McMinnville Police Department

  • Agency: McMinnville Police Department
  • Address: 121 SW Adams St, McMinnville, 97128 OR
  • Chief: Ron Noble (Chief of Police)
Phone: 503-434-7307

McMinnville Police Department is located at 121 SW Adams St, McMinnville, 97128 OR. The Chief of Police of the department is Ron Noble. The McMinnville Police Department phone number is 503-434-7307.

McMinnville Police Department News

Please welcome Anthony Preston to the McMinnville Police Department. Anthony was sworn in on June 18th, and will be headed to the Police Academy for training in roughly a month. Anthony is a recent graduate of Western Oregon University, and grew up in Portland, Oregon. We look forward to seeing Anthony do great things for our community.

This adult male tri-colored Beagle was found on 6/17/18 at about 2:30pm in the area of SW Taylor Dr in McMinnville. If this is your dog or you know the owner please contact the McMinnville Police Department between 8am and 5pm to start the reclaiming process.

***Reunited with owner***

This adult male Chihuahua was found roaming the streets in the 700 block of NE 13th St on 6/17/18 at about 11:00 am. If this is your dog or you know the owner, please contact the McMinnville Police Department between 8am and 5pm to start the reclaiming process.

***Reunited with owner***

Canine Axell makes 13th capture assisting Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office On June 11th, 2018 at about 6:22 PM Yamhill County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to an interrupted residential burglary on SW River Bend Rd in rural McMinnville. The homeowner had been away during the day and came home to find the garage door open. The homeowner found a male inside his house and confronted him. The suspect fled into an adjacent grass field. Responding deputies quickly organized containment and requested a canine unit to assist. The three patrol (tracking) canines in Yamhill County; Canine Axell with McMinnville Police and Canines Arko and Hammer with Newberg-Dundee Police happened to all be on the Linfield College campus conducting their weekly maintenance training. The teams responded to the scene and Canine Axell tracked the suspect and located him hiding in the brush. The suspect, identified as Kelly K Sutton, age 27, was taken into custody without further incident and lodged by Deputies at the Yamhill County. Sutton was charged with Burglary, Robbery, Theft, Assault, Trespass and Unlawful Entry into a motor vehicle.

Re-posted for a citizen.

Last night the City Council unanimously passed Ordinace 5053, a Parking Structure and City Owned or Leased Parking Lots Code of Conduct in both its first and second reading. The Ordinance 5053 was declared an emergency and will become effective at midnight on 6/22. Below you will find the ordinance and and the limitations placed on activity within the Parking Strucutre and City Owned or Leased Parking Lots. ORD 5053 “Exhibit 1” Section 1. Add new MMC Section 10.29.010 as follows: 10.29.010 Authority. The City of McMinnville Police Chief shall be authorized to develop and enforce rules of conduct for personal belongings located within the city limits of McMinnville. Section 2. Add new MMC Section 10.29.020 as follows: 10.29.020 Definitions. For the purposes of this Chapter the following definitions shall apply: A. “Parking Garage” means the publicly owned parking garage located on the block between NE 5th Street, NE6th Street, NE Davis Street and NE Evans Street, within the City of McMinnville. B. “Parking Facility means any portion of the Parking Garage or any surface parking lot that is owned, controlled, leased or administered by the City for the primary purpose of parking motor vehicles. C. “Person in Charge” has the meaning provided in ORS 164.205 and also includes any of the following while acting in the scope of employment, agency or duty:. 1. Any peace officer as defined by Oregon law, any reserve police officer of the McMinnville Police Department, any parking enforcement officer employed by the City of McMinnville to include Park Rangers; 2. Any person providing security services in a Parking Facility pursuant to any contract with the City, or with any person, firm or corporation managing Parking Facilities on the City’s behalf; and/or, 3. Any person specifically designated in writing as the Person in Charge by the City of McMinnville Police Chief. Section 3. Add new MMC Section 10.29.030 as follows: 10.29.030 City Parking Facility Exclusions. A. Any Person in Charge may exclude a person who violates MMC 10.29.050 while in or upon any Parking Facility, from all Parking Facilities for a period not to exceed 180 days. B. The notice of exclusion will be in writing, be given to the person excluded and be signed by the Person in Charge. C. The notice of exclusion will describe the nature of the offense in , specify the dates and places of exclusion, contain a warning that failure to comply with the notice of exclusion may lead to criminal prosecution for Criminal Trespass and information concerning the right to appeal the exclusion. Section 4. Add new MMC Section 10.29.040 as follows: 10.29.040 Right to Appeal. A. An excluded person has the right to appeal the exclusion order within 10 business days of receiving the exclusion to the Chief of Police. The appeal must be in writing and outline the reason for the appeal. B. The exclusion will remain in effect during the appeal. C. If good cause exists, the Police Chief may at any time alter or temporarily waive the effects of the notice of exclusion. Additionally, if the Police Chief finds that the person excluded did not violate any provision of the rules of conduct, any laws of the State of Oregon, or ordinances of the City of McMinnville, the Police Chief will rescind the exclusion. Section 5. Add new MMC Section 10.29.050 as follows: 10.29.050 Rules of Conduct for Parking Facilities. Except as authorized by the City, A. No person may enter upon or remain within a Parking Facility except for the purpose of parking or retrieving a motor vehicle. B. No person may possess any weapon in a Parking Facility, except to the extent permitted by Oregon law. C. No person may use a Parking Facility for the purposes of housing or camping, including but not limited to, sleeping, bathing, cooking, or use as a restroom. D. No person may deface, damage, or destroy any portion of a Parking Facility. E. No person may post or place on cars any handbills, flyers, or posters of any kind within a Parking Facility. F. No person may engage in sexual conduct as defined by ORS 167.060, within a Parking Facility. G. No person may possess an open container of alcohol or consume alcoholic beverages within a Parking Facility. H. No person may play or use amplified or audio equipment at a level that disturbs others within a Parking Facility. I. No person may participate in parties, rave parties, or other similar gatherings within a Parking Facility. J. No person may use any portion of a Parking Facility, including but not limited to, walls, railings, banisters, stairs, or ventilation fixtures, in ways they were not intended to be used, including but not limited to , sitting, standing, lying, kneeling, skating, or skateboarding. K. No person may smoke or carry any lighted smoking instrument while in a within the Parking Garage. L. No person may engage in conduct that disrupts or interferes with the normal operation of a Parking Facility, or that disturbs patrons of within a Parking Facility, including but not limited to, conduct that involves the use of abusive or threatening language or gestures, conduct that creates unreasonable noise, or conduct that consists of loud or boisterous physical behavior. M. No person may interfere with free passage of patrons of within a Parking Facility, including but not limited to, placing bicycles, backpack, carts or other items in a manner that interferes with free passage. N. No person may leave personal belongings in within a Parking Facility, unless fully contained within a motor vehicle. O. No person may refuse to obey any posted parking signs or any reasonable direction of a Person in Charge within a Parking Facility.

