Sherwood Police Department

  • Agency: Sherwood Police Department
  • Address: 20495 SW Borchers Dr, Sherwood, 97140 OR
  • Chief: Bill Middleton (Chief of Police)
Phone: (503) 625-5523
Fax: (503) 925-7159

Sherwood Police Department is located at 20495 SW Borchers Dr, Sherwood, 97140 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Bill Middleton. The Sherwood Police Department phone number is (503) 625-5523.

Sherwood Police Department News

Coffee With A Cop - Tomorrow (1/20) from 8-11 a.m. Sherwood PD Officers will be at Starbucks Coffee off Roy Rogers Road. Starbucks will provide complimentary brewed coffee.

Washington County Sheriff's Office is dealing with a situation related to subject possibly armed w/ firearm. Laurel Ridge MS placed in lockout. Roy Rogers from Elsner Rd to Cedarview Way, and portion of Elwert Rd, are closed.

Great update.

Sherwood Police investigate tragic death of teenager

Save the Date! Be sure to mark your calendar for January 25th for this informational FREE Community Preparedness Workshop being held at the Sherwood PD. No registration is required.

Stop by Starbucks Coffee off Roy Rogers Road between 8-11 a.m. on Saturday, January 20th for an opportunity for casual conversation and to get better acquainted with your local Police Officers. Starbucks will provide complimentary brewed coffee.

SPD is out and about blessing folks with their Secret Santa program, which is funded by the Sherwood Police Foundation.

SPD is out and about blessing folks with their Secret Santa program, which is funded by the Sherwood Police Foundation.

Merry Christmas Sherwood

Holiday Treats from our friends at Love Bites by Carnie.

SPD is out and about blessing folks with their Secret Santa program, which is funded by the Sherwood Police Foundation.

Thanks to City Manager Joe Gall for ordering additional signage for the Meinecke/Smith (SHS) and Sunset/Myrica Ct (Archer Glen) school crossings, and to our Public Works folks for getting them installed. These signs were ordered months ago in response to identified need. Please make it a habit of driving slow on all city streets. Speeding is one of the most common complaints we receive from citizens.

Too cute not to share.

Secret Santa has struck!

These two groups of great kids took time to make us some fantastic cookies and even some hand drawn Christmas cards. Thank you for brightening our day. We live in a fantastic community, thank you for all the support.

These two dogs were just found wandering and brought to the police department. If you know their owners please help us out-Thx.

🎄🎄Holiday Season Reminders 🎄🎄 Tis the season for theft-please follow these simple tips to reduce your chances of becoming a victim: -Remove all valuables from cars and keep cars locked. Thieves most often look for unlocked cars. -When shopping, keep packages secured in the trunk and out of sight/view. Thieves will look in cars first and only try to steal what they see. -It is best to keep receipts in your pockets and not in the bag with the purchased items. Thieves that steal items and have the receipts can easily return them for cash. -If you order online, have packages delivered to work, or have somebody like a neighbor ready to pick them up when delivered to your home. Thieves will drive around looking for packages on the front door. -If you shop with credit cards, make sure you check your accounts frequently for unusual and/or suspicious purchases. Always-Always immediately report any suspicious activity to your local police department. If we all work together we can insure a safe and secure holiday season.

Great work OSP!

We are so blessed when families come to visit, and we love the outpouring of support (and treats!). We love our Sherwood.

Hit And Run Suspect Turns Himself In

At 7:38 this morning, a Sherwood High School student was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street within the crosswalk in front of the High School. The driver stopped, briefly, and then left the scene. The student was transported to the hospital via ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. Suspect vehicle was later located in a neighboring jurisdiction. Later this afternoon, suspect contacted the Sherwood PD and turned himself in. Suspect was charged with felony hit and run and driving while suspended misdemeanor charges. Suspect has been lodged in Washington County Jail. A news release will be going out on Flash Alert shortly.

Several spots still available for tomorrow's blood drive, Thursday, 12/14 from 10-3:30. Please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit to schedule.

SPD's Comfort K-9

Introducing Milagro, the newest addition to our team. The last twelve (12) months have been challenging for your police department and officers. Statistically it has been a busy year as we have seen a steady increase in calls for service, but more than that it has been a tough year emotionally. Of course it started on Christmas night last year when three (3) of your officers were involved in the life-saving rescue of OSP Trooper Nic Cederberg. As they approached Trooper Cederberg they were confronted by his assailant, who was set-up in an ambush position. Then in October your police officers responded to the tragic death of a four (4) year old boy. Incidents like these take their toll on victims, community members and your police officers, and it is imperative that we have resources and programs in place to address the long term trauma associated with such occurrences. In the old days officers were told to just deal with it as it was just part of the job. Well that didn’t work then, and still doesn’t, and anyone who would suggest that is out of touch. We provide equipment to protect the body, and we must provide resources to protect the mind and soul. This is where Milagro (Spanish for miracle) comes in. Mila is a Labrador puppy that was born and raised in Sherwood with a loving family whom is dedicated to supporting local law enforcement. They generously donated Mila to your police department because they were aware of the above and the challenges your officers face. Mila was destined to be special when she beat the odds and survived an emergency surgery at birth. Mila is an addition to our existing K-9 program and will be a Comfort K-9 for the department. Mila will be performing job tasks similar to a certified therapy dog, and will be used to provide comfort for victims of crime, members of the community who have experienced trauma, and members of the police department who are experiencing trauma. Mila has a lot of hard work and training ahead of her in preparation for her career as a Comfort K-9. She is currently in an intensive training program that will last for 18-24 months and will then be in ongoing training for the duration of her career. Mila will be in and out of the station during her training program and will get to spend several days a month at the station, getting to know members of the police department. Once her initial training is complete she will live in the police department and be available all hours of the day to comfort those in need. Mila will also be available for community members to stop in and meet her and learn more about her training and program. Mila’s training costs are generously covered by the Sherwood Police Foundation and community members are welcome to support her training program by donating to the Sherwood Police Foundation. We are excited to have Mila as a resource and have already seen the positive affect her presence has on members of the police department and community. Mila will bring peace and comfort to hundreds of people throughout her life.