Niles Police Department

  • Agency: Niles Police Department
  • Address: 34 West State St., Niles, 44446 OH
  • Chief: Bruce Simeone (Chief of Police)
Phone: (330)-544-9000

Niles Police Department is located at 34 West State St., Niles, 44446 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Bruce Simeone. The Niles Police Department phone number is (330)-544-9000.

Niles Police Department News

Effectively immediately all Niles Scope Senior Center day and evening activities will be held at the Niles Wellness Center until Monday March 12, 2018. With the exception of Tax Prep – AARP scheduled for Friday March 9, 2018 from 9:00am – 2:30pm, this activity will remain at the Niles Scope Senior Center. Thank you, Edward D. Stredney Niles Director of Public Service

3/5/18 - The Niles City Schools are looking for a school crossing guard. A guard is needed at the intersection of S. Main St and Third St. The hours are 7am-8am and again at 2:45-3:45pm for dismissal every school day. We are looking for someone responsible, friendly, reliable and most of all someone who realizes the importance of keeping our children safe as they walk to school. You will need to be able to pass a BCI & FBI background check. If you are interested, you can apply at the Niles School Administration Building.

3/4/18 - NPD response to Tribune editorial I felt the need to respond to today‘s editorial and give the facts to replace the false information presented by the Warren Tribune Chronicle. One of the basic tenants of American Journalism has always been fact checking by the writer. Below I will point out the absolute falsehoods that appeared in an editorial in the Tribune Chronicle and demonstrate the Editor’s poor job of following the aforementioned basic tenants of journalism. The first falsehood is “There is no checks and balances and no way to challenge whether the tow or the impound was justified, since it’s the city that handles enforcement, then acts as judge, jury and collection agency.” This is simply wrong. Ohio Revised Code section 4513.61 (which we follow to the letter) states that a law enforcement agency shall conduct a search for the owner and any lien holder of a motor vehicle that is stored in possession of a law enforcement agency and send by certified mail a notice to both before the fifth day after initial impoundment. Contained in our letter that we send out is a hearing date that any owner or lien holder can appear at and challenge the impoundment of their vehicle in front of a neutral hearing officer. Had the Tribune asked that of us I would have been happy to show them a copy of our hearing notice but they chose not to ask or fact check. The second falsehood contained is that the Niles Police Department can sell impounded cars 10 days after impoundment. Another gross untruth. Again ORC 4513.61 mandates that within five days of an impoundment we send a certified letter to the owner and/or lien holder. We always wait a few days to allow the owner to claim their car before we send the letters out. Then after 10 days of the mailing if the car is still unclaimed from the lot we are permitted to pursue a salvage title. However in addition to the requirements listed under the revised code we wait until after the assigned impound hearing date (only two are held each month) passes and also wait until we receive the return of the certified letters (which can take weeks) from the post office before pursing a salvage title. Under law the title office requires the certify mailer returns before processing a title to us. All of these procedures usually take 20-30 days. We have never taken possession of a vehicle title after ten days of impoundment as it is not allowable under law or our own procedures. A simple internet search and read of Ohio Revised Code section 4513.61 by the Editor would have shown that their editorial was factually incorrect. But why let a simple five minute Google search or a phone call to me get in the way of making the Niles Police Department look bad? And lastly, the third untruth in this editorial is that the Police Chief pushed for the recent increase in fine amounts for some parking violations. “Those increases came after urging by new Niles Municipal Court Judge Chris Shaker and police Chief Jay Holland.” The legislation was asked for by an elected official who believed that the current fine schedule was not enough of a deterrent to curb illegal parking during snow emergencies. This is a safety issue as the snow plows cannot do their jobs when cars are littering the streets. I do not disagree with the elected official but at no time did I urge or ask for the fine increase. Again, a simple review of Niles City Council minutes or a phone call to me could have saved the Editor from typing this falsehood. That also must have been too burdensome. The vehicles the officers of the Niles Police Department impound are mostly those of unlicensed and uninsured drivers. Exactly the driver the public wants off of the roads. The good law abiding citizens are left holding the financial bag when one of these drivers are involved in an accident with you. These are vehicles that the officers would be towing anyway in their daily work. There is no “Policing for Profit” going on. Out of the tens of thousands of vehicles that travel city roadways each day we averaged less than two cars impounded per day last year. If there is some master plan to fleece the public for money to benefit the department we sure are failing at that plan by impounding less than two cars a day. In closing, some simple fact checking could have avoided the falsehoods that appeared in today’s editorial. That is nothing less than lazy/bad journalism and it is simply wrong. Chief Holland

2/23/18 Today is the last working day for Detective James Robbins as he will retire at the end of the month. Jim was hired as a Patrol Officer in 1992 after serving with the Weathersfield Township Police. Jim has served NPD as a Detective for over 20 years. We wish him the best of luck in his new chapter in life.

