Turner Police Department

  • Agency: Turner Police Department
  • Address: 5255 Chicago St, Turner, 97392 OR
  • Chief: Don Taylor (Acting Chief of Police)

Turner Police Department is located at 5255 Chicago St, Turner, 97392 OR. The Acting Chief of Police of the department is Don Taylor. The Turner Police Department phone number is (503) 743-2588.

Turner Police Department News

The following was written by Mr.Petersen, Principal at Turner Elementary, and included in this months edition of the, “Tornado Times.” We couldn’t be more happy and proud of our elementary school, it’s staff, students and leaders as well as all of our community members who make it their priority to keep our children safe!! Thanks for all you do! Keep it up! “The most important part of keeping our school and community safe is a constant awareness of our surroundings and the confidence to report anything that appears out of place. A couple days ago I walked outside during lunch recess. I was outside for only a moment when a car pulled up to the gate along Boise Street and the driver waved to get my attention. The driver let me know she just saw two people walking our campus playground trail and “they didn’t look like they belonged to the school.” A moment or two later several kids rushed over and pointed out two people walking on the backside of the trail (closest to Aldersgate) and let me know they didn’t know who they were. Before I could even react or evaluate what they (the two people on campus) were doing, I got a call on the radio from a staff member repeating the same information the kids and the driver conveyed. The staff member wanted to know if we needed to evacuate the playground (our practiced first response when in doubt).I hustled over and intersected the walkers. I let them know it was a closed campus and they needed to leave; which they were more than happy to do. This couple told me they were just walking along the creek trail enjoying the weather. They completely understood why they needed to leave and apologized for the disruption. I believed their story, but still walked them off school grounds. I was also glad it happened. Moments like this are a solid test of our first line of security—staff and students reporting anyone or anything out of the ordinary. These strangers gave us all a reason to evaluate our response to an unfamiliar person on our campus and a chance to assess our reactions. After recess, I debriefed with the students that were at recess and let them know how proud I was that so many of our kids and staff saw and reported these people. We had a great conversation and I heard over and over from our kids how safe they feel at Turner and how proud they were of themselves, our school and community. I feel the same way.We’re in this together! -Mr. Petersen”

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I have debated sharing this video or not as I did not want to give credit, in any way, to these two individuals or what they stand for. However, I think it is extremely important to share with all of our community members a glimpse of what we deal with. Interacting with dangerous people is what we do. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our community and its residents, no matter the cost to us, the officers. We do this with pride and courage but also the uncertainty of the type of threat we face. These two men showed up while Officer Holmes was on a call for service. They had absolutely nothing to do with this call and were not involved in any aspect of it, whatsoever. They intentionally attempted to instill fear in Officer Holmes by distracting him as well as splitting up, flanking him. I am very proud how Officer Holmes reacted, handled the situation and maintained professional the entire time! https://youtu.be/pg3DI3_0iCw

We are currently accepting applications for reserve police officer. The closing date will be February 28th at 5pm. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 503-743-2588. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8e-_ZeoIBgpUXIyd2R5ZW10MXM/view

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Last night, Turner CERT leader Chuck Roberts presented a plaque to Glenn Pennebaker. This is done each year to honor and thank a member for their dedication and devotion to our team and community. Thank you Glenn! Our CERT team as a whole volunteered M O R E T H A N 2800 hours to our community in 2017!!!! Thank you!!!!

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We look forward to this event each and every year! A huge thanks to all who donate and support this event for the children!

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Today, November 30th at 3:00 p.m., Clayton Stanfill, age 53, of Turner was arraigned at the Marion County Circuit Court annex on an indictment issued by a grand jury for murder. The indictment was related to the October 15th shooting investigation where Judy Stanfill, age 52, was found deceased in her residence in the 5000 block of Ash Street in Turner.

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We do not know every veteran but we do owe a debt of gratitude to each and every single one. Thank you for your service and we truly honor you, not only on this special day, but each and every day. Thank you!

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