Mantua Police Department

  • Agency: Mantua Police Department
  • Address: 4650 W High St, Mantua, 44255 OH
  • Chief:
Phone: 330-274-2251
Fax: 330-274-1030

Mantua Police Department is located at 4650 W High St, Mantua, 44255 OH. The Mantua Police Department phone number is 330-274-2251.

Mantua Police Department News

The Mantua Police Department Communications Center is again having difficulties with our new phone system. We have contacted AT&T and are awaiting repair crews to fix the problem. If you try to contact the Police Department Communications Center and cannot get through, please call 330-819-6901. Thank you in advance. UPDATE: As of 7am today (Saturday 6/2), We believe the problem has been resolved. AT&T continues to investigate why this happened, and to try and prevent it from happening again in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this matter. Thank You. Chief Urso.

The Mantua Police Department Communications Center is experiencing difficulties with our phones. If you attempt to reach the Mantua Police or Fire Departments and you cannot get through, please call 330-819-6901. We will update this post when the problem is resolved. Thank you Lt. Justus Update: We believe that the problem has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Please join us in celebrating National Police Week. This tradition began in 1962 when President John F. Kennedy declared May 15th as Police Memorial Day and the week around it, Police Week.

ROUND #2 - Please Click on the Photo First and then Like this Photo of K9 Vader and Lt. Justus. Also, please share this photo. Thank you in advance.;huLsgS~_o~;FhGq6eaeZZovVYA09QzHkGSBtcI3CNXCBsI34AZomD1AFeXySIiaBXMCuIu6I~_pchzI5FrRHfIGndWNfZ6H2O9EQwsLQ~-~-.bps.a.2143122419037106.1073741883.189314014417966/2143135445702470/?type=3&theater

The Mantua Police Department is trying to locate and identify this female. She's been around the Mantua/Streetsboro area, and has a multi-colored purse. Possibly with a male driving a pickup truck. If you have any information, please call 330-274-2251, and reference case # 1800156. Thank You in advance.

Congratulations to this year’s award winners at tonight’s MADD dinner. Lt Ken Justus was recognized for both 2016 and 2017, with this being the 10th year he’s received this award. Patrolman Hether Holovach was recognized for 2016, and Patrolman Stephen Gregg was recognized for 2017. It’s their continued efforts that make Mantua’s streets safer. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Please look twice when turning, passing, or pulling out onto a roadway. A little bit of effort and a few extra seconds could save a life.

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Please vote for our own Lt. Justus and K-9 Vader. Please like their photo and ask your friends to like their photo. If they win, they will receive free admission to the 8th annual International K9 Cop Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

A Tornado Warning has been issued for our area. Please do not panic. This warning was based upon a wind signature that was visible on radar. At this time, no actual tornados or funnel clouds have been spotted. If this changes, we will post updated information.

K9 Vader turned 7 years old this weekend and passed all of his National and Ohio certifications yesterday.

Westerville Police Department, you are in our prayers.

In order to dispel rumors and provide information to the public about an incident that occurred at the Crestwood High School on Saturday, January 20th, we would like to provide the following information: On January 20th, Lieutenant Justus observed a female entering the Crestwood High School that had an outstanding warrant out of Geauga County. The female entered the High School and went onto the stage area to watch the wrestling competitions that were taking place. Lt. Justus entered the school, located the female, and asked her to step outside so that she could be arrested for the warrant, and would be away from the crowd, so as to be as discreet as possible. The female’s boyfriend then blocked Lt. Justus, and prevented him from arresting the female. The male then encouraged the female to leave the school and flee from Lt. Justus. After multiple verbal warnings to the male, the male continued to prevent Lt. Justus from arresting the female. The male was argumentative and belligerent with Lt. Justus, thus escalating the situation. The male was told that he would be arrested for Obstructing Justice multiple times, but, he continued to argue. Lt. Justus escorted the male to the front lobby of the high school, away from the majority of the crowd, and then told him that he was under arrest for his actions. The male refused to comply with Lt. Justus's verbal commands several times. Lt. Justus then used his non-lethal, orange pepper spray device to order the male to comply. The male was arrested and charged with Obstructing Justice. Due to the male's actions, the female fled the building during the incident and a warrant for Fleeing and Eluding will be issued for the female. Again, at no time, was a firearm drawn by Lt. Justus during this incident. Due to this still being an open case, there are several details that I cannot share and discuss at this time. Thank You for your understanding and patience.

On December 10th, Lieutenant Justus was called to a disturbance at the Lamplighter Landing Apartments on Sontag Lane. Upon arriving, Angel Priest was escorted to her apartment. Once at her apartment, Lt. Justus found that Priest had left 2 small children unattended in order to go to the complex office to argue with the management. As Priest opened the door to the residence, a strong odor of marijuana was coming from the apartment. Lt. Justus obtained a search warrant and returned to the apartment. During the search, Justus and officers from the Hiram Police Department located a white powder, which tested positive for heroin, in the bedroom of the residence. Priest was arrested and charged with Possession of Heroin, a Felony of the Fourth Degree. The 2 small children were removed by Portage County Job and Family Services.

JUST A REMINDER - Before you drive on a public roadway, clean off the snow from your vehicle. Mantua Village Ordinances require a clear view for drivers to the front, out both sides, and with the use of mirrors. In addition, the Ohio Revised Code and the Mantua Village Ordinances require clear and unobstructed view from your various lighting. Take the time to clean off your car.

As Christmas day is rapidly approaching, we would like to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas.

It seems like everyone is so busy this time of year purchasing gifts for their friends and family for Christmas. Many of these purchases may be ordered and delivered to your homes. We would like to remind everyone to be vigilant about taking any packages left outside into your home as quickly as possible. We have had a report of a package, that was delivered to a residence, stolen off a porch. Please look out for each other. If you know that you will be receiving packages and you will not be home, please speak with a neighbor or friend that you trust and have them watch for these items. Then, have them secure these items until you return home.

Today, Lt. Justus was dispatched to Orchard Street for an unwanted subject. Upon arriving, Nathaniel Crew was detained pending an investigation for criminal trespassing. While in custody, Crew was found to be in possession of 6 grams of Methamphetamine. Crew was also found to be in possession of a 9 inch hunting knife and multiple types of prescription pills. Crew was taken to the Portage County Justice Center.

Today marks the end of an era. Today at 3PM, Harry Buchert retired from the Mantua Police Department. Chief Buchert has been with the Mantua Police Department since 1977. He became the Chief of Police on July 14, 1985. We at the Mantua Police Department will miss having him here daily to watch over us. We hope that he will continue to stop in and harass us as much as possible. We hope he enjoys his retirement because, he has earned it.

K-9 Vader waiting his turn at training. He will be doing a building search wearing a muzzle so he can fight with the decoy.

This is the K-9 Training Company where the Mantua Police Department purchases its Patrol Canines. Excel K-9 is housed in Hiram Township.

From all of us at the Mantua Police Department, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Please remember to drink responsibly so we don't have to see you later.

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