Central Berks Regional Police Department

  • Agency: Central Berks Regional Police Department
  • Address: 2147 Perkiomen Avenue, Central Berks Regional , 19606 PA
  • Chief: Anthony C Garipoli, Sr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 610-779-1100
Fax: 610-779-7135

Central Berks Regional Police Department is located at 2147 Perkiomen Avenue, Central Berks Regional , 19606 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Anthony C Garipoli, Sr. The Central Berks Regional Police Department phone number is 610-779-1100.

Central Berks Regional Police Department News

On Monday, 1/8/2018 at 2:38 AM, the male in the attached photographs entered the Pennside Redner’s at 801 Carsonia Avenue in Lower Alsace Township by smashing a large exterior window. The male went directly behind the main counter where the cigarettes are displayed but was quickly approached by two employees who were on location performing overnight store maintenance. The male fled the store through the broken window and is seen running away northbound on Carsonia Avenue to a parked unknown-type vehicle. Nothing was stolen from the store. This is the same location that was burglarized in a similar manner on 12/24/2017 where numerous cartons of cigarettes were stolen. The males who committed these two burglaries appear to be two separate and completely different individuals. A suspect was identified in the 12/24/2017 Redner's burglary and was arrested prior to this incident. We realize these photographs are not the best quality but if anyone is able to identify the male in this most recent incident, or if anyone has any information, they may contact CBRPD Det. Sgt. Deron Manndel at 610-779-1100 EXT. 235 or by e-mail at dmanndel@centralberks.org.

THE DOGS ARE NOW WITH THEIR OWNER!! Does anyone recognize these dogs? They were found above Antietam Lake at Mud Catch Trail around noon today and were brought to our office. The finders spoke to the owner, and she said she was going to come pick them up, but she hasn’t shown up yet. If they are not picked up by 3pm today, we’ll have to call ARL.

The Police Commission meeting, originally scheduled for Thursday, January 4, has been cancelled. The meeting will be rescheduled at a later date.

Do YOU know what to look for in a "Phishing" email? Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and money), for malicious reasons, by disguising an email as being from a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. The following email was actually just received by a CBRPD officer. The email originated from a Comcast account, which would be odd for a secure communication from a financial institution. And while the hyperlink (in blue) reads that it points to a legitimate looking target, it actually leads to a completely unrelated URL. This particular phishing attempt led the receiver to a BB&T-looking webpage that asked for a user name and password to verify your account activity. An unwary person would have just provided their login info to a hacker. But can anyone spot the error that should make one also be suspicious of this as a legitimate communication?

APPREHENDED!! The subject involved in this incident was identified and taken into custody on 1/2/18. On the evening of 12/24/2017 at approximately 7:45 PM, the male in the attached photographs entered the Pennside Redner’s at 801 Carsonia Avenue in Lower Alsace Township by smashing a large window. (No, this is not a Grinch story, although we wish it was).The male then went behind the main counter and stole a large amount of cartons of cigarettes. The male apparently injured himself breaking the window because there was a large amount of blood found on scene, some of which was collected for DNA comparison. If anyone is able to identify the male in the attached photographs, please contact DET. SGT. Deron Manndel at 610-779-1100 Ext. 235. Thank you.

Alert CBRPD officers were able to catch the suspect attempting entry into an additional residence. After a brief foot chase, the suspect fled in an unknown make vehicle. Officers engaged in a pursuit north on Friedensburg Rd into Oley Township. Officers broke off the pursuit in the interest of public safety, as the suspect was driving recklessly, even reportedly "leaving the road surface" on several occasions. The lead pursuit vehicle was only able to capture a partial image of the suspect vehicle, as the suspect's erratic driving made a clear photo impossible. The officer's pursuit reports the only verbal contact made with the suspect was hearing him yell, as he drove out of sight.... "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!!" Best wishes for a safe and joyous Christmas and Holiday Season to all our residents, from all of us here at CBRPD!

PROWLER BOLO (UPDATE): Please be advised that this is no longer a possible prowling suspect, but a confirmed burglary. Officers have obtained interior surveillance footage from a burglary just occurred showing the suspect matching the earlier description escaping the residence through the chimney. PA State Police helicopter has been requested, but is unavailable for flight. Officers are currently combing the area..... UPDATE: Residential inventory of this incident has shown that milk and cookies were reportedly stolen from the residence. Oddly, several wrapped packages were left behind...

