Medford Police Department

  • Agency: Medford Police Department
  • Address: 219 S Ivy St, Medford, 97501 OR
  • Chief: Eric Mellgren (Chief of Police)
Phone: 541-774-2250
Fax: (541) 774-2570

Medford Police Department is located at 219 S Ivy St, Medford, 97501 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Eric Mellgren. The Medford Police Department phone number is 541-774-2250.

Medford Police Department News

Ten years later and still no sign of Brandon Perdue, nor his vehicle. Please read this to help us with this mystery. On 061308 at about 6:30 pm Brandon Perdue, then 18, was home and had been texting with family and friends. Brandon Perdue left his home abruptly, dressed in casual clothing, in his red 1998 Honda Civic (Oregon license XVB-615). He was texting that he was considering harming himself. Brandon Perdue continued to text until his cell phone was deactivated, likely a drained battery. We determined that the last contact with Brandon was a text message received by a friend at about 8:54 pm. There have been no confirmed contacts with family or friends since. Cell phone data was received and analyzed by forensic analysts in June 2008. After evaluating the data we determined that Brandon Perdue, after leaving his home, drove north on Highway 62 to Eagle Point then traveled east, through Eagle Point to Highway 140 continuing east. A cell tower located on Robinson Butte was the last tower to receive cellular activity that we have identified; those calls were documented at 7:46 pm. The Robinson Butte cell site is located just south of Highway 140 between Fish Lake and Lake of the Woods. The vehicle is very important to locate. This vehicle may have already been found and recovered by a private citizen. We ask that wrecking yards, tow companies in the Southern Oregon, Northern California region to check their tow records and check their inventory for the Perdue vehicle. We ask anyone who while hunting, hiking or recreating may have seen or recovered the vehicle please contact Medford Police. Any information should be forwarded to Medford Police, Medford Oregon by phone, e mail or Facebook. Attached photo is an enhanced likeliness of what Brandon Purdue would look like now. The photo of the car is of a similar vehicle.

Busted. Over the last couple months, we received dozens of complaints about drug activity at 2371 Stillwater Court, a nice neighborhood in East Medford. A few weeks ago, we went to the house and requested the occupants stop their drug dealing, which was drawing traffic to the neighborhood all hours of the night. We were rather clear in our request, we thought. Not only did they not do what we asked, but they didn't even try to hide it. The activity at the home continued, so this morning we went back again, this time with a search warrant. We found both meth and heroin in the home, which is also within 1000 feet of North Medford High School, another big no-no. Thomas Dargie, Brendan Robertson, Allen Daugherty, and Dominique Brodd were all arrested on various charges. Lets hope that the neighborhood can get some peace and quiet once again.

Stolen Jeep: 1980 Yellow CJ5, Oregon Plate/ VRD368. 6" lift, 35" tires. We posted about this stolen Jeep last week, and we are hoping someone will spot it due to how unique it is. It was stolen on Sunday, June 3rd, at about 8:22 a.m. Valued at about $30,000. If anyone has seen it, please get in touch with us. Case 18-11149

We were saddened to hear of the recent passing of retired Sheriff CW Smith. He honorably served many communities in Oregon as a Commissioner, Police Officer, Sheriff, and Police Chief. We extend our condolences to his family and friends.

Update: 7:30 a.m. - The pictured male was arrested last night in Yreka, California, where he is facing additional charges to include Burglary. The female has been identified and interviewed by police. Thieves posing as potential home buyers. This pictured couple went to an open house in East Medford yesterday, posing as buyers. While they there, they stole the realtor's purse and proceeded to go on a spending spree around town. If anyone can identify them, please let us know. Thank you! Case 18-11695

***UPDATE*** He was successfully located by JCSO. Thank you. Please keep an eye out for this male, who is missing after his vehicle was found overturned on Carberry Creek Road.

For throwback Thursday we found this gem. MPD lost to Klamath Falls PD 553.6 to 550 in a contest at the shooting range. That is close, but we at MPD subscribe to the Ricky Bobby theory, "If you aint first you're last." It looks like a rematch is long overdue. We think this was around 1954. Klamath Falls Police Department

Another successful greenway cleanup! Thanks to all that helped today. We do these on a monthly basis.

Pretty much sums up how our Monday went.

Update: The male has been identified and is cooperating with police (picture removed), but the Jeep remains outstanding, as well as the pictured Mustang. Please keep an eye out. Yellow 1980 Jeep CJ-5, 6" lift, 35" tires, Oregon Plate VRD368. Yesterday morning, at about 8:30 a.m., a yellow 1980 CJ-5 (Oregon Plate VRD368) was stolen from Rogue Automotive at 828 N. Central Avenue. This male is believed to be involved in the theft, as well as this red Mustang, who appeared to be the look out. If this vehicle looks familiar, please contact us, and you can be anonymous. Case 18-11149.

