Pawnee Police Department

  • Agency: Pawnee Police Department
  • Address: 510 Illinois St, Pawnee, 74058 OK
  • Chief: Herb Adson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 918-762-3166
Fax: 918-762-3955

Pawnee Police Department is located at 510 Illinois St, Pawnee, 74058 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Herb Adson. The Pawnee Police Department phone number is 918-762-3166.

Pawnee Police Department News

4/23/18- A long haired black lab mix escaped the animal control facility. Consequently, this was also the time that he became eligible for adoption. The dog in question spent the first several minutes taunting Officer Ensign by running circles around him and the building. While this was going on K9 Rocky was in the patrol car contributing to this horrid behavior. The suspect then climbed the patrol car and spent several minutes on top of the light bar, taunting Officer Ensign and K9 Rocky before leaving the scene. All kidding aside, this is an extremely smart and lovable dog that simply didn’t want to be in a pen (can’t blame him). If you see him, call us and we will come get him. If you see him and know someone capable of caring for him please call and let us know.

If this is your dog, please contact us at 918-762-3166. He came to say hello. Lol

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Come see us at the women’s building for the health fair. We can discuss silver/amber alerts, substance abuse/local trends, and we can fingerprint you or your child. There are also multiple companies and business providing information on their services in and around Pawnee. All of this is free of charge and we will be here until 2:00pm.

On the evening of March 8th, our officers were busy serving a narcotics search warrant which led to the arrest of three people. While conducting this investigation, burglaries were being conducted by an individual who was hoping to obtain enough items and money to get pills and other illegal substances. On the early morning hours of March 9th, Officer Laura DeLaune located an adult male walking downtown. Officer DeLaune immediately noticed that the individual’s mannerisms and inconsistencies in his story were because of a criminal act, which more than likely had not been discovered yet. Officer DeLaune later responded to a burglary at the AT&T building on 6th street. Having already produced a suspect to the crime, Officer DeLaune again made contact with him, leading to his arrest and the recovery of thousands of dollars worth of hardware taken from the building. As daylight approached, business owners and residents began reporting more burglaries and vehicle break-ins. Chief Clymer, Sgt. Lowrey and Officer Steele worked throughout the day and were able to collect more evidence and interview witnesses. It was determined that the individual was planning to burglarize another business the next night. Each officer involved spent his or her entire shift and beyond in order to investigate and solve this case. We would like to commend Officer Laura DeLaune on her proactive efforts and swift response. Work ethic and swift response were the reasons these crimes were solved so quickly. If you see Officer DeLaune, be sure to give her a high five and tell her thank you. Have a safe weekend.

In the past two weeks we have served two search warrants that resulted in the arrest of five individuals. These five individuals have been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of marijuana. These two cases are the culmination of a weeks long investigation and concerted efforts by several of the Pawnee Police Department officers. We would like to thank Cleveland PD and Pawnee County Sheriffs Office for their help.

We are not only proud of Trooper Gregory but also privileged to have him in our community.

Criminal Stats for 2017 Rape- 3 Arson- 1 Sex Offenses- 1 Breaking and Entering- 5 Burglary- 14 Robbery- 1 Assault- 13 Larceny/ Embezzlement- 26 Vandalism- 9 Motor Vehicle Theft- 7 Drug Possession- 39 DUI and Public Intox- 100 Driving Under Suspension- 7 Domestic Assault and Battery- 9 Warrant Arrests- 42 Unattended Deaths- 1 Mental Health / EOD- 7 Non categorized reports- 57 Motor Vehicle Accidents- 32 Animal Control/ Dog Bites- 4 Search Warrants- 8 Total Case Load for 2017= 386

