Tecumseh Police Department

  • Agency: Tecumseh Police Department
  • Address: 109 W Washington St, Tecumseh, 74873 OK
  • Chief: Gary L Crosby (Chief of Police)
Phone: 405-598-2115
Fax: 405-598-3365

Tecumseh Police Department is located at 109 W Washington St, Tecumseh, 74873 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Gary L Crosby. The Tecumseh Police Department phone number is 405-598-2115.

Tecumseh Police Department News

Still lots of questions on the new law that went into effect today! Here is the state statute. Hope that helps clarify some of the question.


HB 2312 (effective November 1, 2017) amends 47 O.S. 11-309 to clarify that on a roadway divided into 4 or more lanes a vehicle shall not be driven in the left lane except when overtaking or passing another vehicle. But, this does not apply if “traffic conditions, flow, or road configuration, such as the potential of merging traffic, require the use of the left lane to maintain safe traffic conditions.”

Happy Halloween!!!! Be safe tonight, and parents be sure and check your kids candy.

New State law goes into effect this Wednesday, November 1st. The left lane on any multi-lane highway will be for passing, all other travel must be in the right lane with a few exceptions: (passing, making a left turn, making way for other merging vehicles, and when a safety hazard exists making travel in the right lane unsafe.)

Severe Thunderstorm WARNING for Pottawatomie County...... Stay weather aware!

Tornado WATCH for Pottawatomie County..... Stay weather aware!

**** UPDATE - juvenile has been located safe in Tecumseh ****

The City of Tecumseh Police Department is accepting applications for the position of full time certified police officer. Certified preferred but not required. Starting pay $13.00 per hour for certified officer. $500 sign on bonus for certified officers after 1 year. Requirements: • Must be at least 21 to 45 years of age & U.S. citizen • Must have a high school diploma or GED • Must have a valid Oklahoma driver's license • Must pass a background investigation • No felony convictions or major misdemeanors • No domestic violence convictions • No convictions for crimes of moral turpitude • No pending criminal charges • Must NOT have had a DUI, DWI or APC conviction • Excellent rural community communication skills • Must be available any shift (nights, weekends and holidays) • Highly principled ethics and moral character • Sound judgment and the ability to think quickly • A true desire to serve all members of society • Perform Physical requirements set by the department • Physical/medical examination as set forth by the Oklahoma Police Pension Board Application can be picked up at: Tecumseh Police Dept. 109 West Washington Tecumseh Ok 74873 Or email Assistant Chief JR Kidney at detective@tecumsehok.org to have one emailed.

**COMING SOON** Tecumseh is getting two HAWKs! Why is this exciting? A HAWK is a High Intensity Activated CrossWalK Signal. It works very much like a traditional traffic light, but serves as a way for pedestrians to cross busy roadways safely. Pedestrians can press a button to activate the light, which will first warn traffic to start slowing down, then stop traffic all together. Pedestrians know when it is safe to cross when the white 'walk' signal lights up. Pedestrians are shown a countdown when the crossing time is almost over. These lights will be on East Walnut (Highway 9) at 8th St. and 11th St. Your utility bill includes a pamphlet with information on the HAWK; below is a short video on how the light works. Watch for further updates including install and operational dates! Happy Monday!

Today the 2nd annual cannonball memorial run stopped by the Tecumseh Police Department. This run is done by several sergeants from San Bernardino County Sheriffs office and the San Diego Police Department. This group of men will stop by every department in the United States that have had and officer killed in the line of duty.

This shadow box was found in Tecumseh. Please share and help Tecumseh Police Department return it to the owner. Call 405-598-3755 if you have information or questions.

March 26, 2017, was Tecumseh Police Officer Alanna Colan’s first night on patrol. She was among the first responders for backup called by Officer Justin Terney.

Don't make yourself an easy target, LOCK your car! We have had several reports of burglarized vehicles in the past few weeks. All vehicles reported were left unlocked. Please protect yourself and property by LOCKING your vehicle. If you see anyone suspicious looking around vehicles please let us know right away.

Crossing lights will be installed soon on HWY 9 / Walnut St. at the crosswalks at 8th and 11th Streets.

It's back to school! Watch your speed in the school zones and watch for children crossing the road as well as school buses loading and unloading children. Just a friendly reminder there is ZERO tolerance for speeding in a school zone and citations are double the fine amount and if you are cited for passing a school bus loading or unloading children you may loose your driver's license.

Unfortunately this is too common of an occurrence ...... We offer our thoughts and prayers for the family of this officer and the department. RIP

Community block party in the hardwood grove pecan grove addition

Amber Alert out of Norman

New Law goes into effect on November 1st.... it will be illegal to drive in the left lane except to pass or overtake another vehicle.

Great demonstration!..... show your kids what can happen and the importance of wearing a seatbelt!