Portsmouth Police Department

  • Agency: Portsmouth Police Department
  • Address: 728 2nd St, Portsmouth, 45662 OH
  • Chief: Charles H Horner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 740-353-4101

Portsmouth Police Department is located at 728 2nd St, Portsmouth, 45662 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Charles H Horner. The Portsmouth Police Department phone number is 740-353-4101.

Portsmouth Police Department News

The Portsmouth Police Department family giving back to those in need. #inspiredbythehunters #RACK #trojansgivebackteam #trojansblessingbox

UPDATE: High Winds caused straps holding down roofing materials to break. Blowing debris snapped an energized power line, resulting in street closures. Debris has been removed, power lines repaired, and all streets have been reopened. Thank you for your patience. Safety Alert!!! Avoid the area of 2nd St at Court St due to downed power lines and wind damage. Do not cross barriers!!!!

A special thanks to the Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health Board of Adams, Scioto, and Lawrence Counties, their partnering agencies, and local businesses for the Appreciation Day activities. It is nice to be reminded that the efforts of our emergency response agencies makes a difference.

Remembering a fallen hero!

The last ten days or so have been quite a whirlwind. The community has dedicated leadership and staff in Flood Defense and Public Safety organizations that helped keep the City of Portsmouth safe and minimized damage as a result of the rising waters and flash flooding. The coordination from the local emergency management group, the City Manager and city leadership, to the hardworking city employees in various departments should be commended. Their professionalism and dedication to their community is noteworthy. Many of them worked long hours on top of normal duties to ensure floodgates were erected and the community was kept safe from dangers of flash flooding. Special thanks to the Ohio National Guard and the community volunteers, both organizations and individuals, who assisted. The emergency phase appears to be ending and now the cleanup, assessment, and easing of flood defenses can begin. To all, job well done! ~ Police Chief Robert Ware

Needless to say, it's been a very busy week for emergency services personnel. Please don't get complacent with the beautiful weather as we prepare for the next weather front. The rivers will rise rapidly over the coming days and flash flooding is a very real concern. Be prepared and alert. Listen to emergency broadcasts and emergency services authorities. The city's flood defense system is being systematically employed to its highest levels in more than 20 years and emergency services are preparing for all contingencies. Each expected crest is higher than the last and the speed at which waters will rise or inundate roadways will only increase with saturated ground. Do not take unnecessary risks in your vehicles!

Isolated flash flooding is occurring on area roadways. Do not drive through fast moving water or deep water. Go around, don’t drown!!!

UPDATE: Area law enforcement agencies worked throughout the night in a collective effort to identify and apprehend the source of the social media threats made toward multiple Scioto county and Pike county schools. The Portsmouth Police Department will be present in our school districts this morning to confirm our commitment to giving staffs, parents, and students peace of mind that they can go to school. We are very appreciative of the many agencies, community members, and school officials that helped in the investigation. To the students in the affected school districts and other districts that have become alarmed, we say, "Go forth and learn!" We are aware of the social media posts circulating about threats of violence in area schools. We are working diligently with law enforcement partners as well as working with school systems to ensure that staff members, students, and parents will feel safe at school tomorrow morning. Continue to alert us when you see suspicious or threatening posts. For those who think it’s funny to create fear, we are quite sure our judges will see it a bit differently.

Some more pictures of the Mighty Ohio River...

Built in 1942, after the great flood of 1937, the Portsmouth flood wall and levee system is designed to hold back the mighty Ohio River. Portsmouth Flood Defense officials accompanied by the 1191st Engineers of the Ohio National Guard spent the day erecting floodgates to help protect the west end of Portsmouth. Motorists may see back flooding on low lying area roadways. “Turn Around, Don’t Drown!”

As majestic as the Ohio River can be, it is also a force to be tamed.

Special thanks to the Minford Girl Scouts for all the goodies they baked for their heroes. What a great group of girls!

Great city, great police department, great profession....men and women all across this country are standing in harm’s way for their communities. Your support makes them stronger!

Today we take pause to remember the first Portsmouth Police Officer to die in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Portsmouth. 90 years ago, but still not forgotten.

To all of those who have joined our profession to keep our communities safe, we say “Thank You for all you do!”

Due to a waterline break the southbound US 23 Business Route is closed. Motorists transiting south should follow US Route 52 Westbound to State Route 104 for travel to Kentucky.

The window for submitting applications has opened.

Words cannot express how appreciative we are to the many people who have brought food and baked goods to our officers, dispatchers, and employees during the holidays. The genoristy of so many of you helped us make our “Shop With a Cop” program bigger than ever, brightening the lives of so many children this Christmas. From all of us, to all of you, Merry Christmas! We will be watching over you as you celebrate with loved ones.