Purcell Police Department

  • Agency: Purcell Police Department
  • Address: 1515 N Green Ave, Purcell, 73080 OK
  • Chief: Kevin Williams (Chief of Police)
Phone: 405-527-4600
Fax: 405-527-4625

Purcell Police Department is located at 1515 N Green Ave, Purcell, 73080 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Kevin Williams. The Purcell Police Department phone number is 405-527-4600.

Purcell Police Department News

Little league Dragon football and cheer team came by the P.D. to show their appreciation.

Purcell citizens are reminded: it is illegal to sell door to door in the city limits without a permit. Anyone coming to your door selling shall have city permit in their possession. Frequently teams of solicitors come through Purcell and often do not have permits. Any sales person permitted or not who forces their way into your home without an invitation from you is violating the law. Call the police immediately at 9-1-1. Organizations currently recognized and certified by the state and/or the federal government as nonprofit may be exempt from the permit requirement under certain circumstances. City Ordinance § 78.1-78.25

Tuesday evening MPO Paulk and Ofc. VanOort discovered a kitten in the engine compartment of a patrol car. After some effort and in spite of reluctance on the kitten’s part it was rescued and is now in the care of Communications Officer Baer.

Please be aware of an old scam making the rounds again. An Oklahoma bank reported a customer received a fraudulent check for almost $3000.00 with a “Mystery Shopper” scam letter to test the service of Walmart MoneyGram. The letter instructed the recipient to deposit the check in their checking account and once the funds were available to withdraw the full amount. They were then instructed to deduct their commission and some extra for gas/transportation costs. They were instructed to purchase a Walmart MoneyGram and send the balance via the Walmart MoneyGram to a couple of individuals. This is an old scam. If you receive such a check and letter verify the sender. Companies usually contract with firms specializing in market research for mystery shopper programs, not individuals. Check with your bank before depositing the check to be sure it is not a scam before making any withdrawal of the funds.