Hermiston Police Department

  • Agency: Hermiston Police Department
  • Address: 330 South First Street, Hermiston, 97838 OR
  • Chief: Daniel J Coulombe (Chief of Police)
Phone: (541) 567-5519
Fax: (541) 567-8469

Hermiston Police Department is located at 330 South First Street, Hermiston, 97838 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Coulombe. The Hermiston Police Department phone number is (541) 567-5519.

Hermiston Police Department News

Did you know? 1. Despite Oregon's relaxed laws, you still shouldn't use marijuana to tip for goods or services you've received. 2. The link below will take you to our HPD crime graphics page. This is the same information that we send to the media. By clicking this link you can find information about our calls for service and arrests. This includes arrest information and mugshots of people we cite and release, in lieu of lodging them in the county jail. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker https://hpd.crimegraphics.com/2013/default.aspx

Weekend Safety Briefing We all want a relaxing weekend, so we encourage you to follow these simple rules over the next couple of days. Doing so will dramatically reduce your chances of having contact with the police. 1. Keep your hands to yourself. 2. Don't drive drunk. 3. Take care of your pets. 4. Don't steal, break, or tamper with other people's things. 5. Drive defensively and courteously. 6. Keep the music or noise to a reasonable volume. 7. Don't go someplace that you're not welcome. 8. Be nice. We'll be around if you need anything. Call 911 if you have an emergency. If you don't have an emergency, but need the police or want to speak with an officer, call 541-567-5519, and press the option for dispatch. Have a Great Weekend, Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

We kindly request that you not engage in fighting or in violent, tumultuous, or threatening behavior, make unreasonable noise, disturb any lawful assembly of persons without lawful authority, or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic on a public way. Under many circumstances, those behaviors constitute the crime of Disorderly Conduct. If you chose to do so against our advice, may we suggest that the police station parking lot is not the best location. Have a great Thursday, Hermiston. Call if you need us. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

Around here, many of the cars that get stolen are taken when the owner leaves the keys inside. It usually happens while they run back into their house or make a quick stop at the store. In a few short weeks we'll be warming our cars up in the morning, and that'll give thieves another chance to snag your ride. It can happen to you, so please, lock your car and take your keys. Tell your friends. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

If a business tells you to leave their property and not return, we strongly recommend you leave and not return. Should you decide to return anyway, we strongly recommend you don't steal anything while you are there. This is a particularly bad idea when you are already wanted for stealing from that same business, and you don't want to be arrested on your unrelated warrants. It's Tuesday, Hermiston. Please keep your hands to yourself and leave other people's things alone. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

Weekend Recap: Below is a summary of our activities over the weekend. This list is only includes incidents that required a full police report. It does not list the dozens of other activities that don’t require a full report, like traffic stops, extra patrol requests, suspicious circumstances we checked on, etc. • We responded to three trespassing complaints. • Arrested 9 people for outstanding warrants. • Took two lost or found property calls. • Impounded one stray dog at Pet Rescue. • Investigated one residential burglary/theft. • Initiated one child abuse investigation. • Investigated one theft from a vehicle. • Took one stolen vehicle report. • Investigated one additional theft case. • Arrested an impaired driver. • Responded to a domestic disturbance. It’s Monday, Hermiston. Enjoy the day, be nice to each other, and don’t touch other people’s things. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

Good morning friends, I borrowed this very good information from our friends at the Oregon State police. It has some really good tips. Please review it, I'm sure there is something in there we could each use. Have a great weekend Hermiston! Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

Did you know through a tremendous partnership with the Hermiston School District, the Hermiston Police Department has two School Resource Officers (SRO’s)? Officer Chris McMahon works primarily with the high school and two middle schools and Officer Betty Nava (pictured) works primarily in the elementary schools. The SRO’s perform many different functions. They are a resource for your children when they are at school. If they need to talk to an officer or make a police report, we are available. The SRO’s often provide security at many school events, traffic enforcement and control as needed, they do presentations on a wide array of topics, participate in career events, as well as multiple other daily duties. When you see them in the schools, please stop and say hi, let your children know they are there and are a very safe option if they are struggling with an issue like bullying, or if they are a crime victim. Our SRO’s do care and are always happy to help you and your children. Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

