Tigard Police Department

  • Agency: Tigard Police Department
  • Address: 13125 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, 97223 OR
  • Chief: Alan F Orr (Chief of Police)
Phone: (503) 639-6168
Fax: 503-684-5654

Tigard Police Department is located at 13125 SW Hall Blvd, Tigard, 97223 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Alan F Orr. The Tigard Police Department phone number is (503) 639-6168.

Tigard Police Department News

Posted speed along freeway exit ramps and mergers indicate the maximum when traveling that area. The speeds are calculated based upon many roadway factors. On Monday, a driver heading southbound on Hwy 217 near the I-5 merge was likely traveling over the posted limit for that area. The vehicle left the road becoming airborne before crashing into a concrete wall. Fortunately, no other vehicle became involved and the driver was able to walk away without serious injuries. This is certainly an exception noted. Please pay attention to all posted speed limits. And remember, do not drive distracted. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Let’s all work together to keep our roads safe.

On behalf of the Tigard Police Department, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Tigard community and beyond for the unwavering support extended to Tigard Officer Matt Barbee over the past several weeks. The various expressions of kindness which this department has witnessed has been greatly appreciated by us as well as Matt's family. Officer Barbee remains in serious condition.The family has provided the following update: "With a traumatic brain and spinal injury, you have good days and bad days and it's just a really slow healing process. Due to the severity of the brain injury, progress through several levels of consciousness, with varying degrees of motor, cognitive, and affective impairment is expected. The range of potential outcomes is wide and unknown. Everyday we celebrate small improvements and have hope. ♡ One thing is certain, we have a very long road ahead of us.” Please feel welcomed to visit Tigard Police Officers' Association for future updates regarding Officer Barbee.

Media Release posted by Tigard Police Elementary School Student Approached By Stranger In Van You can read more here:http://www.tigard-or.gov/police/PoliceMedia.php

An overnight commercial burglary in Tigard enlisted the help from our valued community partner, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. TVF&R provided a ladder to allow Tigard Officer Wakem to ascend onto the roof to determine the burglars entry point into the businesses. The suspect(s) remain outstanding.

After the holidays, don’t advertise high-ticket gifts by leaving the discarded boxes visible in your recycling bin. After breaking them down, consider inverting them so only the plain side can be seen or throwing them out just before the hauler arrives

Congratulations to our Support Staff of the Year award recipient Stephanie N! We appreciate your exemplary work and dedication in our records department!

Be alert while out shopping. We're hearing about some wallet thefts this holiday season. For more info and tips: www.nextdoor.com/city/post/72915610

Fellow Tigard officers, along with Officer Barbee's wife, spoke to Portland media today. Detective Hering shared with everyone that Matt remains in critical condition. The next 24 to 48 hours are extremely important. The Tigard Police Officers' Association has set-up a fundraising site for anyone interested in providing assistance to Officer Barbee and his family during this difficult time. You can donate here: www.tigardpoa.com http://katu.com/news/local/fellow-officer-unsure-about-recovery-of-tigard-policeman-hurt-in-crash

On behalf of Chief McAlpine and the entire Tigard Police Department, we would like to express thanks to everyone who has shared their heartfelt well-wishes along with their thoughts and prayers directed to Tigard Police Officer Matthew Barbee. Officer Barbee was seriously injured earlier today when the vehicle he was seated-in was rear-ended by a suspected intoxicated driver. The crash occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Hwy 26, near the Cornelius Pass exit. Officer Barbee was heading home after finishing his patrol shift when he had vehicle issues and pulled-off onto the shoulder. After calling for assistance and awaiting help, Barbee’s vehicle was struck from behind by an SUV. As a result of the high speed impact, Officer Barbee sustained serious injuries and was transported by helicopter to a Portland trauma center. The Hillsboro Police Department is conducting the investigation. Officer Barbee is an eleven-year veteran with the Tigard Police Department and currently assigned to patrol.

Congratulations to Sergeant Schweitz on your well-deserved promotion. Way to go!

Reminder: We are hosting Coffee with a Cop tomorrow. Everyone in our Tigard community is welcome to join us at Well & Good Coffee House for coffee and casual conversation. At Coffee-with-a-Cop events, police officers and community members come together in an informal, neutral space such as a coffee shop to get to know each other, discuss community issues and drink coffee. Please stop by: Date/Time: Thursday, December 14th, 9:30am-11am Location: Well & Good Coffee House, 7357 SW Beveland St. in Tigard (just off 72nd near Lowe's) To find out more about Coffee with a Cop, which is hosted by police departments across the country, visit online at: http://coffeewithacop.com

Hey, let's do this! We would be so pleased if you can stop-in next Thursday, the 14th for Coffee With a Cop. It's a great opportunity to share conversation, ask any questions you may have and simply get to know the department over a cup of good coffee. See you at Well & Good Coffee House located at 7357 SW Beveland St. in Tigard from 9:30am until 11am.

