Hermiston Police Department

  • Agency: Hermiston Police Department
  • Address: 330 South First Street, Hermiston, 97838 OR
  • Chief: Daniel J Coulombe (Chief of Police)
Phone: (541) 567-5519
Fax: (541) 567-8469

Hermiston Police Department is located at 330 South First Street, Hermiston, 97838 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Coulombe. The Hermiston Police Department phone number is (541) 567-5519.

Hermiston Police Department News

Every year our friends and neighbors at the Umatilla Police Officer’s Association have a golf tournament. This is one of their main events they use to fund their benevolent donations such as scholarships etc… This year, they elected to donate ½ of the proceeds to Hermiston Officer Mike Ellwood’s family. As many of you know Mike’s daughter, Jasmine is battling cancer and the family is facing significant financial challenges as a result. Our own Hermiston Police Officers Association sponsored a hole and entry fee for four of our officers to play in and represent them. I have attached a couple of pictures of them on their sponsored hole. The support we have seen for this family is humbling. Words cannot express the appreciation we have for our community and in our partner agencies. A huge thank you to the Umatilla Police Officer’s Association for their generous act of kindness. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

With triple digit temperatures approaching soon, I want to remind everyone about the dangers of leaving dogs (or other pets) in a warm car. There are many factors that will affect how hot a car gets and how fast, so I won’t bother trying to sound like a scientist who’s talking about ambient temperatures, etc… The reality is simple; if it's too warm for you to sit in your car or drive around with the windows rolled up, then it is definitely too hot to leave any pets in the car. Our pets rely on us to care for them; feed them, provide shelter, medical care etc… It is our responsibility to make sure we are not putting them in danger. During the warm days, it may be best to leave your pets at home, but if you do take them out with you, please do not leave them in the car while you run into a store or other places. They will not last long in the heat. Not only is it a tragedy to accidentally injure or kill your pet, it's also unlawful. Please look out for your pets. Be safe, and have a great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

***Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday U.S. Army*** On this day, we commemorate the adoption and anniversary of the flag resolution of 1777 by the Second Continental Congress. We also celebrate the U.S. Army’s birthday on this date; after Congress adopted “the American continental army” in 1775. For more on Flag Day and U.S. Army history, check out the links below. http://www.usflag.org/history/flagday.html https://history.army.mil/html/faq/branches.html Be safe, and have a great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Just a scam reminder to everyone: Scammers continue to make their threatening phone calls, telling you of impending arrest if money (through pre-paid means) isn’t sent to them immediately. Or, they tell you of money you have won, but need you to get the ball rolling by sending them a fee first. Etc., etc., etc… Law Enforcement won’t call you and demand money from you; your social security number won’t be cancelled if you don’t pay someone money over the phone; and so on. The best thing you can do with these “people” (a term used lightly), is simply hang up on them. If after receiving one of these calls you are still worried about getting into trouble, contact the law enforcement agency responsible for your area, and they can help put your mind at ease. Just PLEASE, don’t pay anything, or give access to personal information to anyone over the phone, until you can verify their legitimacy. Information and alerts regarding scams, can be found at the Federal Trade Commission’s website. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/features/scam-alerts Be safe, and have another great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Good Tuesday morning everyone, Something I should have mentioned back in May (which falls directly in line with the narrative of the original post below), is not to leave vehicles running unattended. Police departments tend to see spikes in motor vehicle thefts during the winter months, as people leave their cars running to warm up; however, vehicle thefts can also be attributed (in the warmer months) to people leaving their cars running, in order to cool them. It's never a good idea to give strangers access to your property; essentially handing them the keys to your vehicle, home, or whatever else you may want to keep guarded. Don't make yourself an easy target of crime, and realize there are those out there who don't have your best interests in mind. Please be safe, and enjoy another great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Good Monday morning everyone! I know a lot of you have heard this plenty of times before, but I wanted to remind everyone (early in the week), about the collection of recovered property we still have at HPD related to a series of storage unit burglaries throughout the region. Please make sure to check your storage units to see if you have anything missing. If needed, file a police report with the agency responsible for the jurisdiction of your storage unit, then contact Officer Tim Miears at 541-667-5112, to set up an appointment and look through the property. Please be safe and have a great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Warm weather means backyard barbecues, road trips, and solicitors at your door, peddling their wares. Since we just approved a fresh batch of licenses, we thought we’d share some information about door-to-door sales here in town. Solicitors within the city need to obtain a solicitor’s license from city hall. This is a crime prevention measure and the application includes information about both the business and sales staff. Once the police department reviews the application and checks criminal history, the approved license is posted to the link below. The process is actually more simple than it sounds. Approved solicitors are required to carry their license and present it to a police officer or person solicited, upon request. If a sales person does not have their license, or you can’t find their information at this link, please give us a ring at 541-567-5519 and press the option for dispatch. If you work nights like us, or just don’t want people knocking on your door, grab a no soliciting sign from your favorite local business. I like the humorous ones myself, but the plain old “No Soliciting” signs will work just fine. It’s Friday! We hope you all have an amazing weekend. Keep your hands to yourself and don’t mess with other people’s stuff. We’re here if you need something. Posted by Lieutenant Randy Studebaker https://hermiston.or.us/police/solicitors-license