Pawnee Police Department Crime Stats The Pawnee Police Department has sent four officers to basic SWAT school to learn tactics that have become a requirement for departments all across the nation. The training was paid for through donations to the department and by hosting a school which allowed the City of Pawnee to bring in 24 police and military personnel from all over the southwest. The participants were billed by the City for the use of our facilities and as such we not only were able to pay the instructors for the attendance of our officers but also bring in a small amount of revenue for the City of Pawnee. The use of local restaurants, gas stations, and motels is a plus for the City as well. We also hosted several other classes that brought 20-30 participants per class from across the nation to the City of Pawnee. The thought process of calling for help instead of preparing our officers for these instances is not only unrealistic but embarrassing. Any other position within a company would be terminated if they could not perform their required duties and tasks. Why is it a requirement in Pawnee to prevent the Police Department from performing its required tasks instead of helping them, only to turn around and blame the officers for their poor performance? This valuable training of our personnel saves the City of Pawnee money, time, and resources. Victims of a crime normally like to have the crime or act stopped without having to wait for another department or agency to come to Pawnee to assist. In nearly every instance, the assisting agency will only assist, leaving our officers with the responsibility to finalize the case and prosecute. The need for training, equipment and personnel with the Pawnee Police Department are obvious to the victims and the Pawnee Police Officers who respond to these calls daily. The training we receive is done with the most cost effective approach possible. The necessity of the training is also taken into account based upon the nature and extent of calls the Pawnee Police Department receives. The training we receive at the Pawnee Police Department is normally free. Training that we pay for is commonly an instructor level course which allows us to teach our officers and deputies for free. The actions and activities of the police department are done with the best interest of the city and citizens, with little to no cost. Society and its laws governing police department requirements have changed. Being a police officer in current society is much different than it was ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. At a average of 5,000 words per report, it requires written reports and investigative measures that would rival those of a college dissertation. The following are some highlights of instances where specialized training, tactics and investigation skills were needed by our officers in the rural community of Pawnee: • 40 total search warrants from October 2014 through present leading to the arrest of 121 people for various crimes, including Child Pornography, Rape, Assault, Burglary, Robbery, Distribution, Trafficking, and Possession of Illegal Substances... all in the City of Pawnee • 2017 case involving a local resident who utilized two members of a Tulsa based gang to distribute narcotics from his Pawnee residence. The investigation revealed that the suspects were threatening local residents who attempted to purchase the illegal substances with handguns and AK47 rifles. Pawnee PD was assisted by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics with the service of a search warrant due to their manpower and availability of necessary tactical equipment. The investigation resulted with the apprehension and conviction of only one suspect due to the response time of the assisting agency and their own call priority. • 2017 case investigating an incident where a Pawnee man had held a woman and two children hostage for several days. The woman was later stabbed and able to use a city dumpster to hide herself and her two children during the 911 call. The incident resulted in the arrest of the suspect after he fought with Pawnee officers. • 2017 case involving a woman who was going door to door, cussing residents for not providing different things that she asked for. The investigation resulted with her arrest for possession of methamphetamine. • 2017 case involving several suspects who robbed and assaulted a Pawnee resident in his home. The extremely intoxicated suspects were later apprehended in front of the Head Start on Highway 18 while fighting with one another. • 2017 case involving the service of a search warrant at the residence of a member of a nationally recognized outlaw motorcycle gang living in Pawnee. The investigation resulted with the apprehension of two suspects at the residence along with the seizure of the methamphetamine they were selling in Pawnee. • 2017 case involving a barricaded subject who had held a woman and children hostage. Officers were assaulted by the subject one of whom was nearly disarmed when the subject broke the officer’s firearm holster. The incident resulted with physical injury to our officers and the apprehension of the subject. • 2017-a days long investigation into a case of animal cruelty. Numerous animals which were eating each other eventually had to be euthanized due to their physical health and temperament toward people. • 2017 case involving two females who were driving around and selling methamphetamine to anyone who "looked like they would buy it." The case resulted with their apprehension and the seizure of methamphetamine. • 2017 case involving multiple jurisdictions. The suspects burglarized Hillcrest Pharmacy in Pawnee, Palace Drug in Cleveland, a Pawnee doctor's medical office, and a Drumright doctor's medical office. The case resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of prescription medication and the destruction of two buildings by arson. The service of a search warrant at the suspect’s residence in Cleveland, included Pawnee PD, Cleveland PD, ATF and OBN, all of which were agencies involved in the multi jurisdictional investigation. To date, the only charges filed have been through Pawnee PD and the Pawnee County District Attorney’s Office. Other charges are still pending. • 2017 case involving a search warrant that led to the arrest of two individuals who were cultivating marijuana and selling methamphetamine and marijuana from their residence a block away from the elementary school. • 2017 case where three people were engaged in the sale of narcotics in the alley behind Click's Steakhouse. The investigation resulted with the apprehension of two of the suspects along with the recovery of their illegal substances from each residence, thus keeping the employees and customers of Click's safe from any possible harm. • 2016 case investigating an incident where two men engaged in a confrontation which resulted with one man intentionally running over the other with his vehicle, requiring surgery to repair his broken leg. • 2016 case where Pawnee PD assisted the United States Marshalls Fugitive Recovery Team (SWAT) with the apprehension of a federally registered violent offender residing in the City of Pawnee (separate person from the 2015 case). • 2016 case involving a person who stole a motor vehicle, later leading officers on a foot chase. The suspect was later apprehended by Pawnee PD after the suspect engaged in a fight with the officer. The incident resulted with the injury of an officer and the apprehension of the suspect. ​ Fire Trucks are necessary even though your house may never burn. You don’t think much about them until you need one. When you do, you want them to be fast, effective, and spray a lot of water. Ambulances respond to emergencies all of the time. Should we debate the necessity of staffing them with people who cannot provide any medical care? ​ When you’re faced with a situation where you need a police officer’s help, you don’t want an officer who has no idea what to do, has never faced that situation before, or simply lacks the intestinal fortitude to face the situation to begin with. You want the guy who’s trained to respond, has responded to numerous calls like this one, and simply wants to help you and will do so with a necessary fervor (and aggression if absolutely necessary) to save your life. Not training for those instances is foolish, especially when it’s free. Waiting for backup is not an option; your life means more than that to me. Chief Wesley Clymer