora, 44202 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: 330-562-8181
Fax: 330-995-6343

Aurora Police Department is located at 100 South Aurora Road, Aurora, 44202 OH. The Aurora Police Department phone number is 330-562-8181.

Aurora Police Department News

May 15th is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. THE POLICEMAN’S FIGHT I am a policeman, And this is my fight. As I tuck in my family, And kiss them goodnight. I take one last look, Drawing everything in. For I am not sure, If I will see them again. I put on my uniform, And strap on my vest. I prepare for the worst, And hope for the best. I affix my gun belt, Make sure all is secure. I say one final prayer, For St. Michael to hear. According to the book of Matthew, “Blessed are those who keep the peace.” I confront evil every day, Just read your local press release. For I am a Sheepdog, I protect the flock of sheep. Against the heinous pack of the wolves, That harass them when they sleep. I embark on my shift, So much work to be done. Writing reports and citations, Chasing a felon with a gun. For each night is different, Get to experience something new. Have to stay mentally prepared, For each crime that I pursue. The things I have seen, Would surpass your worst nightmare. Some things are too horrific, And too graphic for me to share. The sheer evil that exists, Is far from in decline. Just be glad there’s a select few, Who put their lives on the line. Because the only thing required, For evil in this world to win. Is for good men to do nothing, Which is a far greater sin. Yet this responsibility comes, At a great sacrifice. There’s a permanent target on my back, Some of us pay the ultimate price. I’ve lost some good friends, Sad memories from the past. Victims of divorce, corruption, And their families being harassed. Accidents, suicides, Depression and PTSD. I thank God every day, These things have not happened to me. Sure, we have our share of corruption, But it pales in comparison. To the attorney, the athlete, The financier and politician. The numbers speak for themselves, The research is overdone. Less than one half of one percent, Will disgrace our badge and gun. So be cautious and careful, Of the stories on TV. That paint a negative picture, Of my brothers, sisters, and me. For we ride the thin blue line, Making life and death choices every day. My split-second decisions, Will be criticized in every way. But until you walk in my shoes, And see what I’ve seen. You can’t possibly imagine, The stress on my scene. Although we’re on a pedestal, We are people just like you. On the outside we may bleed red, But deep down we bleed blue. At last, it’s the end of my shift, Finally time to get some sleep. Think I only need four hours, To maintain my upkeep. With all my EJs and OT, Wearing my body thin. Drowsy and tired, I still hold up my chin. I walk into each bedroom, And kiss my family goodnight. So thankful to God, That I’ve survived another night. With all the controversy and assumptions, You may not like what I do. But at the end of the day, I will lay down my life for you! - Richard White

APD officers are the best

Early morning roundup in Aurora nets 13 arrests. Officers Mickey Chase and Joe LaPerna had a busy morning trying to bring these scofflaws to justice. Only one attempted to get away but was quickly apprehended after a short foot chase. He obviously lawyered up right away claiming he had no idea why we were after him. These are not the type of fugitives from justice who turn themselves in to a fugitive safe surrender program. Every now and then you get a group of runners who won't go peacefully. Thanks to the caller who reported their whereabouts. Fortunately for us no one was hurt during the apprehension. If you see something....say something.

Today is the first Wednesday of the month. We will be conducting our severe weather siren test at 10:00 AM.

Today is take your daughter to work day...

It’s that time of year again when solicitors begin door to door solicitation. Currently we have five companies with valid solicitor’s permits operating in Aurora. These individuals are marketing a variety of products ranging from windows to lawn care. If you would like to discourage solicitors from approaching your residence, stop by the Aurora Police Department and obtain a “No Soliciting” window sticker free of charge. All solicitors should have a signed permit with a photograph attached. In the event a solicitor engages in tactics you feel are aggressive or intimidating feel free to contact the Police Department and report the circumstances to the dispatch center. Brian Byard

For those participating in tomorrow’s city-wide clean up, we will be meeting in the High School student parking lot at 7:45 AM and boarding the buses by 8:00. With any luck we will be completed by 11:00 AM. Look for the Aurora Police tent and the three school buses we will be utilizing as transportation. Thank You!

The NWS Tornado Warning for Aurora has expired. It is safe to leave your basement, be cautious of high water, flooding and heavy rains. If you encounter downed wires, do not approach them, contact us. Do not call us if your electricity is out - call 1-888-LIGHTSS

Take shelter indoors.

Celebrating our unsung heroes Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety tele communicators. This is your 911 operators, the first voice you hear when you call for help. The ones who talk to you while you are at your most vulnerable and get you the help you need. They are the unsung heroes on the phone who help you through the toughest of times. The first stop before help arrives at your location, the calming voice on the other end of the phone because they care about what they do and they care about you at the other end. The 911 service is provided by the Aurora Police Department and employs twelve dispatchers who dedicate their time to being there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during all holidays for the citizens of Aurora, Hiram, Community EMS, and Garrettsville. Take a moment and thank those individuals the next time you call or stop by. THANK YOU!

State Route 306 is temporarily closed at State Route 82, due to a traffic signal malfunction. There is no southbound traffic on State Route 306 between State Route 82 and State Route 43. Please detour along routes 82 and 43 to go south. Repair crews have been contacted. We expect to have this reopened later today.

Today is the first Wednesday of the month. We will be conducting our severe weather siren test at 10:00 AM.

Congratulations, Dirk! You finally made it! Happy retirement!

This little guy was found near the post office. If you know him, please contact the Aurora Police Department, 330-562-8181.

Water main break on Creekside Dr. Water has been restored to the area. Creekside Dr and Claridge Ln. water maybe brown. NO boil alert issued. Water is safe for use.