Ontario Police Department

  • Agency: Ontario Police Department
  • Address: 555 Stumbo Rd, Ontario, 44906 OH
  • Chief: Timothy D. McClaran (Chief of Police)
Phone: 419-529-2115

Ontario Police Department is located at 555 Stumbo Rd, Ontario, 44906 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Timothy D. McClaran. The Ontario Police Department phone number is 419-529-2115.

Ontario Police Department News

We greatly appreciate our Veterans and all of those who have served. We salute you.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Our officers are wearing ribbons to help bring attention to this campaign. The American Cancer Society’s estimates in the United States in 2017 there will be approximately 222,500 new cases of lung cancer (116,990 in men and 105,510 in women). You can find more information about Lung Cancer at: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/lung-cancer.html

Drone Program: An article was published in the News Journal this week regarding our agency’s interest in purchasing a drone. There were just a few comments that posed questions and/or showed confusion about our drone program. We are happy to provide some clarification. An unmanned aerial vehicle, otherwise known as a drone, will be a tremendous asset to the Police Department as well as the City of Ontario, the citizens of Ontario and our guests. The drone we are purchasing is approximately the same size as a small suitcase. During the past several years, the use of drones in Law Enforcement has greatly increased with 2016 being the largest increase to date. This is due to the wide range of abilities that can aid police in incidents from finding lost children to communicating with a hostage taker. Q. What specific incidents could a drone have benefited the Ontario Police Department? A1. There have been several, the most recent was a distraught, suicidal teenage female from the west end of Ontario that had left a residence. She was thought to have gone to the woods near Marshall Park. Officers searched the woods to the best of their ability on foot, but this search could have been completed in a fraction of the time and with great accuracy utilizing the features of the drone. A2. In 2014 a drug addicted male stole property from a local business in order to support his drug habit. After failing to stop for store security, the male also fled from police into a heavily wooded area. While fleeing, the suspect attempted to break into several occupied homes in the neighborhood before finally being captured. This suspect would have been quickly located and captured using the drone technology. Q. Will the drone be used to spy on people? A. No, there are constitutional restrictions as well as agency policies and procedures in place that prohibit the use of drones for surveilling citizens unlawfully. As with all of our policy and procedures, these will be strictly enforced. Q. Is this a good use of the money rather than subsidizing the RCT bus program? A. The money being used for this purchase is a result of a month’s long investigation by the Ontario Police Department in conjunction with the METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit for illegal drug trafficking. Unlike the majority of City funding generated from tax revenue, this specific money was federally seized from the convicted party, as assets they had obtained through illegal trafficking of synthetic cannabinoids aka “bath salts”. As the money was federally seized, it’s usage comes with restrictions. These restrictions require that the money can only be used for law enforcement purposes. Agencies are held strictly accountable to these requirements by the Department of Justice and must annually report the status of any federal funds. Q. Why aren’t we using the money for programs that help teach kids how to interact with the police and police interaction with the public. A. The Ontario Police Department regularly contributes considerable time, effort and money for these programs. In 2016 we became Internationally Accredited by CALEA. CALEA provides credentialing services for law enforcement agencies. The CALEA Accreditation Process is a proven modern management model; once implemented, it presents the CEO, on a continuing basis, with a blueprint that promotes the efficient use of resources and improves service delivery—regardless of the size, geographic location, or functional responsibilities of the agency. The agency is also in voluntary compliance with the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board. Gov. John Kasich established the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory board to oversee implementation of recommendations from the Ohio Task Force on Community-Police Relations. The creation of a community law enforcement advisory panel developed state standards that can help guide law enforcement agencies in Ohio. Secondly in conjunction with Ontario Schools, our full-time school police officer interacts with students from Kindergarten through their Senior year. He specifically teaches students how to properly interact with the police and more importantly the police officers’ constitutional responsibilities to our citizens, including search and seizure, laws of arrest and more. He also participates in multiple events during every school year to help ensure positive interaction between the youth and police. These events include; DARE, Safety Town, Classroom Instruction covering multiple topics, Elementary class book readings, stranger danger and has day-to-day interaction with countless students. In summary, no additional funding is needed. We hope this information helps to provide a better understanding of this program. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our officers are wearing pink ribbons to help bring attention to this campaign. About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. You can find more information about Breast Cancer at: www.cancer.gov/types/breast or: www.patkracker.org/

We have received several inquires regarding the crash at 2094 Park Ave West, therefore we are providing this update. We are very happy to report that there were no life threatening injuries and the crash, despite rumors of a drug overdose, was actually caused by a suspected medical emergency.

Congratulations to the 21 officers & first responders that graduated this week from Crisis Intervention Team training! Two of our own received training in helping those in crisis. If you see the CIT pin on a uniform, that officer or first responder has received information on how to deescalate people with mental illness.

Neighborhood Watch/Community Round Table, Tuesday October 10th at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Ontario City Building, located at 555 Stumbo Rd, Ontario in the Community Room. We will discuss current crime trends, scam alerts, Chief's report, City information from the Mayor, Safety Service Director, Fire Dept and more. We hope to see you there.

September is Leukemia Awareness Month. Our officers are wearing orange ribbons to help bring attention to this campaign. An estimated 1,290,773 people in the US are either living with, or are in remission from, leukemia, lymphoma or myeloma. You can find more information about Leukemia at: http://www.lls.org/

W 4th St at St Rt 309 closed for both directions due to an injury crash. ***UPDATE the road has reopened 3:00 PM***

School's Back in Session. Please be cautious when approaching stopped school buses. Here are illustrations on Ohio's Laws. The one that confuses the most drivers is a 3 lane roadway like Park Ave West between Lexington-Springmill and Home Rd. You must stop when the bus has it's red lights flashing. Please drive safely and have a great day.

August 18 - September 3 is the National Campaign for Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. As always, please drive safely and never drink and drive.

There is a power outage in the Rosewood neighborhood caused by the storm this morning. Ohio Edison is aware and we have officers trying to locate the specific issue. We will update you with any additional information as we receive it. Updates can also be found on the Ohio Edison website. More storms are likely this afternoon.

The new memorial is open to the public! Come see it at the Ontario City building.

We wanted to say thanks to everyone for another successful year at the Ontario 4th of July Festival! The Festival committee always goes above and beyond to make the event better each year. In an effort to promote safety, this year we instituted a free child ID band for any parent wishing to include their name and phone number so that we could contact them if they became separated from their child. We handed out 234 ID bands and we are happy to announce that we were able to quickly reunite 2 children with their parents after they became separated during the Festival. The volunteers for this program were family members of our Officers and without their involvement, the program would not have been as successful.

In an effort to promote the safety of those attending the Independence Day Celebration at the Ontario Schools Campus, Ontario Police will be making some changes to the traffic flow including closing some roadways. Road Closure times include the 5K run after 8am and the Parade at 4:15pm. Fireworks will close roads near the schools starting at 9:30pm. OPD will also institute a FREE Child ID Band for any parent wishing to include their name and phone number so that we can contact them if they become separated from their child. Detailed parking instructions and exit-plan for post-fireworks can be found at our website: http://www.ontpd.com. Come early and enjoy all that the festival has to offer!

Burglar alarms were set off today by the hail storm. We hope no one sustained any property damage. More storms in the forecast.