Today is the big day, the day you’re recognized for all your years of hard work. Remember to celebrate sober, safely, and responsibly. Congratulations to the class of 2018! Go Dawgs!

Perhaps you've heard of the days when you could see the floor in the police department? I'm here to tell you those stories are true. All of them. As you know, we recently investigated a series of related storage unit burglaries and recovered truckload after truckload of stolen property. The person we believe to be responsible is in custody. Despite returning a significant amount of the property, we're still bursting at the seams with somebody's stuff. We really need our police station back so we can't keep it forever. Please, if you have a storage unit go there, open the door, and see if you're missing anything. If you are, file a police report then contact Officer Tim Miears at 541-667-5112 to make an appointment to look at our collection. It's Wednesday, Hermiston. The weather is great and graduation is approaching, so please be nice to each other and leave other people's things alone. Posted by Lieutenant Randy Studebaker

This morning, students at the Hermiston Police Reserve Academy had a class on sexual assault investigations. The class began with a sexual assault nurse from Good Shepherd Health Care System, who shared their “Start by Believing” presentation. Pictured are reserve officers from the Hermiston Police Department, the Umatilla Police Department, and the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office. For information about the Start By Believing campaign, or to schedule a presentation for your group, call the Good Shepherd Emergency Department at 541-667-3400 and ask for a sexual assault nurse.

If you have information please call the Hermiston Police Department at 541-567-5519 or leave a message on our tip line at 541-667-5148.

“His name had been floated around on social media but we were intentionally waiting to release it until we were certain family was notified due to the seriousness of his injury, Police Chief Jason Edmiston said in an email.”

