Ashland Police Department

  • Agency: Ashland Police Department
  • Address: 1155 East Main Street, Ashland, 97520 OR
  • Chief: Ron Goodpaster (Interim Chief of Police)
Phone: (541) 488-2211
Fax: (541) 488-5351

Ashland Police Department is located at 1155 East Main Street, Ashland, 97520 OR. The Interim Chief of Police of the department is Ron Goodpaster. The Ashland Police Department phone number is (541) 488-2211.

Ashland Police Department News

Cougar sighting! A cougar was spotted in the area of Iowa and Idaho streets last night. Take appropriate precautions with Fido the dog and Mittens the cat!

SAVE THE DATE! APD wants to cook you dinner!! Well we want to cook you a hotdog, hamburger, veggie burger, etc anyway! The APD wants to host you and your families on Saturday September 8th, afternoon, for a cookout in Garfield Park. More details to come on this, for now, just save the date!

N Main Street is open again. Happy motoring!

Traffic crash at N Main and Laurel outbound-expect delays and avoid the area if possible.

Ashland Parents - In order to prevent substance abuse, you MUST know what's going on in your community. Reserve your spot TODAY! An open letter to the Ashland community, Police Chief Tighe O’Meara, with the support of the Williams family As you know, on March 2, 2018 Officer Malcus Williams passed away while on duty and responding to a call for service. Malcus is survived by his wife Ona, daughters Savannah, Georgia and Brooklyn, and his sisters Amy and Cindy. Malcus proudly served his community for more than 20 years. Malcus brought compassion, professionalism and a gentle demeanor to all he touched while working as a police officer. Malcus’ passing represents a profound loss for the entire community, the department, and most especially, for his family. Through this loss, however, something truly remarkable emerged. While the Williams family and police family were cluttered together, in support of each other, in the emergency room at the hospital, a simple phone call was made. To be honest, I still don’t know by whom. This phone call activated a team called the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation (OFBF). The OFBF is a team of dedicated men and women, from around the state and beyond. The team is made of police officers, dispatchers, family members of other officers who died in the line of duty, emotional support professionals, members of the clergy and more. In all approximately 30 team members responded to our call for help. For the next two weeks these men and women worked tirelessly, putting in more than 1,700 hours of work, in support of the Williams family, the police department, and the funeral services. The OFBF handled everything, starting the morning of March 3rd, to take the burden off of the family and the Ashland Police Department. They worked tirelessly so Malcus’ family did not have to worry about funeral arrangements, and where visiting family would stay. They worked tirelessly so Malcus’ partner officers could have room to grieve his loss while also continuing to serve the community. They worked tirelessly so the Ashland community could attend an appropriate memorial service to honor one so dearly loved. The OFBF brought this support to the Williams family, the APD and the community free of charge, with no expectation that it be reimbursed. We are the seventh community to benefit from the support brought by the OFBF. It had been my intention to follow the lead of the first six communities and make a donation to the OFBF from the police department’s budget to support the group’s efforts on their next deployment. Let’s be clear though, any financial donation I would have asked for from the city’s funds would have paled in comparison to the work performed by the OFBF and the direct financial support they brought to the Williams family. If the staff of the APD had been tasked with doing what the OFBF did, the cost in staff time and direct payments for services would easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars. However, I recognize that the city is facing some very significant financial hurdles in the coming months and years, and I recognize that the Council has recently struggled through a very difficult process in identifying funding for four new police officers. With this in mind I have decided on a different approach to show our community’s appreciation for the help that the OFBF has brought to us, and sadly, to support the efforts that they will inevitably bring to the next community that suffers such a loss. For this reason, I am appealing to the members of the community to join me in donating to the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation, a registered non-profit organization. Just as they were there to support our police department and our team member’s family, they will be there for the next department and family. The OFBF will bring its team members in when a family, department and community are at their lowest, and they will hold them up, just as they did in the days after March 2nd. Thanks for your consideration, and thank you for all of the support you have shown to the department and Williams family over the last several weeks. Donations can be made through the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation’s website at or at any US bank branch.

We had a visit from our friends at Ashland High School's Aspire Program! Great to see all of you!

Do you know who this is? This scoundrel vandalized a machine inside Henry's Laundromat and stole the money. APD case # 18-1097. Thanks all!

The APD has been provided with several plastic wallet cards and visor cards for deaf or hard of hearing members of the community. If you are deaf or hard of hearing these cards may help a police officer understand your communication needs better. Available at the PD!

APD Support Staff registered over 60 bikes in 2 hours during today's Bike Swap. You guys ROCK !!!

4/12/18 Update: Thanks to a few tips, we have identified the suspect. _______________________________________________________________ Can you identify this woman? On 03/29/18, she decided to steal a few necklaces ($370 worth) from a store on the Plaza. Thanks in advance! APD

Scam Alert - Two local businesses recently received telephone calls from scammers purporting to be Pacific Power. The scammer then tells the person they are behind on payments and threaten to shut off the power if they don’t immediately send them money. They will ask for your bank account information, credit card information, a money wire transfer, or a prepaid debit card. As a reminder, scammers will often target small businesses that would get hit hard if their power went out. Often, these scammers use caller ID spoofing software. It looks like they are calling from your actual energy company, yet they are not. If you get a call like this, beware and hang up! Real energy companies will never threaten to shut off your power or demand immediate payment over the phone.

Ceremony Staging and Seating Instructions for general public

Procession Route Announced for Officer Williams Celebration of Life Ceremony (Photo)

Officer Williams Service to be Held Sat. the 17th

The Williams Family would like everyone in the community to join them in Celebrating the Life and Memory of Officer Malcus Williams at the Ashland High School Gymnasium on Saturday March 17. The celebration will begin at 11am. For overflow attendees, a simulcast live stream will be presented in the Ashland High School Theatre. The Williams Family want each person in the community to feel welcome. Monetary donations can be made through the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation by clicking on the attached link. You can also donate at any US Bank by referencing the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation – Officer Malcus Williams. Any money donated to the Oregon Fallen Badge Foundation during this period of time will go directly to the family.

Update on Donations for Officer Williams' Family

Line of Duty Death Officer Malcus Williams (Photo)

Last night the APD held its annual Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) appreciation dinner. Each year the dedicated men and women of the VIPS corps perform thousands of hours of service for the department and our community. This year Ron Kohl was recognized for his exceptional service to the community. Here we see Deputy Chief Warren Hensman presenting Ron with his award. Congratulations to Ron and thank you to all of our awesome volunteers. If you are interested in being a member of the VIPS group give us all call!