Wilson Police Department

  • Agency: Wilson Police Department
  • Address: 1065 US Highway 70A, Wilson, 73463 OK
  • Chief: Felix Hernandez (Chief of Police)
Phone: 580-668-2136
Fax: 580-668-2949

Wilson Police Department is located at 1065 US Highway 70A, Wilson, 73463 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Felix Hernandez. The Wilson Police Department phone number is 580-668-2136.

Wilson Police Department News

Today 11/07/2017 at 1:30 Jake Clayburn was arrested by Chief Kevin Coley and booked into the Carter County jail on a Felony warrant for the crime of Burglary in the 2nd degree. The warrant was issued for the auto burglary that took place in the area of Davis Street and Persimmon street on December 10, 2016. This crime was captured on a home camera and was shown to the public to identify. Fingerprints were taken and O.S.B.I. was able to identify the individual.

Weekly Report 10/21/2017 2 arrested 1 for Driving under the influence, Failure to maintain Lane. 1 arrested for Public intoxication and Open Container 10/25/2017 1 arrested for Driving while revoked 10/18/2017 Report taken for theft from a Motor Vehicle 10/09/2017 accident report taken at hwy 70A and Hewitt rd with property damage. 10/15/2017 Vandalism Report taken for the area of 13th and Ada. 11/01/2017 1 arrested for Public Intoxication 11/04/2017 1 arrested for Driving under suspension,expired tags, Possession of Marijuana, and Bringing contraband into a jail.

There were some tool bags turned into the police department today. If you are missing some contact the Wilson police department and give a description.

Weekly Report 10/15/2017 1 arrested for assault with a deadly weapon 10/13/2017 1 arrested for public intoxication and threats to perform an act of violence 10/12/2017 1 report taken on burglary 2 in the area of 15th and birch 10/15/2017 report taken on vandalism in the area of 13th and Ada street.


weekly report 10/06/2017 1 arrested for possession of a stolen firearm 10/05/2017 1 arrested for operating a motor vehicle without a drivers license 10/06/2017 1 arrested for a Carter County warrant 10/07/2017 1 arrested for possession of CDS Methamphetamine and possession of CDS Xanex 10/03/2017 1 emergency order of detention/Mental Health 10/10/2017 1 arrested for Public Intoxication and Threats to perform an act of violence.

weekly report: 09/30/2017: 1 arrested on south Dillard road for driving under suspension,expired tags,no insurance,obstruction and transporting a loaded firearm. 09/29/2017: 1 arrested for Wilson city warrant 09/29/2017 1 arrested on highway 76 and Grandfield for a Austin Texas warrant 09/28/2017 1 arrested for 2 Carter County warrants and 1 love county warrant 09/27/2017 1 arrested for driving under suspension, expired tags,no insurance and a McClain County warrabt 09/27/2017 report taken on Idlewood Circle drive for unauthorized entry 09/27/2017 accident report taken on highway 76 and Faithhill road 09/28//2017 1 arrested for on highway 70 and highway 70A east entrance for Child endangerment, possession of CDS without prescription, Possession of CDS methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and bringing contraband into jail. driver released with citation 10/01/2017 1 arrested CDS Methamphetamine within a 1000 feet of a school, possession of drug paraphernalia.

This is the current warrant list for the City of Wilson. If you or someone you know has a warrant on this list please take care of it as soon as possible. Call 580-668-2106 if you have questions.

Weekly Report 09/16/2017 Arrest made on Carter County Warrant. 09/16/2017 Vandalism report taken. 09/14/2017 Arrest made for Driving Under Suspension and Expired Tag. 09/23/2017 Arrest made for DUI. 09/21/2017 1 Collision report taken at Highway 70 and 70A East Entrance. Citation issued for Failure to Yield 09/21/2017 1 Collision report taken at Highway 70A and Hewitt. Citation issued for Defective Equipment. 09/24/2017 Arrest made for 2 Wilson Warrants and Possession of Marijuana.

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Weekly report. 08/17/17 1 arrested on Carter County warrant. 08/19/17 1 arrested for driving while suspended 08/26/2017 1 arrested for aggravated DUI, possession of marijuana, bringing contraband into jail,failure to maintain lane 08/29/2017 1 arrested for driving under suspension and failure to pay taxes due to state 08/31/2017 1 arrested for Wilson Warrant 09/04/207 1 arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, possession of Methamphetamine,possession of Marijuana. 09/09/2017 1 arrested for domestic assault and battery by strangulation. 09/10/2017 1 arrested for Wilson Warrant 09/10/2017 1 arrested for Domestic assault and battery

SCAM ALERT: The Ardmore Police Department has received complaints of scammers calling customers claiming to be the OG&E Delinquent Department and threatening to turn off service unless payment is made over the telephone. As a reminder, OG&E will never call you about a delinquent bill or request payment over the phone. Please do not give out personal information or make payments over the telephone. PS. When you call the number they are using an actual OG&E recording. This is starting to circulate in the Wilson area.