**Update on Shooting Investigation** The victim in this case, Erik Campos Navarrete, 26, of Hermiston, is still in critical condition at a hospital outside the local area. We are still actively pursuing leads with the assistance of our partner agencies. Anybody with information is asked to call the Hermiston Police Department at 541-567-5519, or leave a message on our tip line at 541-667-5148. **Updated Information on the Stabbing Investigation** On the 4th of June 2018 at approximately 6:50AM, the Hermiston Police Department with assistance from the Umatilla/Morrow County Major Crime Team, took Aaron M. Zuwala into custody for his suspected involvement in this crime. Mr. Zuwala, 34 years of age formerly of Pendleton but now living in the 1600 block of West Sunland Avenue, Hermiston, was interviewed at the Hermiston Police Department before being transported and lodged at the Umatilla County Jail in Pendleton. Mr. Zuwala was lodged on (2) counts of Attempted Murder, (2) counts of Assault in the First Degree and (2) counts of Unlawful Use of a Weapon. The victims in the case were 72-year old Harold Piercy and 64-year old Richard Rukaveno both of 2350 Kelli Blvd., Hermiston. Both Piercy and Rukaveno are receiving treatment in a Portland area hospital. As of this update, both conditions are stable but serious. All parties involved in this matter were known to each other. Additional information may be released on this investigation at a later time by the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office. **Hermiston PD Managing (2) Major Crime Scenes** In conjunction with partnering agencies, the Hermiston Police Department is currently managing (2) separate major crime scenes. Both scenes appear to be two completely separate matters. No additional information will be ready for release until later today. On 06/03/18 at approximately 9:55PM, the Hermiston Police Department responded to 2350 Kelli Boulevard on a report of an assault that just occurred. Due to an unrelated arrest being processed for transport to the Umatilla County Jail, only (1) Hermiston unit was able to respond. That unit quickly identified the matter as very serious due to stabbing injuries suffered by a 72-year old and 64-year old male. The on-call supervisor was notified and the major crime team was activated. The Oregon State Police Crime Lab responded as well to assist with the collection of evidence. Both males were eventually sent out of Hermiston via Life Flight to receive treatment for injuries sustained. Status on both male victims is not known as of right now. The Hermiston Police Department does have a 34-year old Hermiston male in custody and more formal information to include charges will be released later today. On 06/04/18 at approximately 1:20AM, the Hermiston Police Department and assisting agencies, responded to the 500 block of W. Hartley Ave on a report of gunshots having been fired. Responding officers located a 26-year old male with what appeared to be a significant wound to his head. That male was transported to Good Shepherd Hospital by Umatilla County Fire District 1 paramedics before being sent to Kadlec in Richland, Washington. That investigation is still very much active and contrary to all the information on social media (some of which is not accurate) we will not be releasing additional information until we are able to locate the appropriate family members of the victim. The Umatilla Police Department assisted our agency with transporting the previously mentioned and unrelated arrest, to the jail in Pendleton. The Oregon State Police has assisted with responding to additional calls for service for our agency. We are receiving assistance from the Oregon State Police, Umatilla Police Department, Boardman Police Department, Pendleton Police Department, Stanfield Police Department, Milton-Freewater Police Department, Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team (BENT), the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office, as well as both the Umatilla County and Morrow County Sheriff’s Offices. Chief Jason Edmiston

Good Afternoon Hermiston, I have heard some tragic stories recently about people trying to swim in our streams etc… this is a very dangerous time of year to do this. The water is exceptionally high and cold as it is a direct result of melting snow pack in the mountains. We are having some very nice, warm days and it is tempting to just jump in. Please don’t do this. Aside from being frigid, the water is high so there is a lot more of it and therefore a lot more current and dangerous debris. Give it a few weeks and it will slow down, warm up and clear up. Then swimming will be a much safer venture. We love our community and want you all to be safe. Enjoy your weekend and any graduation celebrations you will be attending. Posted by: Captain Travis Eynon

All those interested in attending; there will be a benefit dinner and auction for Jasmine this Saturday (June 2nd), where 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the family to help offset costs of travel and treatment to and from OHSU. Attached is the flyer regarding the event.

Good Morning, I hate to sound like a broken record but we still have a lot of recovered property here at the police department. If you have a storage unit and have not checked it recently, please go check it. If you find you are a victim of a burglary and are missing some belongings, please report it to the appropriate agency as soon as you can. Once you have done that, reach out to Officer Tim Miears at the Hermiston Police Department. He can be reached at (541) 667-5112. We have about 4 more weeks before we need to make a decision as to what to do with the remaining, unclaimed property. Our preference would be to reunite it with its rightful owner. -Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

