West Farmington Police Department

  • Agency: West Farmington Police Department
  • Address: 251 4th St, West Farmington, 44491 OH
  • Chief: Robert Horner Sr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 330-889-2558
Fax: (330) 889-2558

West Farmington Police Department is located at 251 4th St, West Farmington, 44491 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Horner Sr. The West Farmington Police Department phone number is 330-889-2558.

West Farmington Police Department News

The officers last night had a nice and easy night thanks to the fog. Visibilty was limited and kept motorist to a safe speed. Just a reminder, the posted limit at the end of town isn't 55 until you pass the sign, not get to 55 to the sign. See something suspicious call and report it.

The officers last night had an easy night. A few speeders came through town. One was found to have some contraband that was taken into evidence but he was not charged. Aprroximately 120 in the morning officers got a call about a dog running around town barking. The dog looked to be a boxer spotted on 2nd St. The dog wasn't to fond of the officers or was up to no good. Once the dog saw officers approaching it, it took off faster than most criminals do when they see the Police. So if anyone knows who is the owner of the dog please tell them the dog in their yard and we don't want to see anything happen to the dog running around late at night. Residents on E. Main may have heard some arguing going on near Water St. Officers stopped a van for speed. When contact was made the odor of beer was coming from the van. The driver was not under the influence but officers found open cans of beer under the passenger in the back. After explaining the law to the 4 members of the band. He told them all 4 were getting cited unless the guilty steps up. One member admitted they were his. He was cited and told us to hang on to his signature cause they're gonna be famous. Would have been better if he was arrsted and we got a sign mugshot. Take care and be safe... WFPD

Well last night was a busy one for the officers on patrol. It seemed to be rather quiet until the sun went down. There was a substantial amount of marijuana confiscated on 2 seperate traffic stops. One man was heading to a friends cabin for a weekend party, unfortuantely keeping your pot in a prescription bottle doesn't make it medicinal in Ohio. Another was 3 men coming back from Mosquito from a day/night of fishing, drinking, and smoking. When asked about how their time fishing was the driver told the officers that they had a caught a large cat fish. After a field sobriet test and a search of the vehicle, the officers found a jar of marijuana and a glass pipe. Thre driver was arrested for OVI, paraphernalia, and possession of marajuana. The PD had the catch of the day.

We ask that you leave comments of what is happening in the Village to the activity and not mentions persons unless you send a message which is disceet and will not cause issues with other. Thank you and have a safe and pleasant day- WFPD

Officers were out last night. It was a quiet night in the Village with your typical speeders flying through town. One was a suspected OVI. The driver did admit to consuming adult beverages but was not impaired.. Unlike last weekend the officer arrested 2 underage persons on Main St for OVI and minors in possession of alcohol. With summer coming to an end, comes the last few nice nights to have a drink outside with friends. Remember a designated driver. Get caught drinking and driving, over the limit under arrest. Be safe- WFPD