McCandless Police Department

  • Agency: McCandless Police Department
  • Address: 9955 Grubbs Rd, Wexford, 15090 PA
  • Chief: Gary W Anderson (Chief of Police)

McCandless Police Department is located at 9955 Grubbs Rd, Wexford, 15090 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Gary W Anderson. The McCandless Police Department phone number is 412-369-7992.

McCandless Police Department News

Chief DiSanti recently was honored at a Christian Men’s Fellowship breakfast sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Over 500 men and high school students were in attendance at the event which was MC’d by former Steeler Tunch Ilkin and guest speaker Super Bowl Coach Joe Gibbs. Chief DiSanti received the award for his over 40 years in Law Enforcement as a Christian Leader. Chief stated he was humbled and dedicated the award to all those who serve in emergency services and to all the law enforcement officers across the country who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their duty. Chief stated it was wonderful to see so many young men who are dedicating their lives every day to doing good for others.

Chief DiSanti addresses an audience at North Allegheny’s school safety meeting last night. He continues to look at new ways to help protect the children of the community and help them grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

McCandless Police were called out at 3 a.m. to the 9000 block of Aldenford Drive to investigate the possibility of gunfire. Officers determined that shots had been fired into an unoccupied vehicle on the road. Police scoured the area and determined that there was no immediate threat in the neighborhood. Police believe the vehicle was targeted for specific reasons. No injuries were reported. Police currently are investigating the matter, and are asking for any relevant information. If you have any information, contact McCandless Police at 412-369-7992.

On March 2, 2018, Detective Egli spoke with the preschool classes at Memorial Park Church about police officers and our service to the community. The children asked many great questions and were able to look inside a McCandless Police car at the conclusion of the presentation. We would like to thank Memorial Park Church for inviting us to their school.

NOTE FROM CHIEF DISANTI: We continue to be diligent and highly visible at our local schools, and continue to cultivate positive interaction with our students.

The McCandless Police today received a Certificate Of Appreciation for a job well done with the Aggressive Driving Program. This program (funded through the state) is in place to help keep our traveling public safe in our community. Two officers who participated in the program are in this photo — Officer Michael Bock (left) and Officer Kyle Allshouse (right).

PennDOT is narrowing Rochester Road to one lane (between Sloop Road and English Farms) this morning due to a landslide.

The McCandless Police were invited to Vincentian Academy for an assembly presentation yesterday morning. Chief DiSanti, Det. Egli and Sgt. Madden presented on respect, safety and law regarding juvenile involvement. K9 Joy was involved in a demonstration. It was a great morning with great interation and questions from the staff and student body. We the McCandless Police Department always enjoy the opportunity to interact with the youth of our community and to be positive role models.

Message from Chief DiSanti: A sincere thanks to North Park Church for hosting a First Responder Appreciation dinner last night. It was a wonderful evening of entertainment, citizen testimonials, tributes and prayers for all who serve our community.

K9 Joy will be on hand (to give a hearty greeting to the kids, and to keep that wacky Easter Bunny in line)

FYI: Due to heavy rain there are a couple of locations where the roadways have water too deep to drive through. As of this writing, Duncan Avenue between Thompson Run Road and the lower entrance of Duncan Manor Apartments is closed. Blazier Drive by the old Showcase/Rave Cinemas is also closed due to deep water on the roadway. The Duncan Avenue closure is awaiting Penndot to clear a clogged catch basin. The closure of Blazier is due to Pine Creek backing up and will receed when the rains cease. Drivers are reminded that it is hard to judge water depth on the roadway and the safest thing to do is to not drive through it, especially if the road is blocked with signs or a police vehicle.

