Oregon City Police Department

  • Agency: Oregon City Police Department
  • Address: 320 Warner Milne Road, Oregon City, 97045 OR
  • Chief: Gordon Huiras (Chief of Police)
Phone: 503-657-4964
Fax: 503-655-0530

Oregon City Police Department is located at 320 Warner Milne Road, Oregon City, 97045 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Gordon Huiras. The Oregon City Police Department phone number is 503-657-4964.

Oregon City Police Department News

OCPD Press Release https://www.orcity.org/police/woman-dies-early-morning-fire

Training Sgt. Matt Paschall is finishing up the evening teaching about training for OCPD officers.

Officer Mike Day is the instructor for the first part of the evening for Citizen Academy. Talking about his position as the new Homeless Liaison Officer.

TRAFFIC UPDATE: Motorists can no longer turn left into the downtown Dutch Bros from Eastbound 10th St. between Main St. and Singer Hill. We have seen several eastbound motorists make illegal U-Turns on the Railroad Tracks. This is extrememly dangerous for motorists, their passengers, pedestrians, and trains. Eastbound motorists should enter the Dutch Bros parking lot from Main St. Please drive safely. #OCPD #OCPDtraffic

Ron Tonkin Dodge is collecting toys again this year for the Oregon City Police Department Christmas 911. If you are interested in adopting one of our chosen kiddos please contact the Community Outreach Office at OCPD. 503-496-1681 cwadsworth@orcity.org

Safety Tip from OCPD Vehicle Letting Off Steam? If you are warming up/defrosting your vehicle in the driveway or on the street, a would-be car thief can see the steam coming out of the exhaust pipe from over a block away. If you are leaving your vehicle unattended while it is warming up, you are putting yourself at risk of having your vehicle stolen.

Four years ago the Libke family, his friends, the citizens, and the Oregon City Police Department lost a true hero who selflessly served the citizens of Oregon City. Rest In Peace Rob. Gone but not forgotten.

Today we had the honor of assisting Wendy hang a wreath in remembrance of Officer Robert Libke. Four years ago impacted so many. Never forgotten! #OCPD

Homeless outreach story from HLO Mike Day! Thank you M Seed Thrift Store & Outreach for everything you do. #OCPD #OCPDhlo https://www.orcity.org/police/daniel-dodge

Laser training

Lesson in radar!

Second half of the evening is being instructed by Officer Villanti.

Officer V demonstrating some of the different things they see on a DUII test.

Citizen Academy this evening is our Traffic Unit Officer Willard and Officer Villanti.

Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017

OCPD Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017

Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017

Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017

Trick or Treat on Main 2017

Trick or Treat on Main 2017

Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017

Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017 - Citizen Photos

Trick or Treat on Main Street 2017 #ocpd #ocpdcommunityoutreach

Good Morning If any of you took pictures of your children with OCPD last evening on Main Street and would like to share please email them to cwadsworth@orcity.org We will be sharing photos throughout the day today. Thank you to everyone who came downtown yesterday to celebrate with us. Thank you #ocpd #ocpdcommunityoutreach

Thank you Deborah Levi for donating all the bags of candy to OCPD this morning. We will be on Main Street handing out candy and goodies at Liberty Plaza from 4:00 - 6:00. Be safe out there tonight OCPD