Hillsboro Police Department

  • Agency: Hillsboro Police Department
  • Address: 250 SE 10th Ave, Hillsboro, 97123-3973 OR
  • Chief: Ronald J Louie (Chief of Police)

Hillsboro Police Department is located at 250 SE 10th Ave, Hillsboro, 97123-3973 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Ronald J Louie. The Hillsboro Police Department phone number is 503-681-6190.

Hillsboro Police Department News

A Message from your Chief: As we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s a great time to talk about diversity and its value. Inclusive communities that embrace diversity provide a better quality of life for everyone. Read more: http://ow.ly/YU7b30hJ37h

Let's get creative in how we communicate! Join HPD in a Creative Communication Workshop. It's free, it's fun and you'll learn new ways to better communicate with the people in your life. Register today: http://ow.ly/owxl30hJ1Je

There is a first time for everything - HPD K9 Dozer gets his first capture! A suspect who stole over $1000 worth of merchandise from Fred Meyer was no match for this police K9! Dozer found the suspect hiding in a recycling bin!

Landlords & Property Managers - Join us this evening for Landlord Forum! We'll be taking a Simplified Approach to Fair Housing Issues. See you then, PCC Willow Creek, 6:30-8pm. http://ow.ly/k02930hHrYg

Can You ID Me? Hillsboro Police seeks your help in identifying a robbery suspect. If you have any information in this case please call, 503-681-6261. Read more: http://ow.ly/ORnT30hG9ID

Secured mailboxes are not foolproof, but they are an added layer of crime prevention that can make it harder on thieves. Learn more: http://ow.ly/s0w330hFUOm

In case you missed it - 2018 Arrived with New Traffic Laws. Learn more about the three changes impacting drivers: http://ow.ly/oguD30hEwlU

Join HPD's Crisis Intervention Team in the Socks from Cops Project by donating a new pair of socks or gloves to help the homeless in our community. We'll be handing them out at the upcoming Project Homeless Connect event on January 26. Your donations help many, thank you!

A new look and a new name but the same great information can be found in the Hillsboro Police monthly e-newsletter - The Badge & Beyond (formerly know as Neighbor to Neighbor). Read it here: http://ow.ly/hlpq30hAxpM

Hillsboro Police partnered with the Sheriff’s Office on a mission to target five properties in Aloha and Hillsboro, leading to 16 arrests in less than a week.

Look who turns 2 today! Happy birthday HPD K9 Dozer!

HPD K9s Ace and Blazer take to the water at Paws Aquatics Water Sports and Rehab! This specially equipped facility allows dogs of all breeds to rehab from injury, exercise and dock dive. Paws gives HPD K9s the ability to work on building stamina and confidence...and sometimes they just have fun!

Only a few seats remain in the 2018 HPD Citizens' Academy! Register today to go behind the badge, it's free and fun! Classes start Feb. 1 http://ow.ly/G94H30hyLR6

It's Mondays With Mox on Tuesday! Some back to school reminders, check it out: http://ow.ly/A4T130hxcNH

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from everyone Hillsboro Police Dpt! We wish you a safe and happy holiday with family and friends.

Merry Christmas Eve from HPD K9 Dozer!

Our Lateral Police Officer recruitment closes on 12/29. If you are a police officer looking for new opportunities & great benefits, think Hillsboro Police Dpt! Speak with a recruiter at 503-681-5HPD and apply here: http://ow.ly/k9SL30hkjlz

With a little preparation, you can enjoy your winter travel adventures and leave the road-trip stress at home. Check out these tips from HPD's LT Reimann: http://ow.ly/qe1d30hlU2c

K9 Kudos - HPD K9 Blazer located three subjects trespassing in an apartment complex under construction. He tracked up multiple floors of different buildings and through unfinished apartments before locating the three subjects!

When you think of a police department, perhaps some of the first images that come to mind are a uniform and a badge. That certainly paints part of the picture. However, there’s so much more to see! You can get a first-hand look at law enforcement, and learn why officers make the decisions they do by attending the 2018 Hillsboro Police Department Citizens’ Academy. You’ll see it takes more to operating an effective police department than just enforcement of the law. And that behind the badge, there’s a person looking to make a difference in the community. Classes begin February 1 Thursday evenings through April 19 6:30 pm - 10 pm - Pre-registration required For more information, call 503-615-6756 or email Julie.Carrasco@Hillsboro-Oregon.gov For an application visit: https://www.hillsboro-oregon.gov/home/showdocument?id=713

In the event of another snow storm we have a plan, be sure you do too!

RT @JowardHoward: They're the only two female K-9 handlers working patrol dogs in Oregon, but @HillsboroPolice's Denise Lemen-Sipp and @PortlandPolice's Kristi Butcher don't consider themselves trailblazers. https://t.co/k5lbrPYvsn

Tis the Season for Homemade Holiday Gift Making - Hillsboro Police Detective Michelle Hahn shares her personal tips for crafting safely with kids. http://ow.ly/8a6D30hkckz