Prineville Police Department

  • Agency: Prineville Police Department
  • Address: 400 NE 3rd St, Prineville, 97754 OR
  • Chief: Eric Bush (Chief of Police)
Phone: (541) 447-4168
Fax: 541-447-8619

Prineville Police Department is located at 400 NE 3rd St, Prineville, 97754 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Eric Bush. The Prineville Police Department phone number is (541) 447-4168.

Prineville Police Department News

The National Police Week 5K, hosted by the Officer Down Memorial Page, is held at the beginning of National Police Week each year in Washington D.C. Thousands of runners and walkers, young and old, come together in our Nation's Capital - and are joined by Virtual Runners around the world - to honor the memory of fallen law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. Join us in signing up as we Run to Remember the Fallen. Sign up for the virtual race and choose your own course to run/walk here in town. If you see Chief Cummins and I running you may want to give a (friendly) shout of encouragement to get us to the end of our route! If your not sure how long 5K is, we posted a (non-official) example route below. Stay Safe and watch out for traffic-Capt. Seymour

April 8-14, 2018 is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Help us celebrate Prineville PD’s Dispatchers, and their dedication to public safety and to our Prineville community - Thank a dispatcher for their dedication and commitment to duty! #thingoldline #NPSTW

House on Wheels PICS/Video For those that didn't see it, a Prineville resident hired a house moving company to move a house from the South Main area to the north of town. The move occurred a few weeks ago on a Sunday evening just after midnight, and was supposed to take about 4-5 hours. Due to some technical difficulties they had to "park" the house and finish the move Monday evening, just after midnight. The company had pre-arranged meetings with city officials as part of their planning process, and sub-contracted two PPD Officers to assist with traffic control and to make sure all city/county emergency services had direct access to their destinations. We have attached a few of the pictures Officer Young took while he assisted with this event. We also attached two links to YouTube videos, one of the house move as it passed Mariposa, and one Officer Young referenced when I asked how the house move went:)

March 29th volunteers and Prineville Police Detective Bottoms planted pinwheels infront of the department. The pinwheels represent Child Abuse Prevention month for the month of April. Thank you to those who make this possible.

What a wonderful surprise from Dillon's Grill. They provided lunch for our Officers and Dispatchers!! Thank you so much we greatly appreciate it!

Donkey has a complaint to file with Officer Uppendahl...The turkey is constantly strutting around the field and the cows are eating all his hay....he demands restitution.

UPDATE: Amanda (Mandi) Wiederholt is no longer a person of interest in this case, and has taken care of her warrants. Thank you for your assistance in this case. INCIDENT TYPE: Arrest and Search Warrant Execution DATE AND TIME OF INCIDENT: Arrest: 03-18-2018 Search Warrant: 03-19-18 LOCATION OF INCIDENT: Arrest: 1948 N Main St. Search Warrant: 400 NW Terrace Lane ARRESTED: Steven L Woods (40) Prineville Resident. INITIAL ARREST CHARGES: Washington County Warrant (Original Charge of Theft): Aggravated Theft I-Felony Burglary II- Felony Criminal Trespass I: Misdemeanor Tampering with Evidence: Misdemeanor Theft II- Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief II- Misdemeanor NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT: On 03-18-2018, Prineville Police arrested Steven L Woods, 40 year old Prineville resident, as he exited 1948 N Main Street (The old Woodgrain Mill, which is fenced private property). Prior to this date, PPD had been working on a criminal investigation involving Woods for about two weeks. The investigation involved the above listed crimes committed by Woods, on multiple occasions on the Woodgrain property. Police used various investigative techniques to identify and document the criminal actions of Woods. Following his arrest, Woods was lodged at the Crook County Jail where he was held on the out of county warrant and arraigned on local charges the following day. On 03-19-2018, Prineville PD, assisted by the Crook County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on a single-wide trailer located on NW Terrace Lane. The search warrant location was a residence both Woods and his known associate, Amanda Wiederholt, were residing. During the execution of the search warrant there were numerous items located related to the crimes listed above, in addition to the crime of Possession of a Controlled Substance (suspected Heroin). Items seized in this case include the following; various amounts of copper wire, a large amount of stripped copper wire insulation, stolen tools, copper fittings, mill equipment, and user amounts of drug paraphernalia. The estimated loss in this case is valued at over $10,000. We are currently trying to locate Amanda Wiederholt (38 year old Prineville resident) as a person of interest in this investigation. If you know her location please don’t attempt to contact her in any way. Please call PPD Dispatch at 541-447-4168, PM us on FB, or email the case agent, Officer Young at The included pictures are of a few of the items seized, and the suspect during his commission of the crime and during his booking process. There is also a picture of Amanda (Mandi) Wiederholt included, she currently has 2-Felony warrants for her arrest. Case Agent; Officer James Young-541-447-4168. Release prepared by Capt. Larry Seymour

