Coos Bay Police Department

  • Agency: Coos Bay Police Department
  • Address: 500 Central Ave, Coos Bay, 97420 OR
  • Chief: Eura Washburn (Chief of Police)
Phone: 541-269-8911
Fax: 541-269-5788

Coos Bay Police Department is located at 500 Central Ave, Coos Bay, 97420 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Eura Washburn. The Coos Bay Police Department phone number is 541-269-8911.

Coos Bay Police Department News

Today is Take Your Child to Work Day! These two came to visit their Mom in Dispatch and practiced how they would answer 9-1-1!

Yesterday K-9 Officer Dak and handler Officer Krebs were in Lebanon attending the OPCA Spring Conference.

A time-lapse video from earlier today of CBPD Police Officer applicants running through the ORPAT (Oregon Physical Abilities Test)

Remember, Tuesday May 1st is Coos Bay Brush Pick-Up!

This quacked us up! 🦆🦆🦆

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT 9-1-1 DISPATCHER SALARY $3,888 - $4,958 per month DOQ The City of Coos Bay is soliciting applications for the positions of lateral and entry level 9-1-1 Dispatcher. Lateral applicants would be eligible for a $5,000 hiring bonus ($2,500 after being hired and $2,500 after successful completion of probationary period) as well as the possibility of up to $1,000 moving expense reimbursement. Starting salary may be negotiated upon level of experience. To apply for the position, interested parties should submit a city application, police supplemental application, resume, and letter of interest to the City Manager’s Office. City applications are available from the City Manager’s Office, City Hall, 500 Central Avenue, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420, by telephone 541-269-8912, or listed under Government, Job Openings on the City’s website at ; The deadline for receiving completed applications is 5:00 p.m., May 17, 2018. Applications postmarked on or by May 17, 2018 will be accepted. All applications shall be handwritten. Please include a valid email address where you can be contacted. All notifications regarding your status in the selection process will be made via electronic mail. NOTE: Applications without an attached personal resume will not be considered. The City of Coos Bay is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, martial status, handicap or any other non-merit factor. If reasonable accommodation is required to complete the application process, please contact the City Manager’s Office at 269-8912 during normal business hours.

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one PLEASE call someone and/or 9-1-1. Here are some resources: Coos County Crisis Line: 541-751-2550 National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 YouthLine: 1-877-968-8491 OR Text: 839863 Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 OR Text: 838255

Earlier today CBPD had the privilege to be one of the many agencies in attendance while Cheyenne Datan signed her Letter of Intent with Pacific University for softball. Cheyenne, your blue family is so proud of you! Thank you for letting us be there during such an important moment. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Today from 10AM - 3PM! Donate 4 items of food or 4 dollars and drop off up to 4 cans of garbage at one of the 4 locations!

Tell your friends! #9pmroutine Valuables secure ✅ Mail checked ✅ Doors locked ✅

Spotlight on Dispatcher Cathy Larson Cathy has been a Dispatcher since 1990, and all but two of those years have been with CBPD. From major vehicle accidents, pursuits and providing lifesaving medical pre-arrival instructions via phone, Cathy has just about handled it all. In her off-time Cathy is often found working hard on her ranch and tending to her animals. Pictured is Cathy bottle feeding a baby bull named Mr. Molly that lost his mom shortly after birth.

Get to it! #9pmroutine 💰✉️🔑🏠🚗

PRESS RELEASE Criminal Mischief to City Hall and Downtown Business On April 17, 2018 at approximately 0610 hours, a male subject carrying a red brick marched up the front steps of City Hall and threw the brick through one of the large glass windows. The glass shattered everywhere and the brick continued inside the foyer area of City Hall, slightly damaging a wooden sculpture. The brick came to rest on the floor in the foyer area, but not before it slightly marred the tile floor. Coos Bay Police Officers responded to the foyer and looked around; however, the subject had already left the area. After reviewing surveillance video a description of the subject was obtained and within a few minutes the subject was located near the Coos Bay Library. The subject was identified as 35 year old, Michael Emory Dunn. Dunn admitted to throwing the brick through the glass window. He was taken into custody and charged with Criminal Mischief in the second degree. Prior to this incident, Officers were dispatched to a local downtown business, Bay Area Appliance, for a similar report of a broken glass window which had likely been caused by a rock or brick being thrown through it. When Officers questioned Dunn about the incident he also admitted to causing that damage as well. He was subsequently charged with two counts of Criminal Mischief in the second degree and transported to Coos County Jail, where his probation officer also placed an additional probation violation hold on him. Dunn was later released from jail and was re-contacted by a Coos Bay Police Officer. During that contact, Dunn admitted to two additional crimes of Criminal Mischief that he caused toward two downtown businesses last week. Dunn will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office on those additional crimes.