Have you ever wondered what the standard is for loud music in a car? Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 815.232 covers this. Here are the basics: If you are inside the city or its urban growth boundary and on a public highway or premise open to the public, and your music or (other sound) is plainly audible from 50 feet away, it is unlawful. “plainly audible” means any sound the listener can plainly hear speech, tell if a voice is raised or normal or comprehensible musical rhythms or vocal sounds. I have given you the basics in layman’s terms. Here is a link to the actual statute if you care to review it in its entirety. https://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/815.232 Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

Over the course of the last several weeks, I have had members of both the public and the press comment to me about our utilization of social media. I think it is befitting to share our post from late December 2017 as many of the questions/statements made to me are addressed in that post. 1. We are not always going to get it right every time. When we don’t put our best foot forward, we are going to rely on existing relationships and partnerships to pull us through. 2. Our intent may be to include humor occasionally but never to humiliate. 3. Nearly everything an officer does during the course of their duties is public and therefore public information. This includes when we highlight officers going above and beyond the call of duty, sharing information about reported crimes or arrested persons, and occasionally using booking photos of people we come into contact with. Booking photos are often requested by the media and social media allows us the ability to bypass the tremendous amount of requests we get from the media for that information. 4. We recognize all people are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. 5. We are VERY aware of existing case law as it pertains to PUBLIC social media use and the 1st Amendment. Though we would hope people remain courteous to each other (and frankly us), we are not going to block someone who disagrees with us as that would/could create undue liability for the citizens (taxpayers) we serve. The comments I have received have been about the professionalism and care we use in/with our posts and the wording that goes with them, and we thank you for noticing. Chief Jason Edmiston

Good Morning Hermiston, I hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend. Today, I want to remind everyone our car prowlers are out and active. This is nothing new for this time of year. We have stated many times Hermiston enjoys a low crime rate. This does not mean a zero-crime rate by any means. It seems kind of funny to say, but law enforcement is the only profession where our goal is to put ourselves out of business by making crime non-existent. We realize it is not realistic to expect a zero-crime rate, but we work hard to minimize it when and where we can. To that end, we will always need your help. Without the help of our community, we will only see what our few officers on duty are able to encounter. With your help we will be able to have eyes all over town. Please do not hesitate to call when you see suspicious activity. We are always happy to respond and investigate. Please lock up your vehicles, take your purses, wallets, firearms and other valuables into your homes when you park. If you must leave valuables inside your locked vehicle, hide it so it is not clearly in plain view of anyone passing by and looking in your window. If a criminal can see your purse on a car seat, he/she is much more likely to assume your purse contains cash and/or credit cards. Over the weekend, we again had a few unauthorized entry to a motor vehicle (UEMV) along with theft from a motor vehicle reports. UEMV is a crime of entering a motor vehicle with the intent to commit a crime therein. Last night, our officers encountered Jesse Martinez, a 22-year-old transient. Mr. Martinez had a warrant for his arrest but he also had some tools for breaking into cars on his person, as well as credit cards and a key fob from one of our UEMV victims from the night before. He was also in possession of a wallet from another unreported UEMV. Now, Mr. Martinez did tell us the pants were just given to him that day for doing a favor or an unknown friend (didn’t know the friend’s name); and he didn’t check the contents of the pockets; so he didn’t realize these stolen items were there. We put him in jail for theft and UEMV. Posted by Captain Travis Eynon

***If you want it, then you need to put a flag on it!*** As the season of home improvements and recreation are upon us, this is a friendly reminder to anyone looking to haul lumber, pipes, kayaks, or anything else that is going to extend out past the end of your pickup beds, trailers, etc. Oregon law requires any vehicle with a load that extends four feet or more beyond the bed or body of the vehicle, to have proper lighting or a flag at the end of the load. The statute reads as follows: 815.275 Failure to mark end of load with light or flag when required; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of failure to mark the end of a load with a light or flag when required if the person drives or moves on any highway or owns and causes or knowingly permits to be driven or moved on any highway any vehicle with a load that extends to the rear four feet or more beyond the bed or body of the vehicle and the person fails to: (a) Place end load lights described under ORS 816.290 at the extreme rear end of the load, in addition to any other rear light required upon every vehicle, at times when limited visibility conditions exist; or (b) At any other time, display at the extreme rear end of the load a red flag or cloth not less than 12 inches square. (2) The offense described in this section, failure to mark end of load with light or flag when required, is a Class C traffic violation. [1983 c.338 §501] Be safe and have a great weekend! -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

