Fort Sill Police Department

  • Agency: Fort Sill Police Department
  • Address: 1649 Randolph Road, Fort Sill, 73503 OK
  • Chief: Joe Glanzer (Chief of Police)
Phone: (580)442-5066
Fax: (580)442-7348

Fort Sill Police Department is located at 1649 Randolph Road, Fort Sill, 73503 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Joe Glanzer. The Fort Sill Police Department phone number is (580)442-5066.

Fort Sill Police Department News

Fire Prevention Week was October 8-15th, and the Fort Sill Fire and Emergency Services were out and about around the Installation teaching everyone about fire safety! This year's theme was "Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!". DES Fire personnel provided fire safety briefings, fire extinguisher training, equipment demonstrations, and evacuation training. Activities were conducted at the Commissary, Freedom Elementary School, CDCs, and the Main PX. Thanks to everyone that stopped and talked with us and participated in making this week a huge success!!!

The Fort Sill Police Department would like to remind everyone of these safety tips for Halloween....Happy Trick or Treat-ing everyone!

See you there!

Special thanks to the Fort Sill Tribune for this feature on our Military Working Dogs!!

Back to school has begun for Freedom Elementary. In an effort to ease the confusion and keep traffic flowing smoothly, please see the attached photos maps and routes for Drop-off and Pick-up. We hope that these will provide the most efficient route and allow for the highest safety of the children! Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation!

Personally Owned Weapons Registration Hours are from hours of operation to 0900-1500 / Sat-Sun and 0600-1800 / Mon-Friday *Do Not bring your weapon to the Visitor Control Center!

On 6 August 2017 (Sunday) The Ft. Sill Visitor Control Center will change it's hours of operation to 0900-1500 / Sat-Sun and 0600-1800 / Mon-Friday

We are extremely honored to be a part of bringing this event to Fort Sill! If you are interested in competing in the event, here is how to get registered...

We enjoy spending time with the community! These kiddos had fun reading a book with Officer Jones, then getting to explore the cars, even turning on the lights and sirens today! Maybe we have some future Policemen or Policewomen in this group!!

Police Day at Nye Library

We are always excited to support our community! Please join us today at the Nye Library from 10:00-11:30AM for Police Day!! 💙💙 We've heard there may be a special guest appearance by McGruff the Crime Dog! 🐶

All Fort Sill personnel please take note! This construction zone closure will impact a significant amount of people...please plan ahead!

Thanks SO much to CCMH Survival Flight 8 for supporting us!!! They are Chile approved!! #MWD #K9

DES Command Post concert support is onsite and functioning!! Come out and support Fort Sill Family and MWR at the 4th of July Celebration tonight!!

Today's 2017 "Tour of the Wichitas" Bike Rally was a great event. It started off a little on the wet side, but Mother Nature gave us a break and provided the participants with a spectacular day for a ride with wonderful views our Wichita Mountains.

As the calendar changes over to June, we are quickly approaching another milestone with the Real ID Act. Please reference the attached photos for additional information on what states are affected, what states are compliant, and those that are still on approved extensions. We have also attached a photo listing several available/acceptable options for a secondary form of identification if you have a Drivers License from an affected state. Our goal is to make this process as streamlined and easy as possible!