Tallmadge Police Department

  • Agency: Tallmadge Police Department
  • Address: 53 Northeast Avenue, Tallmadge, 44278 OH
  • Chief: Donald Zesiger (Chief of Police)
Phone: 330-633-2181
Fax: 330-633-4002

Tallmadge Police Department is located at 53 Northeast Avenue, Tallmadge, 44278 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Donald Zesiger. The Tallmadge Police Department phone number is 330-633-2181.

Tallmadge Police Department News

This fella was found near Eastwood and Washburn MONDAY and has been staying with some friends down that way... from the lady who found him: "small black male with a few tan/beige spots and some paws have white tips. He looks younger. Maybe a weiner dog/terrier mix?? Very tame,affectionate,house broken and well maintained,nails,etc. so someone has to be missing the lil fella." If this little guy is yours - or you know who he is, can you PM us so we can get you in touch with the people who have him? He misses his home! Thanks, Ofc. Quillen

The Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (N.O.P.E.) Task Force event scheduled for Thursday, February 22, at THS has been canceled and will be rescheduled for a later date.

On Tuesday evening (Feb 20), the Tallmadge Police Department was made aware of a rumor of a threat of gun violence directed at Tallmadge High School. Working with Tallmadge City Schools, an investigation was immediately undertaken by the police department and no credible information was found to support the validity of this threat. “The safety of our kids is our highest priority,” said Police Chief Ron Williams, “and even suggestions of threats like this are taken very seriously.” The rumor apparently arose from an off hand comment made by a student. As a precaution, the police department is maintaining additional police presence at the schools throughout the day. Students are encouraged to tell an adult immediately if they see or hear anything of concern, and we very much appreciate the individual who brought this to our attention. Call 9-1-1 for an emergency, and contact the police department to pass on other information (330-633-2181).

This event is open to everyone, not just Tallmadge residents!

An emergency snow parking ban is in effect in the City of Tallmadge until 8am on Thursday, February 8. In order to keep the streets clear for snow removal, emergency access, and safe travel, please adhere to this parking ban. For more info, visit Tallmadge-Ohio.org.

Good morning folks! Ofc. Quillen here - I just got in and let me tell you - it's snowing! Tallmadge Schools are closed today and the roads are snow covered. If you have to go out this morning, PLEASE give yourself extra time to get your vehicle cleared off and extra time to get to your destination as it's definitely safer to go slowly. Also, remember - four wheel drive doesn't mean four wheel stop! Be safe!

Welcome to our newest Tallmadge P.D. Patrol Officer, Ofc. Charles Stack! Ofc. Stack was sworn-in yesterday by Mayor Kline and was joined by his family and numerous City employees for the ceremony.

Folks, this dog was found earlier this evening on Maple. If it is yours, your neighbor’s, or a friend’s, please help us out by getting it back home! This dog is currently at the police department in puppy lockup - and while that’s better than being lost outside, being home would be better! Thanks! **** UPDATE - 1/23/18 Thanks everyone for helping locate the pup’s owners. While we weren’t able to locate the owners, one of the officers initially involved was able to find a place where the pup will be taken care of and have a nice family. Should that not work out or if the pup’s original owners are found, I will update this thread so people know! These posts always bring a lot of attention because so many people care about these animals and you deserve to be kept up to speed. Thanks and be safe!

Folks, Ofc. Quillen here - yes, school is closed, but I'm still working... that storm that got school closed is here and it's rough outside. PLEASE, if you don't need to be out in these iced over conditions, please stay home until the weather clears up a little. The trucks have been out trying to get the roads prepared and have been doing a great job, but this ice-rain is not good for driving. Also - please notice the post about the parking ban! Thanks and be safe!

A parking ban has been issued from 12pm today until 7pm on Sunday, January 14. In order to keep the streets clear for ice/snow removal, emergency access, and safe travel, please adhere to this parking ban. For more info, visit Tallmadge-Ohio.org.

**UPDATE 1/8/2018** All City Government Buildings are now open and have resumed regularly scheduled business hours for the remainder of the day.**

Welcome to our newest patrolman, Ofc. Mitch Bissler! Ofc. Bissler was sworn-in yesterday by Mayor Kline and was joined by his family, friends, and numerous City employees for the ceremony.

Good afternoon, folks! Ofc. Quillen here - I'm off this week spending time with family, but thought I needed to post this after a weird phone call my wife had. We've posted about this before, but be VERY CAREFUL giving people information over the phone - especially if the phone call was initiated by someone calling you. Long story short - my wife received a call on her cell phone from someone looking for me. They claimed to be from Ohio Edison. They claimed I was behind nearly $600 on my bill and that if she didn't make a payment over the phone, they'd immediately shut off my electricity and enter me to collections. Luckily, my wife is pretty sharp and I overheard part of the conversation. She knew to ask what address the bill was for and when it didn't match up, she quickly ended the conversation. She called Ohio Edison and was able to verify the call was, indeed, a scam (and my electric bill is up to date, lol). Here's the thing - the number they called from appeared to be an actual Ohio Edison phone number. We know it's actually pretty easy to "spoof" a number - so don't take a "known" number calling you for information as truth. As always - DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE! If you aren't sure if the caller is legitimate, ask for a number to call them back. Get online and verify the customer support number on the ACTUAL website for the company calling you, and if you're still not sure, call the company to verify. These scammers are sharp and know how to manipulate you into giving information to them. Once you give them information or credit card numbers, gift card numbers, etc, it is nearly impossible to get that money and information back. Be vigilant and protect yourselves!

Our friends to the south say it well - be careful what you put on your curb!

Have you seen her? Jordan Lindsey is a 16 year old girl missing from Tallmadge. She was last seen on December 16, 2017. Jordan may travel to Akron, Ohio. She may be traveling in a black 2009 Hyundai Sonata with Ohio license plates DZV2645 and a Miami Dolphins license plate cover. Jordan's hair may be dyed blonde. *** 12/22/17 UPDATE*** Jordan has been located and is currently safe. Thank you for your shares and assistance.

A snow parking ban has been issued for the City of Tallmadge, effective immediately and ending on Saturday, December 16 at 8:00 AM. When snowfall exceeds two inches, no vehicle can be parked on public streets. In the interest of keeping the streets clear for safe driving, snow removal, and emergency access, please adhere to this parking ban. Thank you.

Good afternoon folks! Ofc. Quillen here with an update regarding the Middle School student dropoff/pickup from Mr. Manion: “Tuesday will once again bring changes to the TMS campus. Our construction access road has been completed and the next step of the construction process is set to begin. TMS busing will be relocated to the access road during this phase of the project. Students that ride the bus will now be entering and exiting the North side of the middle school starting this Tuesday. Most of the south parking lot will become a construction zone and traffic congestion is expected on the middle school campus. We strongly encourage middle school families to utilize school busing to limit the cars entering and exiting the campus during the building process. *Parent drop off and pick up will remain in the half moon. “ What that means - we aren’t expecting any changes for East Ave. traffic before/after school, but would like for people to be aware there could possibly be some additional traffic in the area. Please be careful, watch out for changes, and maybe give yourself a few extra minutes of travel time if you go by the Middle School in the morning. Parents that pickup/dropoff students, you will use the same spot, please watch out for buses coming from the north side of the building due to the change in bus dropoff.