2/22/18 - Local officers train in emergency driving on Attorney General's new Judgmental Driving Simulator. For the past three days Niles PD has hosted Attorney General Mike Dewine's brand new Judgmental Driving Simulator at the Niles Wellness Center. Nearly all NPD officers were given an hour of training time on driving in simulated vehicle pursuits and emergency response runs. The training focused on the danger crossing intersections poses and avoiding tunnel vision when lights and sirens are on. Other departments that trained with us were Weathersfield PD, McDonald PD, Warren City PD, and Warren Township PD.

2/14/18 - Tip leads NPD Drug Unit to large meth seizure Acting on a tip uniform officers and our drug unit stopped a vehicle on State Street by the Police Station. The driver Kevin A. Thompson (age 36 North St. Warren, OH) was found to have four active warrants for his arrest. During a search of the vehicle, a large quantity of crystal methamphetamine, cash, and other drug items were found. Thompson was charged with Felony 2 Agg. Trafficking in Methamphetamine and taken to the Trumbull County Jail. Two female passengers in the car were charged with misdemeanors drug offenses. This is the first time our drug unit has seen this amount of meth in our city.

Our thoughts on today’s events are not celebratory but are with Marie's family. We hope that in your darkest hour the Niles Police Department did our part to bring her justice. As the Turn Captain that afternoon, I know that none of us working that day will ever forget her. I would also like to acknowledge my afternoon shift that day (Lt. Adkins, Patrol Officer Mobley, Patrol Officer Townley, and Patrol Officer Bidldestone), The NPD Officers called out to the scene afterwards, the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office (Prosecutor Watkins, First Assistant Prosecutor Chris Becker and Assistant Prosecutor Gabe Wildman), Ohio BCI&I and their Crime Scene Technicians, Lane Lifetrans, Niles Fire Department, NPD Dispatcher Jill Montevideo and the NPD Detective Bureau who all worked as a team that day and during this long legal process. -Chief Holland

Is it spring yet?!? This cruiser belongs to an officer who has been off and shows just how much snow we have gotten over the past few days. Please slow down and be carfeful as we are getting accident calls this morning.

2/7/18 - Two promoted in rank at NPD Before last night's Niles City Council meeting a promotion ceremony took place. Lieutenant Tony Johnson was promoted to Captain and Patrol Officer Richard Bailey was promoted to Lieutenant. These promotions were made due to the retirement of Captain David Smathers. Tony was hired as a Patrol Officer in 1993 and promoted to Lieutenant in 2011. He is a Marine Corps Veteran and serves as the departments’ Firearms/Use of Force/Training Coordinator in addition to his job as a uniform Shift Commander. Rich was hired in 2001 after serving with the Weathersfield Township Police Department. He will manage the NPD dispatch room in addition to his responsibilities as a uniform Lieutenant

2/6/18 - City of Niles announces snow parking ban. The city has declared an emergency parking ban for tomorrow and part of Thursday per city ordinance 351.17. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory from 4am until 4pm Wednesday. Parking on city streets is prohibited starting at 2am Wednesday 2/7/18 and will continue until noon on Thursday 2/8/18. Vehicles violating the ordinance are subject to citation and/or impoundment.

Shepherd of the Valley residents work to provide opiate protection kits to Niles PD. NPD recently took delivery of protective gear for each officer to protect themselves from opiate exposure. The kits contain gloves, a mask/respirator, and a full Tyvex protective suit. A kit was made for each NPD officer. Pictured are Officer Mobley, Safety Director Kaniclides, Chief Holland, SOV Associate Director is Rick Mattix and Tony Perrone SOV Director of Donor Engagement. Thanks to Shepherd of the Valley's Charitable Foundation who secured the monies to make this possible. The kits were put together by residents of the independent apartments at Shepherd of the Valley-Niles who also deserve a special thank you Photos by Kristen Taylor - SOV

We are aware the power is out. Do not call dispatch. Niles Light working on situation.

