Streetsboro Police Department

  • Agency: Streetsboro Police Department
  • Address: 2080 State Route 303, Streetsboro, 44241 OH
  • Chief: Roy E Mosley III (Chief of Police)

Streetsboro Police Department is located at 2080 State Route 303, Streetsboro, 44241 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Roy E Mosley III. The Streetsboro Police Department phone number is 330.626.4976.

Streetsboro Police Department News

As a follow-up to our previous post about the theft from a local motel: Patricia Osborn-33 yrs old, was arrested in Akron on March 8, 2018. When she was arrested, Osborn was in possession of the vehicle that had been stolen from our motel. Thank you to everyone for your help!!

We would like to express our appreciation to the Streetsboro PTA and P.A.S.S. for inviting Chief Darin Powers and SRO Jason Fogleman to participate in the Community Safety Night Forum. School officials and safety forces were given the opportunity to address community questions on school safety.

***UPDATE*** Thank you to those that shared and offered information. Our Detectives have some very solid leads they will be following up on. We appreciate our Facebook community stepping up to help us out!!! 3/5/2018 3:54PM *** Once again, we are asking for your help in identifying this individual. She is the suspect in a theft from one of our local motels. If you have any information on her identity, please comment, call Dispatch at 330-626-4976, send a direct message or email Thanks in advance for any help!! .

Yesterday, our day shift officers gave a presentation on safety to some students from KidsLink, a neurobehavioral center in Streetsboro. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Yesterday, some of our officers stopped by for the elementary school's Students of the Month pizza party. Officer Hermon brought along our UAV and did a short demo for the kids which they really enjoyed.

We are experiencing power failures on traffic signals on SR 14. We are aware and are working on the problem. Treat all malfunctioning lights as a 4 way stop.

First, we are very happy that no-one was injured. Second, do you think their driver's license will get renewed? Third, our BMV will be closed today for repairs.

The following post has found it's way to Streetsboro. However this post is NOT a threat to our schools. This is a screenshot of an older post from another school system. It has now found it's way around the US to schools with the SHS initials. There is information about this post on the web. AGAIN, THIS POST IS NOT MEANT FOR STREETSBORO HIGH SCHOOL.

This afternoon, the school received an anonymous report of the possibility of a weapon being brought to the high school tomorrow. Our officers have investigated this report and found the report not to be credible. We will continue to have an increased presence around the schools as a precaution and will investigate any reports regarding our schools.

UPDATE: So many of you have questions as to the nature of what happened at the school today. I understand that since I am a parent of a high school student myself. But understand that we have to be careful with what we release with the involvement of juveniles. Hopefully the following info will help clarify some of the social media rumors: At no point were any students or staff in any danger No weapons were involved in any way No lists or other specific threats were found or confirmed Finally, I know when the students were arriving at the school today, there were 5 patrol cars in the lot. Those cars were not there as a result of this incident. We planned to show a presence at the school today with everyone on edge right now, but both our night shift and day shift showed up and created the appearance something was going on. It turned out to be poor timing with everyone there when the buses were unloading. We will continue to do all we can to keep our schools safe.

This morning, the high school administration received reports of a possible threat made against the Streetsboro High School. This incident has been thoroughly investigated by both the high school administration and the police department and we are confident it has been handled appropriately. The police department and the school staff will continue to work together to keep our schools' and our children's safety a primary goal.

Today was our annual DARE graduation ceremony at Henry Defer Intermediate School. We had the privilege of presenting 193 5th grade students with certificates of graduation. We also recognized 15 essay contest winners, 5 of which read their essay aloud to the audience. We are very proud of all of our graduates and essay contest winners. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Do you know this woman? She is the suspect in a theft from Target earlier this year when a television was stolen. Investigating officers would like to speak with her. If you have any information on her identity, please call dispatch 330-626-4976, direct message or comment below. As always, we thank everyone for their help!!!

Holly Godnick, missing endangered runaway was found safe out of state earlier this morning by the local police. Thank you to all who helped find her.

The men and women of the Streetsboro Police Department ask that you keep Westerville PD in your thoughts and prayers after the devastating loss of one of their own and another in critical condition. *** Updated-Westerville has reported the second officer has passed.

As part of our ongoing community outreach efforts the Streetsboro Police Association will be hosting monthly pizza parties at Streetsboro Elementary for students recognized for excellence. The first of which was last Thursday 2/1 and was a huge success. Our officers and staff had a great time interacting with all the kids. GREAT JOB to all of the students that were selected.

It is official, Monday night 1-22-2018, K9 Bo retired at a ceremony held in the city council chambers. We will miss him but are confident he will be enjoying a well deserved retirement.