Did you see our post from last night? Join us and be a part of the #9pmroutine! Remember to secure your valuables and lock your house/ car doors before you go to bed. Be smart and stay safe! #crimeprevention

Maybe you're wondering... Q. How do I decide what is a 911 emergency, and when I should use the non-emergency phone number? A. Call 911 anytime an incident is an immediate risk to the safety of people or property. Examples of 911 emergencies include fire; someone in immediate medical crisis; a crime occurring now; or a situation occurring now poses immediate risk of injury to others, such downed power lines, suspicious activity occurring now or an intoxicated driver. Non-emergency situations include examples of a non-injury fender-bender vehicle crash; awaking to find your property was damaged sometime overnight; after a crime has been committed but the suspect has long left the scene, loud noise or a barking dog. 911 is NOT used to ask questions, make complaints or to follow up on a report you have already made.

We will be reminding you periodically to make sure you've locked everything up and secured your valuables before bed! #9PMRoutine #crimeprevention

CBPD Officer Meier is in southern Oregon this weekend assisting the Medford Police with their annual Medford Pear Blossom Festival. Pictured are Police units from Medford Police, Ashland Oregon Police Department, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, CBPD, Eugene Police Department, Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon Oregon, City of Bend Police Department, Redmond Police Department - OR and Hillsboro Police Department as they get ready for their day assisting at the festival. Throughout the year Police agencies help each other with large events that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to facilitate. Last near CBPD was assisted at the Bay Area Fun Festival by Medford PD, Eugene PD and Lebanon PD.

Mark your calendars, City Clean Up Day is Saturday April 21st!

Graffiti found in the Sunset Middle School Bathroom Earlier today the Coos Bay Police Department, along with the Coos Bay School District staff became aware of graffiti written in a bathroom at Sunset Middle School. Upon discovering the graffiti an investigation ensued, and at this time it seems that the graffiti was more of an attention seeking effort than a viable threat. The case is still being investigated and parents will be updated as the case progresses.

CBPD ARRESTED FOUR IMPAIRED DRIVERS IN MARCH In March the Coos Bay Police Department arrested two impaired drivers during regular patrols. One Coos Bay Officer worked a DUII enforcement shift on 03/16/18 and two more impaired drivers were arrested during that operation. The Coos Bay Police Department will have additional officers out periodically throughout the month of April for DUII enforcement.

PRESS RELEASE Graffiti found in the Marshfield High School Bathroom Leads to an Arrest On April 11, 2018 at approximately 1145 hours, Coos Bay Police School Resource Officer and School Officials were made aware of some graffiti in the school bathroom. The graffiti was found to contain a similar message to what was written in the bathroom at North Bend Middle School the previous day. Upon becoming aware of this, the Coos Bay Police School Resource Officer and School Officials immediately began investigating the matter as well as reviewing surveillance video. Within a short period of time a student of interest was established and questioned about the graffiti. The juvenile student confessed to writing the message on the bathroom stall. The student stated the message was only a hoax and that there was no intention of ever carrying out the threat. Subsequent to the investigation, the student was taken into custody and charged with Disorderly Conduct in the First Degree. The student was transported to Juvenile Detention.

We are almost halfway through National Telecommunicators Week and recognizing CBPD’s ‘first’ first responders. Dispatchers Larson and Pollin were commended by Officer Henthorn for a job well done during this incident from December. #nationaltelecommunicatorsweek #iam911

It’s National Siblings Day! Although Officer Meier, K-9 Officer Dak and Officer Lindahl aren’t actual siblings they are #brothersinblue #throwback

When we assisted Coos Bay Fire Department last Sunday night 🔥🔥