******************UPDATE**************************UPDATE************* The person in the photograph has been identified. Our thanks to our followers, we truly appreciate the calls and messages. Captain Travis Eynon Please help ID this person The Hermiston Police Department would like your help identifying this young lady. We would like to speak with her in reference to a fraud case we are working on. The pictures are a bit grainy as they are still grabs from a video system. She may be driving or riding in the car pictured. The vehicle is a red four door sedan. The license plate is unknown. If you recognize this person, please call the Hermiston Police Department and speak with any police officer. Please reference case #18-2351 when you call. Thank you for any assistance. Posted by; Captain Travis Eynon

Good Morning Hermiston, I hope you are all enjoying this day. It is not the best weather being a little cool and breezy. But, it is nowhere near as dark and dreary as this same day 17 years ago. September 11, 2001 is a day that means an awful lot to us here at the Hermiston Police Department and to us as a nation. On this day in 2001, Seventy-one law enforcement officers, 343 members of the New York City Fire Department and over 2,800 civilians were killed at the World Trade Center site. The dying hasn’t stopped. Police Officers and Firefighters who were at the response scene and the recovery scene are still dying from the illnesses contracted as a result of this work. So far, in 2018 alone, 9 more officers that were there passed away from 9/11 related illnesses. Today is a day we celebrate the heroes from that day. All those police officers and firefighters who died are heroes of course. There were many other heroes from that day and the months that followed. We also remember Todd Beamer and several other civilians who banded together and resisted the terrorists and managed to put flight 93 down in a farm field. That flight was destined for further destruction and certainly massive casualties. All of these people (and a lot more) gave all for us. We are a country of resilience and although we may not agree internally on everything, the one thing most everyone does agree in is that we love our country. We recovered from 9/11 but we will not ever forget it. Today, we all honor those lost. Because public safety personnel take our responsibility very seriously, we will continue to run toward the danger. It is a stark reminder of the sacrifice all of us have made peace with within ourselves. Today we honor the heroes and it is a solemn day. Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

Do you know who this is? Good Morning friends, Here are a couple pictures of a young man who we would like to talk to about some fraud cases with local banks. If you know who this is, please call us and reference Hermiston Police Department Case #18-2228. Our phone number is (541)567-5519 and you can speak with any officer. Enjoy your Monday Hermiston. Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

Here's a great article, with pics and video, about the body cameras we've been using since 2014. As the article explains, these cameras have provided valuable evidence in court, documented when we haven't put our best foot forward, and have exonerated officers in false or misinformed complaints. Our current system automatically turns on the camera, and any other body cams in close proximity, when an officer draws his gun from the holster. This is definitely worth checking out. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

It's no secret that we don't like thievery, particularly when it involves taking a kid's bike. It's equally frustrating when we find an abandoned bike that we suspect is stolen, but we have no way of tracing it back to the owner. That happens quite a bit. Here are some tips to prevent bicycle theft: 1. Secure your bike to a solid, immovable object or bike rack. Use a high quality lock that goes through the frame and a wheel. Teach your kids how to do this as well. 2. Lock your bike up in well lit, high traffic areas. 3. Don't leave valuables in bags or on racks, and secure easily removed components. 4. If you live in the City of Hermiston, stop by the police department between 8 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, and register your bike with us for free. As a minimum, write down your serial number and keep it in a safe place. It's Friday, Hermiston, and we're ready for the weekend! Don't drink and drive, keep your hands to yourself, be nice, and don't mess with other people's stuff. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

The additional charges are the result of solid work by the responding officers, diligent follow up by our detectives, and a thorough evaluation of the facts by the Umatilla County District Attorney. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

We can’t say it enough. School is back in session, so please, slow down and drive carefully in school zones. Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

***Be safe and responsible*** Members of the Hermiston Police Department will be conducting additional DUII/High Visibility Enforcement Grant overtime patrols, during this upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend. The grant monies were awarded through Oregon Impact, whose mission is to provide educational experiences (with an emphasis of encouraging teen drivers to make good choices), in order to put an end to impaired and distracted driving. For more information, you can check them out at (oregonimpact.org). Whatever your plans for this upcoming weekend; have fun, but please be safe and responsible. Remember: DUII also applies to other (legal and illegal) drugs/substances besides alcohol. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Good Morning, Yesterday the Hermiston Police Department responded to multiple vehicle crashes. All of these crashes were avoidable and factors ranged from speed, failing to stop or remain stopped at a traffic control device (stop sign) until the traffic is clear to following too close. We also took two hit and run reports from local parking lots. Please give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going so there is no need to hurry. If you are not in a hurry, there is less stress and it is so much easier to concentrate on safe driving practices. We love our community and hate to see them injured and have to endure the expense associated with a vehicle crash. Please take your time and arrive safely and early or on time. Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