1/12/18 - Multiple drugs seized from day shift traffic stop At 0800 this morning day shift units were watching a hotel for a suspect who ran from a midnight shift traffic stop. The male was spotted entering a vehicle which was stopped by multiple day turn cars on US 422. The male from the previous evening (Michael Strohmeyer age 34 of Venice Dr Warren) was arrested on charges previously filed and a warrant from Howland PD. The driver of the car stopped (James W. Johnson age 28 of Main St SW Warren) was found to be in possession of 4 grams of suspected heroin, 8.5 grams of suspected crack cocaine, suspected Hydrocodone pills, and 4.5 grams of suspected Marijuana. A Lucky Charms box full of needles/pipes and a gas mask bong were also found in the car. Both males were taken to the Trumbull County Jail. Car in NPD impound.

1/11/18 - City of Niles announces snow parking ban. The city has declared an emergency parking ban for this weekend per city ordinance 351.17. Parking on city streets is prohibited starting at 3pm Friday 1/12/18 and will continue until noon on Sunday 1/14/18. Vehicles violating the ordinance are subject to citation and/or impoundment.

1/10/18 - The MVSD is working on a 20inch main line coming into Niles. They have encountered a problem and will need to shut off the water line. The entire south side will likely be without water for a few hours and a boil alert is issued.

1/10/18 - NPD Releases First Public Annual Report Click the link below to access the 2017 Niles Police Department Annual Report. Inside you will find statistics and information about our activity in 2017.

1/9/18 - Thank you to Trumbull Regional Medical Center for sending Panera to the station for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

1/8/18 - City of Niles announces snow parking ban. The city has declared an emergency parking ban for today per city ordinance 351.17. Parking on city streets is prohibited starting at 9am today and will continue until 11pm on 1/8/18. Vehicles violating the ordinance are subject to citation and/or impoundment.

1/2/18 - Happy Retirement Capt. Smathers Today is the last shift in uniform for Capt. David Smathers after 33 years of service. "Big Man" was hired as a Patrol Officer on June 16, 1984. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2000 and again to Captain in 2012. Dave is the last NPD Officer left who served during the 1985 tornado. Enjoy your retirement Captain.

Thanks to our neighbors to the north Howland Township Police for their assist.

A set of keys a citizen found in Stevens Park were turned in at the police station. One key belongs to a Nissan vehicle. If you lost your keys in the park recently come to the dispatch window and claim them. Bring a matching key to any of the keys on the ring to prove ownership.

12/20/17 - Newest Niles Officer sworn in. Before last night's City Council meeting Officer Jennifer Young was sworn in as a Patrol Officer by Mayor Scarnecchia. She will be our 35th officer bringing NPD to full authorized strength. Officer Young has a bachelor's degree from Youngstown State University and previously worked for Campbell and Mill Creek Metroparks Police in Mahoning County. Welcome aboard #166!

12/13/17 - City of Niles announces first snow parking ban of the season The Service Director has declared an emergency parking ban for this evening per city ordinance 351.17. Parking on city streets is prohibited starting at 5pm tonight and will continue until 7pm on 12/14/17. Vehicles violating the ordinance are subject to citation and/or impoundment.

12/13/17 - Video images from Niles Community Services break in These images (zoom in) were taken from a nearby business. If anyone saw anything that evening or recognize their clothing it may help us solve this case. The video shows the suspects arriving on foot and taking the stolen items by hand up Hickory St. towards Morse. They would then return for more a short time later. One suspect even rode a bicycle out of the building and up Hickory. Contact Detective Robbins if you have any information.

This afternoon Niles FOP Lodge 27 hosted 15 children and their families for a Shop with a Cop event. Each child was accompanied by an NPD Officer and given a Target gift card to buy whatever they wished for Christmas. Half of the families were chosen by Niles Community Services and the other half were children of armed forces veterens that were referred by American Legion Post 106. This event was made possible by a generous donation to the FOP by Father Lavelle and his parishioners at Our Lady of Mount Church in Niles. Pictured left to right are Ptl. Ifft, Ptl. Roberts, Ptl. Greene, Ptl. Bayless, Rocco Bowell of American Legion Post 106, Ptl. Helmick, Ptl. Townley, and Father Lavelle. Not pictured are Ptl. Brady, Capt. Miketa, Lt. Adkins, Lt. Cox, Capt. Villecco, and Chief Holland who also volunteered at the event. Thanks to Niles Target and their Starbucks Cafe (who made cake pops for the kids). Thank you to everyone that made this event possible and Merry Christmas.