Weekly Report one arrest affidavit drawn up for failure to register as a sex offender 08/17/2017 one arrested on a Carter County warrant 08/17/2017 One arrested on a Marshall County Warrant On 08/19/2017 One arrested on Highway 70 and Applegate for Driving under Suspension On 08/18/2017 Another arrested for Driving under Suspension

As chief of police I would like to congratulate Troy Stone. Troy has been a non paid reserve for Wilson for 4 years. Today he walked the stage and graduated as a full time certified officer for Wilson.

Weekly Report On August 9th Sergeant Stone made an arrest on an individual with a Stephens county warrant and a McClain County warrant On August 13th Sergeant Stone made an arrest on a female with a Stephens county warrant. On August 10th Captain Taylor and Sergeant Stone made an arrest on Cimmaron road for Driving under the influence of drugs On August 11 Reserve Sergeant Trotts mad an arrest for driving under suspension.

Weekly Report August 3 in the area of 7th and ash, Sgt Stone observed a Black Kia with a broken windshield. a traffic stop was conducted and an individual was arrested for transporting an open container, no drivers license, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of Marijuana and a concealed weapon August 4 Reserve Sgt Trotts and Sgt Stone made contact with a juvenile at the Black Gold Casino. The juvenile turned out to be a missing juvenile from Chickasha. August 1 Myself Chief Coley was driving through the Black Gold Casino parking lot and witnessed a female spinning her tires backing up nearly hitting a car. then spinning her tires to drive forward nearly missing a couple of people. this female was arrested for driving under suspension and reckless driving. August 2nd Officer Randolph made an arrest in the area of 15th and pine for Domestic Assault and Battery July 30 Captain Taylor arrested a male subject on a Carter County warrant.

As chief of police for Wilson one thing i wanted to do was try and be as transparent as i can. The Wilson police department will be trying out new shifts in the future. We have been used to 8 hours days 5 on 2 off. With this schedule we had to rely on reserve officers heavily. We are going to try 4 on and 4 off 12 hour shifts. This would include my schedule as well. Myself Chief Kevin Coley and my Captain Josh Taylor would be on during the day shift from 7am to 7pm and then the other 2 officers Sergeant Stone and Officer Paul would be from 7pm to 7am. This would have coverage 24/7 and reserves would only be needed for training coverage and vacations/sick days. My Captain would always have direct contact with me and i would still be available to the public if needed. This will not go into place until the middle of next month. Thank You Chief Kevin Coley

The Wilson officers were hard at it again this weekend. Captain Josh Taylor stopped a vehicle near hwy 70A and Hwy 70. After his investigation an arrest was made for aggravated Driving under the Influence and driving contrary to license restriction. The individual had a prior DUI and was suppose to have the Interlock ignition installed. This individual blew twice the legal limit on the states test. On Friday Captain Taylor with the assistance of Sergeant Stone stopped a vehicle in the area of Hwy 70A and 11th street. After an investigation was completed, an individual was arrested on the complaint of: Possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute (48 grams) Possession of Marijuana Possession of Paraphernalia Transporting an open container Possession of firearm while in the commission of a felony Obstruction Possession of marijuana within 1000 ft of a school Public Intoxication contributing to a minor

The Wilson Police Department would like to congratulate Wilson's newest certified officer. Josh Paul graduated the reserve academy today, that was being held in Elmore City.

On Monday Chief Felix Hernandez announced his retirement. Today I Captain Kevin Coley was voted in by the city council as the new Chief of Wilson. I will strive to do the best job I possibly can. My officers and i appreciate the support from the community and the city council. We would like to congratulate Felix Hernandez on his retirement.

The weekend was very busy for the Wilson officers. On Wednesday Captain Coley and Sergeant Taylor along with the Chief of Healdton was involved in a short pursuit. The suspect was caught and charges were pursued through Healdton. Saturday Officer Randolf , Sergeant Taylor and officer Stone arrested an individual for driving under the influence of drugs and child endangermnet. Sunday Officer Stone was involved in a short pursuit ending at 1st and Railroad. The individual was arrested for driving under suspension and eluding. Sunday Officer Stone and Sergeant Taylor arrested 2 individuals for domestic assault and battery and domestic assault and battery by strangulation. I would like to thank my officers for putting in a lot of extra hours hours this weekend in relation to these arrests. Good Job guys! Captain Kevin Coley