***Reunited with owner**

***Reunited with owner**

******* SCAM ALERT ******** Recently the McMinnville Police Department has been alerted to a scam that appears to be targeting local McMinnville businesses. At this point several businesses have been contacted, none of which have sent money. The scam involves a person calling businesses purporting to be an employee of McMinnville Water and Light. The caller is stating that there are delinquent charges on the businesses account and that there needs to be money sent to avoid the power being shut off. McMinnville Water and Light has a process in place that does not include making a phone call being the first contact with the account holder. As with any instance where a person is calling to request payment or personal information we suggest that you verify the person’s identity before sending any money or giving any personal information. If you have been a victim of this AND are out money please call the McMinnville Police Department at 503-434-6500.

CITYWIDE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH INFORMATIONAL MEETING CONTACT Linda Gardner, McMinnville Police Department 503.434.2343, Sal Peralta, McMinnville City Council 503.687.1206, 6/7/2018 – McMinnville - The McMinnville Police Department is hosting an informational meeting to educate residents on Neighborhood Watch and how to start a program in your neighborhood. The program will take place from [7pm to 8:30pm] on Thursday, June 14th at the training room in the McMinnville Police Department, located at 121 SW Adams Street. A McMinnville Police officer and staff resource specialist will provide information to community members about the Neighborhood Watch Program. Community members interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch are encouraged to speak with neighbors ahead of the meeting to gauge support for the program. “Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer-driven program run by community members. The role of our agency is to provide information and expertise to residents who contact us about starting a program in their neighborhoods, but these programs are organized by local residents,” said Linda Gardner, a community resource specialist with the McMinnville Police. Chief Matt Scales added, “There is nothing more powerful than when neighbors watch out for each other. Your police department is committed to helping neighbors get together and form partnerships that are stronger and lasting and make our community safer.” The meeting was called at the request of City Councilor, Sal Peralta.

Volunteers make our jobs so much easier. Today MPD celebrates Sherry and Truman’s last day volunteering for us. After 20 years it’s time to rest a bit more. Thank you for all you did for us, we appreciate you!

To every veteran who has served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. Thank You!

On May 12th, 2018 at about 3:00 AM, a female adult was severely assaulted after arriving home in McMinnville from work. The McMinnville Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance with locating video surveillance footage along certain sections of highway between McMinnville and the Tualatin area, between the specific hours of 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM on Saturday, May 12th, 2018. If you own or operate a business along any of the following sections of roadway, or if you live along the roadway, and you have a video surveillance system that clearly records the roadway, we are asking you to call the McMinnville Police Department “Tipline” at 503-434-2337. Please leave your name, address, phone number, and business name if applicable, so we can contact you as soon as possible. We ask that you please take all reasonable steps necessary to immediately preserve the complete section of video footage for May 12th, 2018 from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM until such time as we can make arrangements to collect it. Thank you for your assistance.  Tualatin-Sherwood Highway between I-5 and Hwy 99W  Hwy 99W through Sherwood  Hwy 99W through Newberg / Dundee  Springbrook RD in Newberg, between Hwy 99W and Wilsonville RD  Hwy 18 Bypass / “Newberg-Dundee Bypass” between Hwy 219 and Hwy 99W  Hwy 99W through Lafayette  Hwy 18 Bypass / “Dayton Bypass” between Hwy 99W and the south end of McMinnville

As we get into the warm to hot season please remember how hot your vehicles can get in just a matter of minutes. Please don’t leave your pets in vehicles. #StayCool

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I was going to respond to your comment Mr. Galliher, something about the challenge being accepted, but our guys beat me to it...but then again I'm sure you're already aware of that. Let us know when you're ready for the next round.

Congrats to MPD Reserve Officer Dan Tucholsky who graduated from the MVRT academy tonight. He sacrificed weekends and weeknights with his family to VOLUNTEER to serve his community. What an amazing selfless act. #MacPD #ChooseGreatness

Hey thanks McMinnville Starbucks on Keck Drive for the coffee (and pastries) for #NationalPoliceWeek #Starbucks #WeLoveCoffee

Found bank bag on 5/5/18 with cash and receipt. Call 503-434-2345 to identify and refer to case #18-1955.

It’s National Police Week. Remembering those who served our communities and paid the ultimate sacrifice. #NationalPoliceWeek #NeverForget

The McMinnville Police Department received a found wedding band with a date engraved inside of it. Please call 503-434-2345 and refer to case 18-2029 to describe and claim the ring.