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  • Agency: North Bend Police Department
  • Address: 835 California Ave #2, North Bend,, 97459 OR
  • Chief: Steve Scibelli (Chief of Police)
Phone: (541) 756-3161
Fax: (541) 756-0142

North Bend Police Department is located at 835 California Ave #2, North Bend,, 97459 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Steve Scibelli. The North Bend Police Department phone number is (541) 756-3161.

North Bend Police Department News

STOP POINTING AND DO YOUR PART Let me preface this post with the statement that I hold myself equally culpable as anyone else for school shootings. Every time a tragedy like this occurs, the fingers get pointed, the arguments start, and everyone tries to pigeon-hole the reasons for it occurring into ONE category...its the 2nd Amendment, it's mental health, it's video-games, it's the parents...'s ALL of us. When I wear a hole in my clothing, it's not because ONE thread's because ALL the threads wore thin and broke. The FABRIC of our society is weak and broken and we have holes everywhere. Anecdotally to this point, let me share what I have learned about Florida's incident. I went to this briefing to seek facts. You can find that briefing here: As I watched this briefing, I began taking notes on points of potential intervention. I don't have all the facts...and maybe some of them were acted upon...but I was ASTONISHED at how many chances we might have had to intervene and possibly save lives. Let me share some of those based on this briefing alone, starting with the day of the shooting and moving backward: 1) An UBER driver dropped the shooter AT the school WITH a rifle in a soft rifle case. Maybe the case looked like a saxophone case? Maybe a call then could have minimized casualties? (Call 911 if you see something suspicious!) 2) The shooter entered the high school at 2:19 pm while class was in session, through a gate and into a stairwell. Have we not learned that locked gates and school doors with restricted entry while class is in session save lives? (If you are a school administrator...please take this easy precaution seriously! Restrict entry, keep our kids safe, get security assessments done, upgrade your facilities!) 3) The shooter entered and started shooting in rooms 1215, 1216, 1214, and 1213...then RE-ENTERED rooms 1215 and 1216 and shot more people. Why were the doors not closed and locked after he entered the first time? Our active-shooter survival training (ALICE) teaches this and challenging the shooter and seeking escape routes. Why did that not happen? (North Bend, Oregon, organizations can contact NBPD to hold ALICE training AT your organization - Call us at (541)756-3161 and ask for an ALICE trainer.) 4) He then proceeded upstairs and shot someone in room 1234. Did they not hear the shooting downstairs? Did they not lock down? Once again, have we failed to teach our people how to survive? (North Bend, Oregon, organizations can contact us to hold ALICE training AT your organization - Call us at (541)756-3161 and ask for an ALICE trainer.) 5) On 09/25/17, a vlogger posted a comment under a Youtube video indicating, "I'm going to be a professional school shooter." The name of the poster was the actual name of the Florida shooter. It was reported to the FBI, but they couldn't identify the poster of the comment and YouTube removed the comment. The vlogger did the right thing and reported law enforcement and social media outlets need to work better together and intervening. 6) The shooter and his brother were orphaned as young children, already putting them at risk for the future. 7) The couple who adopted them both died recently, the father of a heart attack and the mother of flu in November, checking another box of kids who might need help. 8) The shooter was having a hard time coping with his mother's death. How was he being helped? 9) The shooter asked to live with a friend's family, which was granted and that family KNEW he had a firearm and had him keep it locked up...but the parents knew the shooter HAD the key! I know we want to put the best construction on everything, but a young man with that many boxes checked for risk should not have that easy access to a known weapon. (Yes, I know he could have gotten another somewhere else...but couldn't we start by securing the one we knew about?) 10) The shooter had a history of abusing his girlfriend. Box checked. 11) The shooter had been expelled from high school for beating up his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Box checked. 12) The shooter posted pictures of guns on social media and others who knew him suspected he might do something like this. Box checked. Folks, this is exemplary of a breakdown in our society. How did we not address this MULTIPLE times before we got to this point? If you see something, say something. In North Bend, Oregon, you can: 1) Call NBPD - (541)756-3161 2) Call Mental Health Hotline (541)266-6800 or (888)543-5763 3) Train survival techniques (NBPD teaches for an appointment) 4) Stay observant and report what's not right. Let's quit pointing fingers and start working together on being better human beings. I'm starting with me. Go the Distance, Chief Kappelman

FAIR WARNING - DON'T BE A BABY! Our staff answers more than 20,000 calls for service per year. Some of those calls are for speeding and other traffic violations that result in crashes...many of them serious. Over the next few weeks, officers will be concentrating on these complaints by checking for traffic law compliance on streets in our community. This isn't our favorite thing to, help make our day and your day brighter by following the speed limits and paying close attention to your driving. It would be nice if our officers didn't have to stop a single car because everyone was following the law! You can do it...leave early, drive the limit, pay attention...go the distance! (And psssst...spread the word!)


