Moon Township Police Department

  • Agency: Moon Township Police Department
  • Address: 1000 Beaver Grade Rd, Moore Twp , 15108 PA
  • Chief: Leo P McCarthy (Chief of Police)
Phone: 412-262-5000

Moon Township Police Department is located at 1000 Beaver Grade Rd, Moore Twp , 15108 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Leo P McCarthy. The Moon Township Police Department phone number is 412-262-5000.

Moon Township Police Department News

4/15/18. Brodhead Road between Shafer Rd and Flaugherty Run Rd is temporarily closed due to the weather and roadway conditions. Penndot has not given us an approximate open date/time that the road will be opened.

PennDOT just advised us that they reopened Brodhead Road that had been closed between Shafer Road and Flaugherty Run Road because of a landslide. They may have to close the Road again during the day on Wednesday 4/11/18 to remove more dirt to keep it from sliding again in the future.

Brodhead Road is closed from Shafer Road to Flaugherty Run Road due to a hill slide. Additional information will be posted when it is available from PennDOT.

Brodhead Rd is open to traffic and Flaugherty Run Rd is alternating one lane near the Flaugherty house. Also, please be cautious and watch out for icy road conditions tonight as the temps drop below freezing. Today's rain left many areas of standing water on the roads.

The following roads are temporarily closed due to power lines downed. Old Thorn Run Road between Mooncrest Drive and Fern Hollow Road. Brodhead Road between Shafer Road and Flaugherty Run Road.

The Moon Township Police Department has arrested Jeffrey Snaman, age 27, of Moon Township, PA. He is charged with 2 counts of robbery for the robberies of the Uni-Mart located on Coraopolis Heights Road and occurring on 03-05-18 and 03-09-18. We would like to thank all members of the community who provided information and assistance with these investigations. Your help was instrumental in a successful conclusion of the investigations.

UPDATE...... A single lane of traffic on Flaugherty Run Road in the area of the slide has been opened. It is controlled by stop signs in each direction of travel and traffic will alternate to traverse the obstruction. Expect delays. Flaugherty Run Road is closed between Brodhead Road and Stoops Ferry Road (SR 51) due to a landslide and downed power lines. The road will remained closed until PennDOT can address the landslide and the Duquesne Light Co. can address the downed power lines. Only local traffic will be permitted access.

Found Cat. Small, young, brown tabby cat found in the Fern Hollow area of Moon Township. No microchip or collar/ID tag. The person that found her is caring for her and is willing to provide her a safe home if the owner cannot be located. Please contact Moon Twp Police (412)262-5000 if you are missing this cat or have any information about her. Cat owners are reminded the Township ordinance requires that cats have a collar and ID tag with the owner's name, address, and phone number. Additionally, cats may not roam free or cause a nuisance. "§ 2-203 Owner's Responsibility. [Ord. 656, 4/9/2015] 1. No person shall keep, harbor, or maintain a cat that roams freely. The owner must identify the cat or cats by adorning each cat with an identification collar or tag that clearly and legibly states the cat owner's name, address and telephone number. 2. The owner of a cat must provide proof of a cat's current rabies vaccination upon request of the Township. 3. No person or resident shall own, harbor or maintain a non-domestic feline or hybrid within the Township limits. A.This section shall not affect any person owning such animal and living within the Township limits prior to the effective date of this Part. B.This Part shall not apply to any educational, institutional or zoological institution or circus. § 2-204 Prohibited Activities.[Ord. 656, 4/9/2015] 1. It shall be unlawful for any owner of a cat to permit or to allow such cat in the Township to become a public nuisance. Acts of nuisance shall include, but are not limited to, the following: A. Running at large. B. Noise disturbance. C. Digging into flower beds, lawns, sand boxes, gardens or damaging of shrubbery, trees, lawns, personal property not belonging to the owner of the depositing of feces. D. Not having current rabies vaccinations"

Becks Run Rd is CLOSED from Flaugherty Run Rd to Autumn Woods Dr due to a utility pole and live wires down on the roadway.

Flaugherty Run Rd is now open to traffic.

Flaugherty Run Road is currently closed to all through traffic from the intersection with Spring Run Road Ext. to the intersection of Becks Run Road due to utility lines down on the roadway. Local traffic must enter from the Spring Run Rd. Ext side of the obstruction. We will post updates when the hazards have been removed.

Moon Area Schools are closed due to inclement weather.