Why are women such great Police Officers? They notice small details, catch you in lies, and remember everything. And they will use it against you. #JoinOurTeam

ARREST MADE IN TAXI CAB ROBBERY On May 29th, 2018 at about 11:01 p.m., Medford Police officers were dispatched to a report of an armed robbery of a cab driver in the 700 block of Northwood Drive. Officers responded and utilized a police canine to track the suspect who fled in a westbound direction. Although the suspect was not located, the canine was able to find evidence discarded by the suspect, near some apartments in the 1000 block of Spring Street. The victim cab driver reported that she picked up a fare at the Bear Creek Shopping Center, approximately 20 minutes prior to the robbery. After driving him to two locations, the suspect displayed a gun and robbed her of money. The victim was able to provide a description. The cab was processed by a forensic technician. Detectives were then able to tie the suspect, Raymond Mathes, 27 years old, to the crime based on forensic evidence located on the cab. Mathes is familiar to law enforcement due to his frequent contacts. On May 30th, 2018, at about 7:30 p.m., a Medford Police officer spotted Mathes in the parking lot of CSL Plasma in the 1200 block of S. Riverside Avenue. The officer attempted to arrest Mathes, but he fled on foot. The officer was eventually able to chase him down and arrest him. Mathes was interviewed and lodged in jail. The weapon used was located and was determined to be a very realistic looking replica bb gun. Detectives believe the suspect’s heroin addiction contributed to his motive to commit the robbery. Suspect: Mathes, Raymond William Jr 27 years old Address: Transient Charges: Robbey 2nd Degree Parole Violation - Burglary 1st Degree No bail.

Uodate: 7:35 pm- Suspect in custody! Thank you JCSO. East Medford burglar identified. We have identified the masked east side burglar as Cameryn Geiger, 28 years old, 6’, 160 lbs. He is believed to be living in his 1993 Dodge Dakota Pick-up, Oregon plate VST396. He is known to frequent both Medford and Grants Pass. If you see him, please call 911. He is responsible for breaking into several new homes in East Medford. Det. Bill Ford's case. 18-10540.

Update: The suspect has been identified and arrested! See updated post on our page. Help Identify East Medford Masked Burglar. The suspect is targeting new construction and has made off with various tools, as well as cause a lot of damage. Locations have been Venice Ct, Farmington Avenue, Nebraska Drive, Kansas Drive, and Callaway Drive. Lucky for us, his very unique vehicle was spotted as he left one of the scenes. The two toned truck appears to have a makeshift canopy. We have received some great tips so far after the pics were shared on Jackson County Scanner Page. Please keep the tips coming and keep your eye out for this vehicle. Construction folks, be sure to not leave valuables at locations under construction.

Here is a video from our partners at Medford Parks and Recreation about the next generation of playground equipment at the Bear Creek Park.

Congratulations to these folks who made the highly coveted weekly “Top 5 list.” If you happen to see them before they actually find us, please give us a call. The jail has a nice bed reserved all for them.

Securing your home with today's technology. With Memorial Day as the kick off to summer, a lot of people are going to be away from their homes in the next few months. As great of a place Medford is to live, property crime is one thing we can improve on (we have a lot of it). We'd like to offer some easy solutions to protect your home. Home Surveillance System. These systems are fairly inexpensive and highly effective. "The Ring" and "Arlo," seem to be the most popular with easy set up and no monthly cost. They also alert your phone and can be set on a schedule, so they essentially work as an alarm system too. They are wireless, so they can be set up in minutes. Smart Lighting Control. If you go to Lowes or Home Depot, you will see light switches and outlets controlled by an app. You can set these on a schedule, such as your porch light or interior lights to turn on at sunset. This will make your home look occupied all the time, enough for a criminal to keep on walking. They can be installed on any home. Home Alarm System. To this day, criminals know that an alarm sign in the yard means to stay away. We can count one hand how many criminals struck a home which was alarmed. The cost is around $15 to $30 a month, and also wireless with easy set up. You will sleep better at night if you take these measures, we promise. If someone out there has a system or idea to protect your home, please comment below so others can benefit. Thanks for reading.

Fentanyl Linked to Overdose Deaths in Southern Oregon. For those that were not aware, 10 people died of suspected heroin overdose in Jackson County, in just over a 7 week period, through March and April. The good news is that no one has died of a suspected overdose since April 21st. The bad news is that we recently received lab results that three of the deceased had not only heroin, but also fentanyl in their system. This proves what we suspected, that fentanyl is going to be linked to these spike in deaths. We realize that some are not as sympathetic as others to this issue, but please remember that we are here to not only prevent drug use, but to prevent drug deaths. This next paragraph is directed towards the opioid users out there, or to friends and family of someone who struggles with this addiction. Now is the time to get help, please visit the below website for treatment and recovery options. Additionally, treatment experts in our county suggest the following: - Know your tolerance - Go slow - Do a test shot when using a new supply or after a break from jail. - Be careful when mixing drugs, such as prescription drugs with hard drugs. - Have an overdose plan - Make sure someone is with you - Carry Naloxone - reverses overdose and is legal for anyone to carry. Thanks for reading.