WELL DONE STAFF...WELL DONE! This picture was taken this morning shortly after the tsunami watch was canceled for our area. At 2:06 a.m., NBPD Dispatch was notified that a tsunami watch was issued for our area as a result of a reported 8.2 magnitude earthquake 175 miles S.E. of Kodiak Alaska. Upon receipt of the message NBPD Dispatch followed the city’s protocols, consistent with the requirements of the city’s emergency response plan. Within 45 minutes, all of the NBPD staff you see below (and more not pictured) had reported to the station fully equipped and ready to carry out evacuation protocols if the tsunami watch was upgraded. All equipment was in place, fueled, and ready to go. The Emergency Operations Center was set up, staffed, and operational. Staff was in process of notifying tsunami shelters to be ready to accept evacuees. Everyone from the City Administrator down to our newest hire had reported for duty and were ready for action. At 4:40 a.m. the City received official notification that the tsunami watch had been cancelled. Upon receipt of the notification the city began the process of standing down the EOC and returning city operations to their pre-watch conditions. While today turned out only to be an opportunity to put plans into action and critique that plan, I couldn't be more pleased or proud of the quick response, fast-actions, and general overall readiness of our city staff. I'm very pleased to be a NB resident after seeing the level of preparedness the staff here displayed this morning! Had protocol reached the point of initiation of mass notification and evacuation, they were ready! TGWB, Chief Kappelman

OFFICER SMITH GRADUATES FROM ACADEMY Earlier today, Officer Tristan Smith graduated from the DPSST basic training academy in Salem. In addition to his excellent academic performance, Officer Smith was instrumental in helping to create a permanent historical memorial at the academy to honor those police officers and firefighters who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We are proud of your performance and humility, Tristan, and this community celebrates with you on your graduation day! Congratulations!

NBPD WINS XMAS SPIRIT AWARD! We aren't always about business at the City. Let's hear it for SRO Griggs and Capt. Bennett for ratcheting up the Christmas spirit at this year's Holiday Party by being the winning reindeer! Way to go the distance!

One hour left! Come and join the fun! Donate and win a prize! You don't have to dance, just come and join the fun at the North Bend Community Center! Let's fill those children's stockings! Or donate here:

45 minutes to our FREE Zumba Fundraiser for toys and gifts for the children of our community! Chief Kappelman will be on hand to accept your donations while Body & Soul Fitness by Rachel, LLC entertains with classic Zumba and Holiday music and dance! Here from 1-3 pm at North Bend Community Center! Donors eligible for prizes!

SHARE A PHOTO AND SOME $LOVE$ Last night, nearly 200 children from our community visited with Santa, including North Bend's City Administrator! All received a gift bag with toys, books, candy, and a toothbrush and toothpaste (Except for Mr. O'Connor...he gave his to another child!). Share YOUR photo with North Bend's Santa in the comments below and then read on... We've been able to do this for four years now because of the generosity of many. However, over the past two years or so, the cash donations have slimmed. We had enough to pull off some elven magic this year, but unless we band year's Christmas celebration is in jeopardy! You have two great ways to give. One is to come to the NBPD Toothbrush for Christmas ZUMBA Fundraiser at the North Bend Community Center this Sunday, December 17th, from 1-3 pm! Gather your friends and family and workout for a cause! No cost for entry, but cash, check, or card donations will be accepted. Body & Soul Fitness by Rachel,LLC has agreed to donate 100% of all money taken in to the NBPD Toothbrush for Christmas Campaign! Here is the event info: The other is to simply donate here: This community was moved to action by the wish of one little boy four years ago for a new toothbrush and toothpaste from Santa. As a result, many children have benefited...let's keep that going! Just a few dollars can make a big difference in a child's memories of the holidays! Go the Distance, Chief Robert Kappelman North Bend Police Department *Please note that we cannot accept donations of items themselves.

CONGRATS TO OFFICER PARKHURST! Congratulations to Officer Dustin Parkhurst on his graduation from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training Basic Police Academy today. Class BP372 earned many awards including the coveted and rare Director's Award! Congrats BP372 and welcome home, Officer Parkhurst!