***AHUMADA IN CUSTODY*** NOTE: For the sake of not duplicating information already posted from other sources, this release (for the most part) pertains to the Hermiston Police Department's involvement with the incident. On the 23rd of May 2018, at approximately 2:50PM, the Hermiston Police Department was contacted by the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office with potential information on the whereabouts of Alex Ahumada. Mr. Ahumada is/was a person of interest our department was wanting to contact regarding a shooting incident from May 19th 2018 here in Hermiston. Mr. Ahumada also had a felony parole violation warrant for his arrest. At approximately 4PM, the Hermiston Police Department sent our (2) general detectives, (1) drug task force detective, and Investigative Lieutenant Randy Studebaker to the Boardman area to assist. Ultimately the decision was made to request assistance from the Oregon State Police SWAT team as multiple subjects were believed to be in the residence with Ahumada. OSP troopers from around the state that are assigned to the SWAT team, began to trickle in over the course of several hours. Mr. Ahumada was taken into custody without incident and the Hermiston Police Department will be forwarding our entire investigation to the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office for formal charging. The Hermiston Police Department would like to thank the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office, the Boardman Police Department, the Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team (BENT), the applicable fire agencies involved and of course the Oregon State Police. “I believe it is important for the public to know the difference from state to state regarding state police and state patrol. In some states, the state patrol is tasked solely with traffic enforcement. We are blessed in Oregon that our state police assist municipal and county agencies with actual criminal investigations. Though the numbers of troopers on Oregon roads has been thoroughly decimated over the years by elected officials, the fact Eastern Oregon law enforcement can make a request for assistance that is met without question is a testament to the mission of that agency and its leaders. We have a very positive and healthy relationship with the state police and we are grateful for the resources they provide us.” -Chief Jason Edmiston

Can you ID this theft suspect? Officer Sandoval suspects the person in this photo is involved with a recent theft of property from a vehicle that occurred during the early morning hours of May 22nd. If you recognize this person, you can contact Officer Sandoval (or any of our officers) at 541-567-5519, message this page, or send an email to esandoval@hermiston.or.us. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

***Keep your property safe*** With the weather getting warmer, and more people (with possible nefarious intentions) likely to be out and about at all hours; this is a good time to remind everyone to make yourselves less of a target for thefts and burglaries. If you have nice things that you really enjoy or need, one thing you can count on for certain, is criminals would love to enjoy your things too. Lock your homes and secure items around your properties. Remove valuables and lock your vehicles before leaving them unattended. Our officers will be out there doing what they can to deter criminal activity; but with your help, our community will benefit tremendously by reducing it where possible. Please be safe, and enjoy another great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

***UPDATE: Greene in custody*** During the early morning hours of May 19th, Russell Scott Greene (36) was contacted by the Kennewick Police Department, and subsequently taken into custody at a local motel in their jurisdiction. KPD located suspected stolen property within the room, and may have more information (forthcoming), regarding other possible stolen property (in their jurisdiction), alleged to be involved with Greene as well. The Hermiston Police Department will be communicating with investigators at KPD regarding their ongoing investigation, and we will keep you updated with the release of any (appropriate) new information, as things progress. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark

Good Monday morning Hermiston, This is your weekly reminder to check any storage units you may have in our area. Having a report and a list of property associated, will be vital in identifying anything that might be yours. Once you have a report with a list of known stolen items, or want to have a look to see if anything might be yours, you will need to call Officer Miears at 541-667-5112 to set up an appointment first, prior to coming down to the PD. Please be safe, and enjoy another great day. -Posted by Captain Scott Clark