****Update owner found**** Anyone missing their 4 legged friend??? Found in the SE area of town. Please call the Police Department at 541 447 4168. He will be transported to the Humane Society at 10 p.m.

Great send off for the Crook County Dance team headed to state...Go Sparkles!!

Be aware! These people target the elderly so get the news out to everyone, including those that may not follow FB.

Can you I.D. me? Prineville PD is seeking assistance in identifying and speaking with 2 subjects who are persons of interest in a Criminal Mischief (property damage) case at a local laundry business. Possible vehicle of interest is a black, 1993 Chevrolet pick-up. If you would like to assist in this investigation you can email the case agent (Officer Young) at, PM us on FB, or call in to our non-emergency line at 541-447-4168, to speak to an officer or leave an anonymous message. Thanks you in advance for any help.

A HUGE thank you to the Humane Society of the Ochocos, from the Prineville Police Department. Thank you so much for caring for all those rabbits we seized. Anyone looking to donate to the Humane Society of the Ochocos or adopt a pet rabbit should call them before they all get adopted! 541-447-7178. Let us know if you adopt a rescue rabbit and we will post a picture of you and your new rabbit in the comments section. Let's come together and get these rabbits new homes.

MEDIA RELEASE: INCIDENT TYPE: Animal Abuse Arrest and Indictment DATE: 03-05-2018 DATE AND TIME OF INCIDENT: 02-03-2018 LOCATION OF INCIDENT: 700 Block of NW 7th Street. ARRESTED: Kara Madison (37) Prineville resident. CHARGES: Initially arrested on Animal Abuse I and Animal Neglect I INDICTED ON 02-23-2018: 7 Counts of Animal Abuse I (C-Felony) NARRATIVE OF INCIDENT: On 02-03-2018, Prineville Police investigated an animal abuse complaint and multiple city ordinance violations at a residence located in the area of the 700 Block of NW 7th Street. The resident and owner of the animals was identified as Kara Madison, 37 year old Prineville resident. Following an investigation involving a chicken, goat, cats, numerous dogs, and a plethora of rabbits (alive and dead), it was determined that Kara Madison had failed to provide the proper care for almost all of the rabbits. The conditions and care the animals were raised in ranged from the following; feces covered bedding, extended periods of no water or food, missing hair, various types of infections and disease to the point several animals died. The animals suffered from infection causing loss of vision and hair, open wounds, and disease. Animals were so starved they began eating their own feces to survive. After documenting conditions, PPD Officers seized 18 live rabbits that needed immediate care to survive. PPD also seized 7 dead rabbits, and one of those was sent in for a necropsy. Following the initial investigation, Kara Madison was arrested and charged with Animal Abuse I and Animal Neglect I. Kara Madison was released following her arrest, and given a conditional release and court date by the jail. On 02-23-2018, Kara Madison was indicted by Grand Jury on 9-Counts of Animal Neglect I, and is currently still out on conditional release pending her next court appearance. All of the live rabbits were graciously accepted by our own local no-kill humane society, Humane Society of the Ochocos. Thanks to the humane society we were able to care/house/feed/water/ and provide medical attention to the rabbits. When I say we, I mean they. Working with the District Attorney’s Office and the Humane Society of the Ochocos we were able to get a Judgment of Forfeiture on all of the rabbits at the humane society. As of 03-01-2018, all of the remaining rabbits are allowed to be re-homed. The Humane Society of the Ochocos will be adopting out all of the rabbits that were seized. I encourage anyone willing and able, to adopt a pet rabbit or donate to the Humane Society of the Ochocos. The Humane Society of the Ochocos is a non-profit organization ran mostly on donations and fundraising events. Case Agent; Officer James Young-541-447-4168. Release prepared by Capt. Larry Seymour