Want to work off a few before you pack on those Christmas cookie pounds AND do it for a great cause? Body & Soul Fitness by Rachel, LLC has agreed to do a Zumba fundraiser for NBPD's Toothbrush-4-Christmas Campaign, which provides books, toys, candy, and a toothbrush for over 200 children in our local area! There's NO cost or tickets needed, we just ask that you donate a few dollars to the cause! Rachel will be donating 100% of the funds directly to the program! NBPD will be on site to accept donations securely via cash, check, or card. No Zumba experience necessary...just come and join the fun and make a donation if your heart moves you to do so! Bring your friends & family! If you don't want to exercise, you can always donate here, right from your recliner!:

NOW HIRING!!! NBPD is looking to add to our experienced and dynamic team by hiring our next TELECOMMUNICATOR! If you're interested in joining, please go to this link and follow the steps outlined in the Telecommunicator position listing: Base salary and benefits range from $40,809 - $56,306 plus excellent fringe benefits! DEADLINE is DECEMBER 22, 2017, at 5 PM (Pacific). Go the Distance!

Please watch as you head into your holiday travels...

FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS... Many of those who serve you today wearing the uniform of this beloved North Bend Police Department, served FIRST wearing another uniform. On this Veteran's Day, we honor and thank these honored public servants: Sgt. Buddy Young - US Coast Guard Reserve Officer Mike Olson - US Army Officer Jason Griggs - US Air Force Officer Patrick Kinney - US Army Officer Shane Dunning - US Marine Corps Officer Nate George - US Marine Corps Officer Brett Stark - US Navy Officer Nycolma White - US Marine Corps Reserve Lt. Terry Lathrom - National Guard Reserve Reserve Officer Wes Patterson - US Marine Corps From the bottom of our hearts, gentlemen...thank you! You have truly "gone the distance" and beyond! Sincerely, Grateful United States Citizens

DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? In the past week, NBPD has been inundated with complaints regarding driving behaviors in and around school zones. To be honest, maybe it's just me, but I've noticed a decline in good driving behaviors in general. I know this community is filled with good people, and I don't think this is an "intentional snub to the law." Rather, I think we all just need a reminder about the risks associated with stretching the rules. You'll see increased traffic enforcement as a result of these complaints. The lowest risk you'll take by speeding through a school zone is getting caught. The highest risk is one that no one wants to live with...a child's parent OR the driver who struck that child. Hands at 9 and 3...head on a swivel...concentration on driving...leave plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you...always ready to react...and ALWAYS drive the speed limit...not 10 over, not 7 over, not even 5 over! Don't test your luck with the lives of our community's children! Go the Distance, Chief Kappelman and Your NBPD

SOLID POLICE WORK NETS POSITIVE RESULTS IN MISSING PERSON CASE A freight-delivery driver went missing on Saturday morning, October 7th. After making his delivery, the truck was found abandoned at the Pony Village Mall. The truck was unlocked, with keys in the ignition, and the driver's work cell phone inside. Missing person cases show that exhaustive neighborhood canvases and comprehensive victimology offer the greatest opportunity for positive outcomes. This team of officers wasted no time on either. Sgt. Allen and Officer Dunning went to work establishing all known facts. Officer Rule hunted down surveillance footage which showed the victim walking away from the truck. Detective Doyle began a systematic and comprehensive study of the victim and his life. This cooperative effort led to Officer Dunning canvassing the specific area of Simpson Park and locating a man fitting the description of the missing person, sitting near the North Bend Visitors' Center. Dunning made contact and identified him as the missing driver. He was taken to Bay Area Hospital for health and cognitive evaluations and his family was notified. In less than 36 hours from the missing person report, this team worked feverishly, along with the assistance of Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier, to locate this man and reconnect him safely with his family. They are commended for their tireless efforts, solid evidence-based police work, and compassion for the person and his family. Well done yet again, officers! Chief Kappelman North Bend Police Department

OFFICERS & DISPATCH COMMENDED, ASSISTING AGENCIES THANKED IN JEWELRY STORE BURGLARY Last night at 7:05 PM, NBPD Dispatch received an active alarm call to Jurgens Jewelers at 1911 Newmark in North Bend. Telecommunicator Janel Dunning gave quick and efficient information to Sgt. Ed Perry and Officer Brent Gaither, who responded without hesitation. Upon arriving on scene, officers saw that a window was broken and could hear someone inside. Officers set up a perimeter and waited for back-up. Oregon State Police and Coos County Sheriff's Office arrived on scene quickly. K9 Odin assisted officers in searching the building and apprehending the lone suspect. He was found in possession of more than $19,000 of stolen jewelry. Dispatcher Dunning is commended for her efficiency in dispatching accurate information to responding units. Sgt. Perry and Officer Gaither are commended for taking a safe and effective tactical approach, setting up a perimeter and waiting for back-up before entering the building. The Oregon State Police and Coos County Sheriff's Office are commended and thanked for their quick response and cooperation. Coos Bay Police Department is thanked for answering other priority calls in our city while our officers were busy on this case. It is actions like this that make me truly thankful to live in a community that shares resources, works well together, and has highly-trained highly-educated professional law enforcement personnel in place to protect us. Excellent work, staff, this citizen sincerely appreciates you! Sincerely, Chief Robert Kappelman North Bend Police Department

