Gervais Police Department

  • Agency: Gervais Police Department
  • Address: 592 4th St, Gervais, 97026 OR
  • Chief: Sgt Joe Fast (Senior Officer)
Phone: 503-792-4575
Fax: 503-792-4525

Gervais Police Department is located at 592 4th St, Gervais, 97026 OR. The Senior Officer of the department is Sgt Joe Fast. The Gervais Police Department phone number is 503-792-4575.

Gervais Police Department News

It's that time of year again! The City of Gervais Clean Up Day!!

This young female pit bull was found running around the high school this morning. She is being held by the police department until Marion County dog control can come and get her. Please contact the police department for her current whereabouts if you know where she belongs. Please share! Thank you

This dog has been found wandering about in Gervais and is being cared for by a local resident. If you know who it belongs to please call the police department, 503-792-4575 and we'll coordinate a reunion. Please feel free to share this post!

Thank you Gervais High School students for the “Thank you” card to our Gervais Police Team! You made our day, and we are grateful for your support!

Did you know....... 🐕’s in Gervais are required to have a license, ORS 609.100 and cannot run at large in the city, ORS 609.095. Most dogs if left alone will wander back to their home. When we pick up a dog, either Marion County Animal Control or one of our police officers will take the dog to Marion County’s Animal Control center in Salem.

This little girl was brought to the Police Dept. If she's yours please contact the department and we'll let you know where she's at. She's very friendly and was doing tricks for us!

This dog is currently staying at a local residents house for the night. It will be headed to the dog shelter tomorrow if its owner doesn't claim him. Please contact the police department for more information.

Great news story. Several Gervais residents have had their cards skimmed.

The Gervais Police Department will begin a “Did You Know” campaign in regards to city ordinances. The police department has the responsibility to enforce ordinance violations within the city limits. Our goal is to work together to gain compliance. Today’s post is “Yard Parking” under 17.80.030. Exclusive of driveways, no parking shall be allowed within the required front yard or yards adjacent to a street. The side yard and rear yard areas may not be used for parking of vehicles, except designated parking. Call City Hall for your plot plan to determine your approved designated parking area.

This fellow was found at E Fir and E Hemlock. Contact Marion County Dog Control.

Small 4.0 earthquake today east of town near Scott’s Mills area.

Officer Palmer on scene with a Limo broken down at 2nd/Ivy. Road should be cleared within an hour.

This guy was running on Mahan Loop this afternoon. If he's yours please contact the police department before 5:00. Marion County Dog Control will be picking him up shortly.

Black shaggy dog has been hanging out near 6th/Ivy. We are unable to catch the dog. Please help us find the owner.

Dollar General will be holding a hiring event at Gervais City Hall tomorrow, November 14th from 9:30-4:30. Interviews will be given to those who come in and apply.

We honor and thank our Veterans for their sacrifice and service!

Found at 3rd/Elm. Call Marion County Dog Control at 503-566-6966.

Special thanks to Eric Anderson, Marion County CERT Manager for coming to the first Gervais CERT Team meeting tonight and training us on radio procedures! Thank you Micky Wagner for leading and organizing tonight’s training. #GoTeamGervias

CERT Training- Removing an injured person from a lightly damaged structure with the six person carry technique.

CERT- Light Search and Rescue Training

CERT Mission completed!

Estella Moreno moving in with her back-up David Moreno to extinguish a fire.

CERT training at Woodburn Fire Department

What an awesome group! Team Gervais, Team Woodburn working together!