I know there are many things we all can do each day of the year, which help keep those within our communities safe. So, with school back in full swing, we just want to remind everyone to PLEASE check your speeds through school zones, use caution around crosswalks, and ensure you are stopping for those flashing school bus lights. Keeping the children of our community safe, is a partnership we consider of the utmost importance. Be safe, and have a wonderful day! -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Whenever an officer is lost, regardless of whether it happens on-duty or off-duty, it always hits close to home. In Officer Shirahama’s case, it hits closer to home than normal, as he had attended the police academy and was a personal friend of one of our patrol sergeants. HPD wants to extend our deepest sympathies and support to Officer Shirahama’s family and the Portland Police Bureau as a whole, during this extremely tough time. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Over the weekend, Mariah Kay Hurse (21) of Boardman, was contacted at the Hermiston Walmart Supercenter property, where she ran (on foot) from officers attempting to speak with her. Hurse was found to have already been trespassed from all Walmart properties, and had two outstanding warrants for her arrest out of the Umatilla County Circuit Court (one of which had a “No Bail” attachment). During the course of the arrest, Hurse told officers she had allegedly swallowed some heroin (which had been the same claim made by her with another agency previously, where she was able to be cited and released). Officers requested EMS personnel to the scene, and Hurse was transported to the emergency room for evaluation. Not willing to play her games, (rotating) HPD personnel ended up staying at the hospital for more than 24 hours, until Hurse was medically cleared and she was transported to the Umatilla County Jail to be lodged. Local Charges: (Warrants x2; Criminal Trespass II; Tampering with Physical Evidence). -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Good Morning Hermiston, I hope you all are enjoying the last weekend of the summer break from school. With School beginning next week, our School Resource Officers will be back in the schools. They have been augmenting our patrol staff all summer long. Our patrol staff has been a bit short handed this summer so having them available to assist has been very helpful. With the school year beginning I have a few reminders for everyone: 1. Please provide your children (especially the youngest ones) with your home, cell and work phone numbers. Please write them down and put them in a safe place inside their backpack etc… so in the event there is a mis-communication as to where they are supposed to go or where there bus stop is, someone can call you and let you know where your child is. Believe me, it happens occasionally. 2. Please be aware of the lights on the buses who are on the routes. If a bus has flashing red lights you must stop no matter which direction you are going. You cannot pass a bus with the red lights flashing. 3. When dropping your children at school, please be cooperative with the staff requests as to how they want drop offs to occur. Typically, they want you to pull up to the curb in a designated drop off area, drop your student off then pull away. Please do not park or stay stopped in the drop-off area for longer than necessary. 4. Make sure there is someone at the bus stop or at least at home to receive the younger children. Also, be sure they clearly understand where they are supposed to go after school each day. This confusion is often the reason for lost children and some heart pounding moments for mom and dad. Feel free to chime in with your own polite reminders because I am sure I have not covered them all. Enjoy the weekend friends! Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

Two arrested in stolen U-Haul Last night at about 11:43 PM Corporal Riley Studebaker was conducting routine patrol through the parking lot at Walmart. He spotted a U-Haul vehicle with the cargo door open and someone sleeping in the cab. He had dispatch conduct a records check on the license plate and through that check discovered the vehicle was stolen from Lagrande. The vehicle was reported stolen to the Lagrande Police Department on July 11th, 2018. Corporal Studebaker located an adult white female named Poppy Grover, 33 -year-old transient from Lagrande sleeping in the cab of the vehicle. Officer Jons arrived on scene and while Corporal Studebaker was detaining Ms. Grover, he located and detained Kyle Waldron, a 33-year-old male transient from Lagrande. Both subjects were ultimately arrested and taken to the Umatilla County Jail. Ms. Grover was charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle and Mr. Waldron was Charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Posted by Captain Travis Eynon