Hines Police Department

  • Agency: Hines Police Department
  • Address: 101 E Barnes Ave, Hines, 97738 OR
  • Chief: Shawn Essex (Chief of Police)
Phone: 541-573-2251

Hines Police Department is located at 101 E Barnes Ave, Hines, 97738 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Shawn Essex. The Hines Police Department phone number is 541-573-2251.

Hines Police Department News

A special thanks goes to the Grocery Outlet for donating several toys to support the #harneyCountyOperationChristmas. These toys will go towards helping children to have a memorable Christmas. Thank you Grocery Outlet!

We teamed up with the #BurnsPoliceDepartment and #HarneyCountyOperationChristmas to deliver stuffed animals and Christmas presents to the children attending the annual 2017 Christmas parade. We want to give special thanks to the members of our community that assisted with donations for the kids to have a wonderful Christmas experience!

PRESS RELEASE The Harney County District Attorney has issued a Press Release in regards to the Albert Deiter death investigation. If you have any information regarding this investigation, please contact the Harney County Sheriff's Office at (541) 573-6028. This is all of the information that has been released at this time.

Training time.

Playing Sunday football with some VIP football players in the park. Thanks Officer Novak.

WARNING SCAM ALERT: Police Officers or Sherrif Deputy's will never ask for money in exchange for settling an arrest warrant. Please be aware of telephone scams. Scammers can use any telephone number to make calls so please don't always trust the caller ID on phones.

Hey everyone. Please make sure to lock your vehicles at night. Double check, triple check that it is locked. Do not leave valuable items inside such as guns, jewelry, cash, electronics, purses and so on even if it's locked. The jail will be releasing our number one suspect from the last break ins on September 22. Please keep your valuable items in your home. Thank you.

On the behalf of the City of Hines and the Hines Police Department we would like to introduce the new member of the Police Department. Hines Reserve Police Officer Mitchell Boggs. Welcome to the team!

Officer Novak enjoyed being out in our community for the parade! Looks like he was able to visit with a couple little VIP's.

Can you guess what kind of guns these are? They look real, but they're actually bb guns.

For all of you that are wondering about our governor signing SB 719 A, regarding confiscating guns from the public, be advised that this has to do with mentally ill and suicidal subjects. We at Hines PD are not going to comment wheather we are in favor or against it. We just wanted the public to be educated on what it was about.

Arts, Crafts, Food

Looking for Ashley Manahan and Grant Lafollette If you see either of them call Dispatch. 541-573-6156 thank you

Saying goodbye to the Panda. We bought this car used from Klamath Falls in 2012. 70k miles later we are donating it to John Day PD. She's been through 4 officers, 1 motor (DeLange) and 1 oil pan (Novak). Fair well Panda.

Found him, thank you

If anybody sees Grant Lafollette please call Dispatch @ 541-573-6156. Thank you

Attention citizens of Hines and Burns. Please lock your vehicles up at night and do not store anything of value in them. We are having car break ins again. Thank you

Great day for Officer Ellis to hand out Otter Pops to the kids at the Hines Park. Thank you Officer Ellis.

The City of Hines Police Department is seeking applications for the Hines Reserve Program. Deadline will be July 31. You must be 21 years old and pass a back ground check. Applications can be picked up at the Hines City Hall.

Officer Ellis keeping our streets safe!

Chief DeLange and Chief Skunkcap attended the annual Oregon Chief's Conference this last week in Bend. At this conference they learn about new senate bills and house bills that come down the pike and are signed by Governor Brown. The newest house bill will affect all current members of PERS. We will keep everyone posted if this bill is signed.