Chief DiSanti Sr. and Dr. Brendon Hyland discussed the pre-planned lock down drill procedures to a group of students, which was held at North Allegheny Intermediate on 02/13/2018. Chief DiSanti and Officer Ray were there to participate and to provide feedback regarding the drill, held during a class exchange. The Chief was also invited by Assistant Principal Caitlin Ewing, to stay and speak to students about conflict resolution and diversity. Chief DiSanti had shared his thoughts on “respect for ethnicity” with the North Allegheny Intermediate Action Group. The McCandless Police Department intends to continue to collaborate with the administration at North Allegheny Intermediate High School to culminate a safe environment for students.

FROM OFFICER DAVID MARTIN On February 7, 2018, Chief David DiSanti and myself stopped at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krotzer. Mrs. Patricia Krotzer requested that we stop by and visit her husband, Richard, so that he could personally thank the McCandless Police Department and, in particular, retired Officer David Mann and me for saving his life during a medical emergency. Mr. Richard Krotzer, along with his wife, were driving south on Perry Highway at the intersection with Pine Creek Road when Mr. Krotzer suffered a heart attack. Officer Mann along with myself performed CPR and used an AED to save the life of Mr. Krotzer. Mr. Krotzer was thrilled that we had stopped to see him, and I enjoyed our conversation very much. It was nice to be recognized and to see him doing so well.

In reference to the previous posting, the incident occurred in the Peebles Rd, Shirley Dr, Babcock Blvd area of the town. Of note though, while the incident took place in this area, we would ask the public to not narrow their focus. Activities like this are unlikely to stay relegated to a specific area, and we would like the town at large to be vigilant.

UPDATE: The McCandless Police are attempting to identify these individuals in relation to the distraction Burglary that occurred on February 3, 2017. These photos were obtained from a local Sheetz store on February 1. Responses can be directed to Lt. Don O’Connor at 412-369-7992 ex 138 or to Reference case number MCP1801094. McCandless Police are investigating a burglary from 2/4/18 that involved three Hispanic males telling an elderly female that they needed to check the electrical box for her house. One of the males was wearing some type of lanyard displaying his picture, but they showed no other form of identification. Once the female allowed the males to enter her residence, they directed her to the basement and had her sit in a chair. The males then proceeded to ransack the house, they ripped the phone off the kitchen wall and cut the lines to the kitchen phone as well as the main box in the garage. According to the victim, the males told her they were looking for narcotics. The first male was described as being in his 30’s, 5’5” tall with a medium build, the second male was late teens, 6’ tall with a thin build and the third male was in his 30’s, 5’5” tall with a medium build. All three males were described as being Hispanic and no vehicle was seen by the victim. McCandless Police advise all residents to ask for proper identification for any type of utility worker, solicitor, etc. and when in doubt call police so the actors can be properly identified.

Chief DiSanti was chosen (as second Vice President and Chaplain of Western PA Chiefs) to have the opportunity to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Attorney General was in Pittsburgh on Monday to address concerns of law enforcement in Western Pennsylvania and focused on the opioid crisis.

Message from Chief DiSanti: Recently I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker about Police Ethics at the Criminal Justice Program at the Community College North here in McCandless. It is always a wonderful experience to interact with our young people, especially those who are aspiring towards a career in Emergency Services and Law Enforcement. Pictured with me are some of the students from the class. It was a very nice rewarding day.

Local Cub Scout Pack 279 was given a tour of the McCandless Police station this evening. The scouts were shown our holding cells, equipment, and police vehicles. The scouts were treated with a special guest appearance by our K9 “Joy”. Sgt. Madden explained the various uses for our K9 and demonstrated commands for the kids. The kids were overwhelmed with our K9 and now all their parents have to purchase a K9 of their own. The McCandless Police department always welcomes children’s groups for tours of our police station and are proud of Pack 279 for all the hard work they do for our community.

**Alert** Due to the extensive rainfall and snow melt experienced during the previous 24 hours, the Town of McCandless has experienced numerous incidents of flooding. Of particular note are two road closures, Blazier Dr and Rinaman Road. As a friendly reminder, please do not attempt to drive through standing water, or around road closed signs. Rest assured we put them up for a reason. Thank you and stay dry.

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