Be Prepared for Winter Driving Our traffic unit suggests taking the following steps to prepare for driving in snow and ice: -Use chains, snow socks or snow tires. -Keep windshield and windows clear. -Take public transportation or ride with someone whose car is equipped for the snow. -Travel at the speed recommended for chains. If you don’t, the chains may break. -Go slow and steady. Budget enough time to get to your destination at a safe speed. The police will cite drivers for going faster than is safe for road conditions even if you are driving under the speed limit. -Increase your following distance behind other vehicles to allow more room to react. -Slow down well before you need to stop to avoid abruptly braking and potentially skidding. -Be careful about reduced visibility due to heavy rain, snow or darkness during commute hours. Many pedestrians aren’t visible because they are wearing dark clothing. -Bring an emergency kit with warm clothes, food and water in case you get stuck. Fill up your gas tank before a snowstorm. Last year, numerous drivers abandoned their vehicles and left them blocking roads and freeways, creating unsafe road conditions for other travelers. The city’s snowplows were hindered from clearing some streets. Please be prepared, so this doesn't happen. Owners who abandon their vehicles will be cited.

Coffee with a Cop-Thursday, December 14th Tigard neighbors-- Join us at Well and Good coffee shop for coffee and conversation. At Coffee-with-a-Cop events, police officers and community members come together in an informal, neutral space such as a coffee shop to get to know each other, discuss community issues and drink coffee. Please stop by: Date/Time: Thursday, December 14th, 9:30am-11am Location: Well and Good coffee shop, 7357 SW Beveland St To find out more about Coffee with a Cop, which is hosted by police departments across the country, see http://coffeewithacop.com/about .

It's the last day of No Shave November. Thanks to our officers who raised over $1200 for cancer prevention on their journey from clean-shaven to fully bearded

On #givingTuesday, research a charity before donating to insure that your money is going to a reputable organization. For more advice, see the FTC webpage: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0074-giving-charity

Package theft tends to increase during the holiday season. Choose a safer delivery option such as: • Arranging to pick up packages at the carrier or retail establishment. • Requiring a signature on deliveries. • Shipping packages to a locker where this service is available. • Tracking your package and shipping it to a location such as the workplace where someone you trust can receive it upon arrival. If you are going on vacation, make sure that no packages will be delivered while you are away. Although camera surveillance is beneficial to your home’s overall security, it often does not deter package thieves. Please report crime and suspicious activity in your neighborhood such as someone stealing a package or trailing a delivery truck by bike or car. For immediate threats to life or property or crimes in progress, call 9-1-1. Otherwise you can call the police non-emergency number at 503-629-0111 for incidents happening in Tigard.

Officer Rivera and K9 Officer Rico visited the Mary Woodward Elementary School Science Fair tonight. The students asked some great questions about Rico and police work

Happy retirement to Bob Moyer, our background investigator, who has performed over 100 background checks of new employees since 2005. We'll miss you!

Congratulations Officer Fourie on completing your probation after months of hard work!

Since the September Equifax data breach, have you taken steps to protect yourself from identity theft? The Federal Trade Commission has a helpful interactive guide that walks you through the steps: http://www.identitytheft.gov/databreach

We’re happy to have a room full of rental property owners and managers who want to get it right. Today’s All-Day Landlord Training teaches best practices and builds awareness to help keep crime and problematic activity out of rental properties

During the holidays, busy neighbors often leave packages and luggage in their cars while shopping and running errands. In anticipation of this happening, car prowlers case shopping areas; targeting cars that contain valuables that are visible. Thieves can break into a vehicle within seconds. Please take extra precautions to prevent car prowls this holiday season: • Remove valuables from your vehicle. Thieves break into cars for anything they think may have value. Shopping bags and gym bags are often targeted since they contain valuables such as money, electronics, sunglasses or athletic equipment. • Carry your purchases with you while you shop. If that’s not practical, place them in the trunk and move your car to another location in case a car prowler is observing the parking lot. • Hide accessories for mobile phones and other devices. They have value and indicate that an electronic device may also be stashed in your vehicle. • Remove documents containing personal information, garage door openers, car keys and other items that can make you vulnerable to other crimes. • Close and lock windows and doors before you leave. • Park in a well-lit and well-traveled area to increase the chances that other shoppers can observe activity around your car. • **Be careful about leaving your car unlocked while you push your cart to the corral. Officers have recently taken a couple of theft reports whereby victims’ wallets were stolen from the vehicle while they were returning their carts. • Pay attention to your surroundings. If you observe someone looking into vehicles and/or checking car handles; immediately report the suspicious activity to the police. Call 9-1-1 for immediate threats to life or property or crimes in progress. If it is not an immediate threat, you can call the police non-emergency number at 503-629-0111 for incidents in Tigard.