We Need Your Help! The Moon Township Police Department is investigating two robberies that occurred at the Unimart located at 1300 Coraopolis Heights Rd., Moon Township, PA. The first robbery occurred on Monday 3-5-18 at approximately 1:41 PM. The second occurred on 03-9-18 at approximately 8:04 PM. The offender pictured in this post is responsible for both robberies. He is a white male, approximately 5’11 or 6’ tall, slender to medium build. In both robberies he displayed a black firearm with a brown grip in his waistband. It is believed that he parked a vehicle (possibly a dark gray or black, late model SUV) on Maple Street Extension and approached the store on foot on both occasions. If you have any information pertinent to either of these robberies please contact the Moon Township Police Department Special Investigations Unit at 412-262-5000. You can remain anonymous by emailing or calling 412-264-5202 Do not approach this individual and he should be considered armed and dangerous.

The Moon Township Police Department remains committed to providing professional police service to our community, including helping to provide a safe and secure environment for our community’s school children. Since 2015 the Moon Township Police Department has assigned a full time SRO (School Resource Officer) to work within the Moon Area School District. The SRO is a fully sworn police officer. Our SRO works hand in hand with the district to continually develop and implement security plans for the district’s buildings. Our patrol officers routinely patrol not only the exterior of the school buildings, but inside the buildings as well. Each day our officers can be seen conducting “Park and Walk” patrols of the schools, during which time they patrol the interior and exterior of the school buildings on foot. The SRO, patrol officers, and detectives of the Special Investigations Unit thoroughly investigate any threats made against the safety of the schools that are reported to the department, and criminal charges have and will be brought against those who may be proven to be responsible for such threats. While our goal is always to prevent violent incidents from occurring, our officers are trained and prepared to respond to any dangerous situation that may arise in our schools. Since 2009 our officers have been trained to respond to an “Active Shooter” situation, and currently the vast majority of our officers are trained in “Advanced Active Shooter Response”and “Tactical First Aid”. Our officers train in these tactics regularly, participating in joint training exercises with police officers from many other local jurisdictions, and preparing for a coordinated response inside, or outside, our community. Each of our officers are equipped with the necessary specialized tools and equipment to respond to such an emergency. In light of recent national events, the Moon Township Police Department feels that it is important to reaffirm our steadfast commitment to the safety of our community’s school children. Many of our officers live and raise families in this community and all have a vested interest in protecting our community’s most valuable resource – our children.

We continue to receive complaints from victims of these common scams. Please take a moment to spread the word and warn others about these crimes.

This is a message from the Moon Township Parks and Recreation Department. The location for the Moon Park Pavilion Reservations scheduled for Monday has been moved from the Township Building to the lower level of the Public Safety Building. The entrance is around the back of the building below the Police Station. Start time is 8:30 am.

Sharon Rd is now open to through traffic. Thank you for your patience and drive carefully

Sharon Rd is closed to through traffic due to a downed tree and power lines. Local traffic must enter from Beaver Grade Rd and can get as far as Vanita Dr. Duquesne Light is working to clear the road.

Due to weather the Moon Area School District will be operating on a two hour delay on January 30th 2018.

Due to expected inclement weather the Moon Area School District will operate on a 2 hour delay on January 17th, 2018. Please remember to stay warm and be careful.

As we all dig out this morning, please be careful not to shovel or blow snow from your driveways and walkways onto the roads. Our road crews have been out all night trying to clear the roads, and we don't want to undo all their hard work.

This is a message from Chief Greg Seamon. Due to a water break, the Moon Township Public Library will be closed on Monday January 8th and reopen on Tuesday January 9th. The children’s section of the library will remain closed all week. Thank you for your understanding.

Boggs School Road Closure The Moon Township Public Works Department is closing Boggs School Road on Monday 1/8/18 to start the second phase of the stabilization work on that roadway. They anticipate the road being closed until sometime in late March of 2018. The public works department appreciates your patience during this project and improvement.

Moon Area School District will be closed on Friday, January 5, 2018, due to inclement weather. Evening activities will be canceled. Varsity athletic teams, please check with your coaches on the status of scheduled games, tournaments, and practices. Stay warm and enjoy the long weekend!

We continue to get complaints about drivers passing the school bus on University Blvd near Sheetz. Drivers are reminded that they must stop for a school bus when the red flashing lights are activated, EVEN ON A FOUR LANE ROAD when the bus is on the opposite side of the road. We have cited multiple drivers at this location. If convicted of passing a school bus while the flashing red lights are activated, drivers will face a $250 fine, a 60 day license suspension, and 5 points on your driving record. More importantly, these drivers endanger the safety of the children in our community. Many school buses are equipped with video recorders, and bus drivers are empowered to report violators to police. These drivers can then be cited by police. Please be mindful of school buses.