Talala Police Department

  • Agency: Talala Police Department
  • Address: 102 W Watova St, Talala, 74080 OK
  • Chief: Phillip Coe (Chief of Police)
Phone: 918-923-4755
Fax: (918)275-8833

Talala Police Department is located at 102 W Watova St, Talala, 74080 OK. The Chief of Police of the department is Phillip Coe. The Talala Police Department phone number is 918-923-4755.

Talala Police Department News

New crossing gates at E.340 Road.

Union Pacific Rail Road putting in work at the Watova Street crossing. Crossing gates are also being installed on E. 340 Road.

Regarding the previous post about the stolen trailer and welder, this truck may be the suspect's vehicle. This truck was in the area minutes before the theft occurred. Please share, and contact Central Dispatch at 918-923-4755 if you have any information regarding this truck. Thanks to everyone who shared the previous post!

On 01/06/2018 around 12:00 pm, this trailer and welder was stolen from a residence in Talala. The trailer is described as 5' long, 3'-4' wide, and a broken tail light. A blue Miller 225 Welder was on the trailer, along with oxygen bottles (green) and acetylene bottles (blue and silver). The suspect was driving a dark colored 4-door truck, possibly a Dodge. If you have any information regarding this stolen trailer/welder, please contact Central Dispatch at 918-923-4755 and ask to speak with Chief Phillip Coe. Please feel free to share. Thank you!

Please keep John Bortner and his family in your thoughts and prayers as they lay his wife Shawndra to rest today.

This Honda motorcycle was stolen sometime late Thursday night/early Friday morning in Talala. If you see it, or have any information regarding its whereabouts, please contact Central Dispatch at 918-923-4755. Thank you!

The Talala Police Department will NEVER participate in disarming law-abiding citizens, nor enforce any unconstitutional law. We stand with The People and the United States Constitution. ~ Chief Coe

Jody Harper repainting our town signs. Looks great!

Mrs. Taylor's 3rd Grade class made "Thank You" letters for Thank A Police Officer Day. It was an awesome surprise to come home from work and Bobby handed these to me. ~ Chief Coe

Last night when I came home from work, my 8 year old son handed me 18 "Thank You" cards that he and his 3rd Grade class had made for me. It's the little things in life that matter the most. I was overwhelmed with happiness because of the hand-written notes these kids had made, thanking me for being a police officer. I plan on posting the cards tomorrow when I'm back at the office. I'm proud of them, as they are the best recognition I could ever receive. Mrs. Taylor's 3rd Grade Class, you are the best! ~ Chief Coe

UPDATE: With the help from an anonymous tip, we were able to quickly identify the suspect. With assistance from Skiatook Police Department and Osage County Sheriff's Office, we we able to locate the suspect at a rural address in Osage County and recover the stolen air hose. Thank you to everyone that liked/shared this post, and a special thanks to the person who provided the anonymous tip. Case closed! Now for the long drive back to Talala. Talala Grocery reported that on 09/10/2015 around 7:30 pm, an older white male driving a Red Chevy extended cab truck cut the air hose located by the diesel pumps, then put the air hose in the back of the truck and drove off. While the loss of the air hose is relatively small, it is the principle of the matter. If anyone has information regarding the identification of the man, or information regarding the suspect's vehicle, please contact Central Dispatch at 918-923-4755 and ask to speak with Chief Phillip Coe. Please feel free to share this post. Thanks! ~ Chief Coe

Small towns often get the label of being a "stepping stone" department due to high officer retention rates, but when a town (the town board and the citizens) such as Talala treats its officers so well, you get employees that stay and do the best job they can. It's not unusual for citizens to invite officers into their homes for dinner, or a short coffee break. It's not unusual to see a patrol car parked at a residence for over an hour. Non-residents might think the police is at that home because there was some kind of trouble, but in reality it's just the police and citizens having a conversation. That is what community policing is all about. Talala really does have the best citizens to work for. Chief Phillip Coe has worked for Talala for 12+ years. Captain Stephen Pales has worked for Talala for 10 years as full-time, and 2 years as a Reserve Officer prior to that. The full-time Talala officers are a part of the community, and will do everything within their ability to protect and serve the citizens of Talala. http://www.mitchellrepublic.com/news/local/3833382-small-towns-improving-officer-retainment

Town Board member Gerald "Butch" Griffin passed away this morning after battling cancer. Butch served the citizens of Talala as a board member and chairman of the planning commission. Butch was known for his "yankee" accent, and his need to vote "No" on at least one agenda item, whether he agreed with it or not. He was a great supporter of the police department, and will be missed greatly. We salute you, Butch. ~ Chief Coe

Warrant Lists will be updated monthly.

I can't even begin to express how proud I am of Officer Stephen Pales (Talala Police), Officer Charles Neill (Oologah Police), and Officer Sabrina Lee (Nowata Police). On May 28th, 2015, Officer Pales and Officer Neill were involved in a high-speed pursuit spanning approximately 20 miles northbound on US Highway 169. A couple minutes into the pursuit, an occupant in the suspect vehicle began shooting a high-powered rifle at the officers. Despite the immediate threat to their lives, Officer Pales and Officer Neill continued the pursuit. Officer Neill was shot in the head, causing him to violently crash his patrol car. Officer Pales discontinued the pursuit to render aid to Officer Neill. Nowata Police Officer Sabrina Lee, who was also involved in the pursuit, discontinued the pursuit to render aid to Officer Neill and extract Officer Neill from the wrecked patrol car. Nowata County Sheriff Deputies continued the pursuit into Coffeyville, KS. Near the Oklahoma/Kansas state line, spike strips were deployed which disabled the suspect vehicle. All three suspects fled on foot. Two suspects, the shooter and the front passenger, were apprehended relatively quickly by Kansas law enforcement. The driver was apprehended early the following morning. I want to thank all law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS involved for their assistance. We all came together as one team and accomplished the mission. No lives were lost and the suspects went to jail. I wish Officer Charles Neill a speedy recovery and look forward to working with him in the future. May God bless each and every person involved. ~ Chief Phillip Coe

Town Board member Harold "Pete" Mitchell passed away this morning after a long battle with health issues. Pete served the citizens of Talala as a board member off and on since 1979. He was one of the strongest supporters of the police department, as a board member and as a citizen. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. We salute you, Pete. ~ Chief Coe

Today is our first day with Central Dispatch in Claremore. We are no longer dispatched through the Chelsea Police Department. The phone number to Central Dispatch is (918) 923-4755. Program this number into your cell phones. Please remember to call Central Dispatch for police-related calls, not the officers' cell phones.

Calling all Patriots!! The 1st Baptist Church of Talala is hosting a community fireworks display at 8:00pm this evening. There will be homemade icecream and desserts. Come out and show some patriotism! ~ Chief Coe

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and single moms out there! Keep 'em in line now, so we don't have too later. :) ~ Chief Coe

Some friends of mine cannot find their dog, Speedy. He ran off last night (9-18-13). If anyone in the Talala area sees him, please contact Dispatch at 918-789-3533. If you know my cell number, call it instead. We want to reunite this awesome little dog with his owners. Thanks! ~ Chief Coe

Happy Constitution Day! ~ Chief Coe

This occurred several days ago, but I thought it was worth sharing. Had the store clerk been unarmed and defenseless, this situation may have ended differently. The wolves are out there, preying on the sheep. Don't be a sheep, be a sheepdog. Be prepared to defend yourself at all times. Not every situation calls for the use of deadly force, but you must be physically and mentally prepared to do what is necessary to protect yourself and those dependent upon you.