West Linn Police Department

  • Agency: West Linn Police Department
  • Address: 1800 8th Ave, West Linn, 97068 OR
  • Chief: Terry Timeus (Chief of Police)
Phone: (503) 655-6214

West Linn Police Department is located at 1800 8th Ave, West Linn, 97068 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Terry Timeus. The West Linn Police Department phone number is (503) 655-6214.

West Linn Police Department News

LT Stradley addresses the crowd at the Community Living Above Community Forum. A great evening of very informative and engaging talks about keeping our young people and communities safe.

The West Linn Community Task Force has changed their name to Community Living Above! Join us this Thursday 10/19 from 6:30pm-8:30pm as we take part in this fantastic community forum. We will be highlighting our new WLPD App as well!

If you have recently had a bicycle trailer go missing please contact us and reference WLPD case #17-1373 We located it Thursday 10/05.

Motor Officer Garret Hoffman is a great representative for the police department.

Join us tonight at the library! Otto is here and we have stickers!!! #westlinnlibrary #kindycarnival https://t.co/6P2kaKRouY

Join us at the library tonight! Otto is here and I have stickers! Kindergarten Carnival!!!

Great time had by all! Thank you Willamette Coffee House for hosting our Coffee with a Cop!

Still time to come see us at Willamette Coffee House! #coffeewithacop #CoffeeWithACopDay2017 https://t.co/gsLLIPHORQ

Come see us and Willamette Coffee House owner Kaycie for Coffee with aCop! #coffeewithacop2017

#CoffeeWithACopDay2017 https://t.co/9geOwX6z1N

Come down to Willamette Coffee House from 9-12 today to help us get to know you! #CoffeeWithACopDay2017… https://t.co/RZqmXxxPWQ

Today is the day! National Coffee with a Cop Day! Join us at Willamette Coffee House from 9am to 12pm for a chance to get to know each other!

Tomorrow at 9am! Join us for National Coffee with a Cop Day! Willamette Coffee House from 9-12, coffee, cops, stick… https://t.co/7C3u6lSsyT

Horrific tragedy in Las Vegas. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims & their loved ones. #PrayForLasVegas

Full time. Perfect football weather. #WestLinn #westlinnstrong https://t.co/uOgb5WCAjt



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Coffee with a Cop is back! Come see us next week. #WestLinn #coffeewithacop #westlinnstrong https://t.co/f2C1fQ8pk9

Come join us next week!

Starting Sunday October 1, new Distracted Driving law takes effect. https://t.co/2XRzvoznel

Starting Sunday October 1, the new Distracted Driving Law takes effect. Please checkout the link below and familiarize yourself with the new law.

Join us on Wednesday October 4th from 9am to 12pm #coffeewithacop #westlinnstrong # https://t.co/gS72KHY6Pw

Join us at Willamette Coffee House on Wednesday October 4th from 9am to 12pm for an opportunity to get to know the officers that work for your community!