Fairview Police Department

  • Agency: Fairview Police Department
  • Address: 203 E Central St, Fairview, 73737 OK
  • Chief: Robert Banks (Chief of Police)
Phone: 580-227-4444
Fax: 580-227-2110

Fairview Police Department is located at 203 E Central St, Fairview, 73737 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Banks. The Fairview Police Department phone number is 580-227-4444.

Fairview Police Department News

I hope everyone is having a great afternoon. SOMETIMES we (the Police Department) may have to chat about things that are not very popular, but ***sigh***....we have to get the word out. So, here it goes... (THANK YOU for understanding and helping with this issue. Have a great day! Chief) "Due to the increase in calls that our office is receiving for Animals at Large, we would like to remind our residents of our city ordinances that pertain to animal ownership in the city limits of Fairview. City Ordinance Section 4-102 Animals Not To Be At Large : A. No owner shall permit any animal, including fowl, owned, harbored or kept by him to be at large within the city. B. Any animal in violation of this section shall be subject to impound and disposition as provided in this chapter. If we get a call from a concerned citizen that there is a dog running at large, vicious or not, we will dispatch an officer to attempt to locate the animal. If the animal is located, the animal will be transported to our city pound, the Haworth Veterinarian Clinic. If the animal has a tag, the Police Department will attempt to locate the owner through our records. Before the animal is released back to the owner, the owner will have to provide proof of rabies vaccinations, proof of registration with the city (dog tags), and be issued a citation for Animal at Large ($130.00). Exceptions to release could happen if the call involved a vicious animal and/or someone was bitten or attacked. Also, please be aware that we have a city ordinance in reference to Noisy Animals/Animals Which Disturb. City Ordinance Section 4-105 states that No person shall keep any animal which causes frequent or long-continued noise or otherwise so as to disturb the comfort or repose of any person in the vicinity. Any violation of this section is declared to be a nuisance and as such may be abated. In reference to the Noisy Animal/Animals which disturb ordinance, if the officer witnesses the noise when responding to the complaint, the officer can issue a citation. If not, the complainant will be advised that they have the right to file a complaint against the owner of the animals and both will be given a court date to appear."

Fairview Police Department is proud to say "WELCOME TO FAIRVIEW!!" to our newest "protector"... Officer Jeremiah Foster!! Be sure to look for him on the streets and say "Hi" in a couple of weeks. "Welcome aboard, Jeremiah!" Chief

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas. Be safe tonight. Have fun, bring in the new year, and please...please...PLEASE be safe. Chief

Hello everyone. I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas!! (Wherever you go and whatever you're going to do...PLEASE be safe!!) Respectfully, Chief

Please help us make the elderly people in our community aware of a phone scam that has begun recirculating. The caller will say they are the grandchild of the person they are calling and ask for money to be sent to them to get out of some kind of trouble. We have unfortunately had some people fall for this scam and send money. Please share this with your parents, grandparents, and anyone you are afraid who might be a victim of this scam...Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Letting everyone know who follows or likes this page that within the next week, there will be a new Fairview Police Department Facebook page. Keep an eye out!!!

City of Fairview, Police Department is accepting applications to fill three (3) POLICE OFFICER positions. To apply, visit www.fairviewok.org or call 580-227-4444.

Just a reminder that it is illegal to pass a bus or go around a bus while its lights and stop sign are activated. This video is scary!!!!!!!

We are just getting started at the Fairview Community Center. Come on down!!!

It smells as good as it looks!!!! Come see us tonight 5-7 at the Fairview Community Center. Beans and Cornbread fundraiser with live music!!

The City Offices are closed this afternoon for training. They will be open again tomorrow morning.

We are aware of the power outage. It is town wide. It is a system wide problem. It is Western Farmers Electric, so we are getting no power to our town at this time. The problem is being worked on. Thank you for your patience.

Please share! This Friday folks! Come eat some good food and support our department!

Due to the amount of rain we are receiving, please avoid the flood prone areas in town. Thanks!

Do you know anyone who needs a part time job? The Fairview Police Department is currently taking applications for part time dispatchers. You cannot have any felonies. Must be great at communication and multi tasking. You must also have computer and phone skills. Must be able to devote time to training. Training would be 8-4 Monday through Friday paid for about 6 weeks. Once on your own, you would work mostly weekend shifts with some filling in during the week. Applications can be picked up at the Police Department.