Locked cell phones and old cell phones can still call 911!!!! If you don’t believe that an old discarded cell phone with no service OR a locked cell phone with service can still call 911 you should listen to the call we received in our Dispatch Center. Our 911 operator does a great job getting to the bottom of this (non-emergency) call with this adorable little guy who snuck an old phone out of a drawer to call “grammy.” We were lucky enough to be able to put a picture to the voice recording we had, and I can say it made my day seeing the little guy. With that little look on his face all we have to say to dad and mom is, you have your work cut out for you.

A big thanks to the customer who drank a lot of coffee just so he could donate it to our local Law Enforcement. On behalf of Prineville PD, we want to say thank you to both the Prineville Coffee Company and the man who gave up all his free drink cards to show support for his local LEO’s. I would like to say to him, anytime you want to drink a cup of plain old black coffee that’s been sitting in a coffee pot for several hours, my office is always open THANK YOU

It's that time of year again. IRS scam calls are happening. The link below has some helpful tips.

***Update owner found*** Does this puppy belong to you!! Will be at the Police Department until 430pm and then will be transported to the Humane Society.

****Update- The owner of the dog has been located****** If you happen to recognize this pup send us a message or comment. We will hold her at the police department for a couple hours and then she will be taken to the no kill Humane Society. This pup was found in the area of Robberson Ford. 541-447-4168

Looks like our send off party worked! Congrats CCHS wrestling team.

Good morning Prineville! The Police Department wants to give a shout out to the great job our city and county road crews are doing to keep our roads safe. Please watch out for crews who are working by slowing down and giving them a wide berth. Our safety tip for today is to stay slow and increase the distance between you and the car in front of you as braking distance greatly increases in these conditions.

Last Tuesday evening at the Prineville City Council meeting we were able to celebrate a few Prineville PD accomplishments. The official swearing-in of our most recent police officer hire, Jordan Robeson, who was hired to fill an opening from last fall. We also celebrated a Life Saving award that went to Officer Daniel Yanes after he and a member of the Crook County Sheriff's Office saved the life of a Prineville citizen who was in Cardiac Arrest, and the transfer from Patrol Officer to Criminal Detective that went to Det. Kathryn Bottoms. Feel free to thank these and all of our officers for their dedicated service to our community if you see them out and about. Prineville has great support for our First Responders, and we want you all to know it is much appreciated!

Good Luck at State Crook County Wrestlers!!

******UPDATE******UPDATE******UPDATE****** IDENTIFIED, BUT NOT LOCATED YET With the help of Prineville citizens we were able to identify a person of interest in this case (35 year old Prineville resident, Janice Knieriem). We are now asking for assistance in locating this subject so we can close this case. She has some very unique features that should help in her identification. As in all cases where we ask for the citizens to assist, please DO NOT attempt any contact with this person. Once she is no longer a person of interest in this case we will put out another post thanking everyone for their help. Our hope is that she turns herself in so this can be taken care of quickly. If you see this person or you know where she may be please call PPD Dispatch at 541-447-4168, send a Facebook PM, or email Officer James Young at

Assist in Identification and Location of Suspect On 01-29-2018 at about 1458 hours, a female was captured on video concealing various items from one of our local grocery stores. The various items she concealed in her purse and under her clothing added up to about $37.05. The female in the video is wearing a red coat, and is positioned in the lower left corner of the video. We are trying to locate this subject and confirm her identification so an arrest or a criminal citation can be issued. If you know the person in the video attempting to conceal the item in her purse and/or you know where she may be, please call PPD Dispatch at 541-447-4168, Private Message us on FB, or email the case agent (Officer James Young) to assist. As in every case we post or ask the public's assistance on, we ask that you DO NOT contact this person, and remember all parties are presumed innocent. Please refer to PPD case #18-000166 and/or to the case agent, Officer James Young.