Walbridge Police Department

  • Agency: Walbridge Police Department
  • Address: 705 N Main St, Walbridge, 43465 OH
  • Chief: Kenneth P Frost (Chief of Police)
Phone: 419-666-1447
Fax: 419-466-7459

Walbridge Police Department is located at 705 N Main St, Walbridge, 43465 OH. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth P Frost. The Walbridge Police Department phone number is 419-666-1447.

Walbridge Police Department News

As you enter town from I-280, please remember it slows down to 25 mph in town. It is posted once as you come into town and it’s also posted at Martindale Rd. Drive safely!

Thank you to the Sentinel-Tribune for sharing our block watch schedule!

A cold case out of the Wood County Sheriff's Office.

Good morning Walbridge! Just a reminder - this months block watch meeting will be held at the Walbridge Library. March 14th at 6:00 pm. The topic we will discuss is sexual assault and will also touch on sexting. Parents are encouraged to attend - please bear in mind the topic will be sensitive in nature. Our guest speaker will be Acting Supervisor Chris Rutledge.

This July there will be big changes in how your drivers license is issued - as well as the issuance of a new federally compliant license. Click the link to learn more from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Great news for our region from our partners at the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation.

***The March Block Watch meeting will be located at the Walbridge Library, 108 N. Main St, Walbridge, OH*** Join us March 14th, 2018 for Blockwatch! This month, Blockwatch will be located at the Walbridge Branch of the Wood County District Public Library- in the conference room. Our presenter will be Chris Rutledge, Acting - Supervisor for the Walbridge Police Department. He will be discussing sexual assault and sexting (specifically with juveniles). Parents are encouraged to attend this informative session. Please share!

Our friends at the Lake Township Police Department are now on Facebook. Hop on over and like their page!

A well written “tidbit” from our friends at the Oregon Ohio Police Division.

Heartwarming tribute for the fallen officers in City Government of Westerville, Ohio. We were unable to send any officers today, however, there are several local agencies paying their respects. Everyone have a safe weekend. #westervillestrong


Our new vehicles have gone a long time with an empty spot where license plates normally go. We decided to support our law enforcement partners at the Ohio State Highway Patrol and display their #677 plate - which is an active number you can dial on your phone to report impaired drivers. Of course - for any emergency - you can dial 9-1-1. #drivesober

Tonight, the topic for our block watch meeting will be identity fraud and scams. Officer Tyler Swerlein will be the presenter. See you at 6 pm!

**Please share!*** Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to pass along an ordinance so that our residents and visitors understand that we have a law in place that prohibits excessive noise. Walbridge Ordinance 509.08(f) states that no person shall disturb the good order and quiet of the Village by noises of intoxication, drunkenness, fighting, quarreling, wrangling, committing assault, assault and battery, using obscene language or profane language in the streets or other public places, and from residences, to the annoyance of the citizens, or otherwise violating the public peace by indecent and disorderly conduct, or by lewd and lascivious behavior, or by threatening or inflicting violence or abuse to the person, or property of others. An initial violation of this ordinance is a minor misdemeanor - which is a ticket. Additional violations jump to a 4th degree misdemeanor. Please, have fun and be safe when celebrating and having a good time - but be mindful of your neighbors and others around you. Thank you!

We are saddened to learn that two police officers in Westerville, Ohio (near Columbus) have lost their lives. Thoughts and prayers are with their family, friends and fellow officers. #officerdown

To provide better service to our community, a link to a police record request form is now located on the village webpage. If you need a police report, please fill out this form and submit it. Thank you! The form is located in the 'Government' tab, at the bottom. www.walbridgeohio.org

There’s a brief lull in the snow - it will return with additional accumulation. Street crews are out clearing the streets! Please keep parked vehicles off the road. Stay safe - be advised if you need to travel that both Lucas and Ottawa counties are under level 2 snow emergencies.

Were going to have snow all day tomorrow. Please remove vehicles from the road, as accumulations will exceed 2" in depth. This allows our crews to clear the roads safely. Thank you and drive safely! For all the kids who wind up with a snow day, enjoy the long weekend!

Opiates and other drugs continue to impact our community. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, we encourage you to seek assistance. Locally, there are programs available, such as Racing for Recovery , who is streaming their meeting live tonight. Check out their website for more information. We also have literature with additional information available at the police department office. #opiateepidemic