Chester Iodence Arrested in Montana. Iodence, who was wanted in connection to a shooting on Royal Avenue a week ago, was arrested in Park County, Montana, after an officer spotted him in a stolen vehicle on Sunday. He was arrested without incident. After he faces his charges in Montana, he will be extradited back to Medford to face Attempted Murder charges. We are happy to have this dangerous man in custody.

Coffee with a cop 1-3. Come down to see us at Punky’s in Medford Center.

Fight Leads to Stabbing On Wednesday May 16th, at 9:51 PM Medford Police responded to a reported stabbing after receiving a 911 call from the 700 Block of Tawn Cheree. Upon arrival officers contacted a twenty year old male who had a visible stab wound to his upper left chest. Medford Police Officers administered first aid to the subject prior to him being transported to a local hospital by Mercy Ambulance. Officers were able to determine the incident had occurred approximately forty-five minutes prior to receiving the 911 call. Through the investigation officers determined the incident occurred in a parking lot behind a business in the 200 block of West 6th Street, in downtown Medford. A Medford Police Detective was called out to assist with the investigation. At this time Detectives believe the stabbing victim and his friend were involved in a physical altercation with three other subjects. Detectives are still attempting to identify all of the involved subjects and corroborate information received at this point. No arrests have been made and the stabbing victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. The investigation is ongoing at this time. Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation is asked to contact the Medford Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (541) 774-2230.

ARMED ROBBERY On Monday, May 14th at approximately 9:40pm, Medford Police Officers responded to Flamingo’s in the 2000 block of Roberts Road for an armed robbery. The employee told officers she observed a male entered the business armed with a handgun. She was able to immediately push the panic button as the male walked directly to the counter and demanded money be placed into his backpack. The employee put an undisclosed amount of money into backpack and video surveillance observes the suspect flee on foot eastbound through the parking lot. Officers were on scene within minutes and efforts to locate the suspect were not successful. Several witnesses were in the business at the time of the robbery and no injuries were reported. Witnesses told police the suspect appeared to be wearing a disguise that was hiding his face. The suspect is described as a white male adult and believed to be in his 40’s or 50’s. He is approximately 5’10” tall with red or blonde shoulder length hair. He was wearing a light colored sweatshirt, blue jeans, dark tennis shoes with white soles and a baseball hat, which appears to be light colored in the front and dark in the back. Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to call the Medford Police Department’s Investigations Division. 541-774-2230.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our ceremony for Police Memorial Week. Proud to be Police Officers in Southern Oregon, the support is amazing.

Update: Suspect in custody! About 30 minutes after posting, a Facebook follower spotted him on the bike path. Thanks for the help everyone. These pictures are of the same male, who has changed his clothing into the photo with the hat. This unknown male was reported to be going over 100 mph on the freeway and caused as crash as he got off the freeway, on the Garfield overpass. He ran from a trooper and was last seen at the RVTD transfer station around 2:00 p.m., where he changed clothes. He may be on foot in downtown Medford. Described as Italian looking with a tattoo on the left side of his face. Please call 911 if you see him.

Update: Iodence has been arrested in Montana. Be on the look out for this armed and dangerous male. Chester Iodence, 33 years old. 5'11", 185. On Sunday, May 13th, at approximately 3:00pm, Medford Police Officers responded to the Village Apartments in the 700 block of Royal Avenue for a hit and run report. A resident of the apartment complex reported a vehicle had struck three vehicles in the parking lot as it exited. As officers responded they were notified that gun shots had also been heard in the area. The investigation into the incident revealed 33 year old Chester Iodence was observed riding a stolen bicycle into the complex parking lot. When he was confronted by the owner of the bike, Iodence armed himself with a large knife. When an additional associate of the victim intervened, Iodence produced a handgun and fired several times at the two. A third associate of the victim was in a vehicle, and Iodence fired four shots into the driver’s compartment including two shots through the front windshield. The victim driving the vehicle was not injured. However, as he fled the parking lot in the vehicle, he collided with several parked cars. All of the involved subjects fled the scene prior to police arrival but have been identified and interviewed. Iodence has not been located and there is Probable Cause for his arrest. He is considered armed and dangerous. Pending Charges: Attempted Murder x2 Attempted Assault 1 x3