READY....GO! (the distance)

CONDOLENCES OFFERED ~ TRAINING AVAILABLE Nothing can make sense of the tragic events that occurred in Las Vegas last night. Our sincerest thoughts and condolences are offered to those who were affected by this heinous act. Our thanks go out to the emergency responders, medical personnel, and civilians who gave aid to those in need and continue to work on this case. As we hear and watch the information released about this event, it is right and appropriate to think about how we would react in such a situation. Unlike other active-shooter situations, the actor in this case used an elevated platform (32 floors elevated) to commit his acts. Certainly, this limited options to immediate neutralization of the threat. However, people were still left with options from which to choose...hiding and evacuating. Many considerations go into making these choices. The North Bend Police Department has trained six (6) in-house instructors to teach members of our community how to react in such dynamic situations. The training is tailored to teach options and decision-making without traumatizing participants. We offer this training to ANY North Bend business or organization...large or small. It is FREE of charge. We feel this training is important because the knowledge that is gained extends beyond the walls of the organization that participates. Whether you go to the mall, to the movie theater, to church, or anywhere else...these concepts, intended to improve your chances for survival, go with you. If you would like to learn more about this training or would like to schedule a training session (2-8 hours tailored to your organization), please call us at (541)756-3161 and we will connect you with an ALICE (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate) trainer. Committed to your safety, Chief Robert Kappelman & Your North Bend Police Department

THREE DAYS...THREE COPS This has been an epic week for your North Bend Police Department and our community! On each of the last three days, our morning has started with a swearing-in ceremony of the last three of four newly hired officers in North Bend! (You met the first, Officer Tristan Smith, back in June.) These three finished at the top of an exhaustive and comprehensive hiring process. They know and were able to communicate this department's commitment to customer service, integrity & ethics, and community policing. I am ALREADY proud of them! Please join me in welcoming Officer Jeremy Bowman, Officer Nycolma White, and Officer Shawn Fleming to YOUR North Bend Police Department! These new officers now embark on a 9-12 month journey of training at the academy and on the street. We can't thank this community enough for recognizing the need for their positions and we want to assure you that their addition will be returned with superior service and a lower crime rate. We have much work to do, but we are now much better positioned to make significant positive impact in our fair city! Go the distance, young officers! And remember...every contact you make is an opportunity to build trust! TGWB Chief Kappelman North Bend Police Department

THE HOUNDS KEEP HUNTING...AND FINDING Over the span of just a few days, the dedicated staff you see pictured below made four arrests in three separate incidents seizing 21.9 grams of methamphetamine and 3 grams of heroin, taking more dangerous drugs and needles off the street. There is much more work to be done, but K9 Chessie and her handler, Officer Shane Dunning, Officer Chris Rule, Officer Brent Gaither, and Officer Brett Stark, are commended for their commitment to looking further and digging deeper...going the distance to make our community safer! Great work, officers...keep that momentum going! Chief Kappelman North Bend Oregon Police Department

Coffee with a Cop will be held Wednesday, October 4, 2017 from 9am - 11am at Top Dog Coffee Company, 3077 Broadway Avenue in North Bend! North Bend PD was the first police agency in the State of Oregon to host this national program. There's no agenda or presentation, just a chance to sit down and talk with members of the North Bend Police Department in a relaxed environment over a cup of coffee (that WE pay for!). I hope you join us! Chief Kappelman

INTERESTED IN ORGANIZING AGAINST CRIME? The North Bend Police Department will host a Neighborhood Watch Informational Session on Oct. 2nd. Come and learn how you can protect your neighborhood from crime by creating an organized Neighborhood Watch group. When: Monday, Oct. 2, 6p-8p Where: NB Public Library - Large Meeting Room For Who: Anyone interested in Neighborhood Watch By Who: North Bend Police Department Why: It takes a community to protect a community and we need your help!

Thank you, Christelle, for spreading the word about the importance of ballistic vest programs in police agencies everywhere. And thank you, Detective Doyle, for sharing your expertise (and demonstrating great scanning before re-holstering)!

"Community Policing" at its very core...when the community comes together to assist, the chances of success increase exponentially! Thank you to ALL who were involved in bringing Finn back to his home!