Monday evening, our patrol officers and the Portage County Drug Task force were involved in the seizure of 30 lbs of marijuana and the arrest of a male on Trafficking charges. See the statement below from the drug task force. This arrest was the result of an observant hotel clerk and a thorough investigation. Portage County Sheriff David W. Doak and Streetsboro Police Chief Darin Powers announce the arrest last night of Charles Ashford Edward Austin, 31 years of age, who resides at 20604 Watson Road, Beachwood, Ohio for violating state narcotic laws. Members of the Portage County Drug Task Force on January 22, 2018, received information involving a large amount of narcotics that was shipped to a local Streetsboro Motel. Following several hours of investigation, task force investigators learned that Charles Austin allegedly made reservations at a local motel along with arrangements for a large package of narcotics to be shipped from a business on the west coast to the motel. Austin arrived at the motel several hours past his original time of arrival, checked in, paid for his room, picked up his package and was departing the motel when stopped by task force detectives and taken into custody. Austin didn’t appear to have an overnight bag with him at the time he checked in or in his possession. Task Force investigators seized approximately 30 pounds of alleged marijuana from Austin. Austin is currently in the Portage County Jail awaiting his arraignment on charges of Trafficking in Marijuana and Possession of marijuana both felonies of the 3 rd degree. Austin has an extensive criminal record.

Tonight, prior to our City Council meeting at 7pm, K9 Bo will officially retire from his 9 years of service to the City of Streetsboro. His retirement is well deserved but we will miss him around here. Please see the statement below regarding Bo's career: K9 Bo, a Belgian Malinois, was born on July 18, 2008 and was donated to the Streetsboro Police Department by the Buckeye Area Regional K9 (BARK) organization. Bo was assigned to his handler, Officer Aaron Coates in September 2018. At that point, they began training together as a team. From that point forward, they trained together on average about 300 hours per year through the end of 2017. Officer Coates and Bo were first certified in Narcotics, Article Search, Tracking, Criminal Apprehension and Canine Control on January 22, 2009 and have stayed certified for the past 9 years. During his nine years of service to the City of Streetsboro, Bo has been responsible for over 400 criminal charges filed, over $500,000 in cash and assets seized and 15 firearms removed from the streets. Bo and Officer Coates have assisted local, state and federal agencies with tracking and narcotics detection. In one incident, Bo helped the DEA seize over $300,000 and other contraband. In another incident, Bo located 3 guns, one of which had been used in a shooting the previous day. Bo and Officer Coates have been involved in seizures of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and other illicit drugs. Bo and Officer Coates were also very active in community relations during Bo’s 9 years of service. They participated in nearly 200 community relations events during that time. Events such as demonstrations at Streetsboro Family Days, National Night Out, Safety Town, Fundraisers, UH Touch a Truck, the Portage County Fair and many more. They also participated in Trunk or Treat, Fill-a-Cruisers, Parades, the Citizen’s Police Academy, and others. During his 9 years of service, Bo was an outstanding member of the Streetsboro Police Department. His hard work and dedication to his job was always apparent in his performance. As Bo now heads off into retirement, we wish him the best and would like to thank him for his service to our city. Streetsboro was a safer place over the past 9 years thanks to Bo and his partner, Officer Coates.

*** Update 1-20-2018 Thanks to our followers we were able to identify our suspects. Charges pending the completion of the investigation!! *** With a few new pictures, we thought we would try again. We would like your help to identify the suspects below. In December, the two individuals stole a wallet from Giant Eagle. They used a gift card to make their own purchases at Walmart and then tried to use the cards in Cuyahoga Falls. If you have any information about them please contact dispatch 330-626-4976, direct message here, comment below or email We understand the pictures aren't the best quality but we are still hoping someone recognizes them.

We would like your help to identify the suspects below. In December, the two individuals stole a wallet from Giant Eagle. They used a gift card to make their own purchases at Walmart and then tried to use the cards in Cuyahoga Falls. If you have any information about them please contact dispatch 330-626-4976, direct message here, comment below or email We understand the pictures aren't the best quality but we are still hoping someone recognizes them.

Representatives from the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission stopped by yesterday and donated 64 portable radios to be used by the police and fire departments. These Motorola radios are used but still in good shape. They are programmed to work on the statewide MARCS radio system which our safety forces would like to move to at some point in the near future. Getting these radios at no cost to the city is a big first step in moving towards that goal. Moving to the MARCS system would give us more reliable internal communications and the capability to communicate with many more agencies across the region, especially during critical incidents. We would like to thank those individuals that made this donation possible.

We are very pleased to announce that K-9 Reno passed all of his certifications and was officially sworn in tonight by Mayor Broska as the newest officer for the Streetsboro Police Department. Please join us in congratulating Reno and his partner Aaron Coates.

The temperatures will be dropping to dangerous levels over the next couple days. We ask everyone to stay inside as much as possible and dress appropriately if you need to go out. Also remember to keep your pets inside. Below is information regarding county warming centers over the weekend.