POSSIBLE SUSPECT (UPDATE): Through the recent program which allows residents to share with CBRPD the fact that they have an exterior surveillance system, officers were able to obtain a possible still-frame of the suspect being sought for prowling. While the image is a bit grainy due to the poor lighting, it appears there are possibly animals involved with the suspect, as was questioned earlier. Please be on the lookout and again, do NOT approach this suspect if located!

BE ON THE LOOKOUT: CBRPD Officers responded to a report of a possible prowler spotted in the area, but have been unable to locate a suspect. Multiple reports, however, indicate this suspect may still be in the area. Suspect was described as an overweight male, unknown age but "older", wearing a red suit with what appeared to be white hair and a full beard. The male was reportedly seen on residents' rooftops. We will keep our residents updated as any additional information becomes available. PLEASE do not confront the suspect if seen!

CBRPD would like to proudly congratulate our own Det. Sgt. Deron Manndel on his recently being named "Police Officer of the Year" by the Berks Lodge #71 of the Fraternal Order of Police! Det. Sgt. Manndel was the lead investigator on a missing juvenile who was abducted by a parent back in November, 2014 when the child was only two years old. He quickly tracked the child to San Antonio, TX and then Austin, TX, but it became a dead end from there. "The Hunt with John Walsh" filmed an episode with Det. Sgt. Manndel detailing the case and those involved, which aired in September 2017. Two tips quickly came in putting her and the kids in Raymond, WA. They were all located less than 24 hours after the show aired! Det. Sgt. Manndel's efforts and dedication to our communities not only in this case but in all he does are an asset to this department, and the citizens we serve!

A set of keys was found this past Sunday between the gazebo and the old tennis courts at Carsonia Park. There are three very distinct keys attached to a carabiner, as well as a badge holder of some sort. Please call the Central Berks office to identify the color carabiner and at least one of the keys, and we'll make arrangements to get them back to you! 610-779-1100

We love puns here at CBRPD! And some lighthearted community banter on our FB page is always welcome. But when banter turns into racist, derogatory, or downright hateful commentary, that's entirely unacceptable. We are a community of communities - we encourage useful, helpful comments. But at no time will hate be tolerated on our page. Similarly, if you require the use of vulgar, obscene, or profane language to voice your opinion, we'd suggest the use of a thesaurus. We have community members of ALL ages who engage with us. Such posts will be deleted, and repeated violations will result in offending members being banned from the CBRPD Facebook page.

WE NEED YOUR HELP identifying the male in these photos. On Saturday, 12/2/17, at 8:05AM, this male pulled up in front of a business in the 2100 block of Perkiomen Avenue, opened the rear door of his SUV, and proceeded to steal a trash can that belongs to the business. The vehicle appears to be a tan Chevrolet Suburban with after-market rims. The male operator is bald and has a beard. If anyone is able to identify the male or the vehicle in these photos, please contact Officer Taimanglo.

To our residents: In recent times, our community members have been instrumental in helping solve investigations by the Central Berks Regional Police Department. In an effort to further enhance the success of our investigations, we are requesting contact information for Mount Penn, Saint Lawrence, or Lower Alsace Twp. residents whose homes have exterior video security systems and those residents who would like to volunteer to provide that exterior video surveillance footage to us should an incident occurs in/around their area. All of this information would be kept confidential and only to be used for investigations through the Central Berks Regional Police Department. If you have an exterior video security system and are willing to cooperate with the investigations by the Central Berks Police when needed, please send an EMAIL to dmanndel@centralberks.org with the following information: 1. Address of security cameras 2. Resident name, contact numbers and email 3. Any other pertinent information (ie: number of cameras, direction of cameras, etc). If anyone has any questions, please contact Det. Sgt. Deron Manndel at (610) 779-1100. Thank you in advance for your consideration in helping the Central Berks Police keep our community as safe as possible!

This public service announcement is not only valid in Indiana; it works here in PA too!

The Central Berks Regional Police Department is attempting to identify the two males in the attached photograph relative to a Retail Theft that occurred on 11/15/2017 at approximately 5:40PM at 2544 Perkiomen Avenue in Mt Penn Borough. Both males ran out of the store with an item and were last seen running south on South 26th Street towards Fairview Avenue. They were described as younger white males. If anyone is able to identify the males in the attached photograph, please contact either Det. Sgt. Manndel or Ofc. Wayne Levey.

Please take a moment today to say "thank you" to your neighbors who served, and all veterans who selflessly sacrificed to help keep this a safe and free place to live, including CBRPD's own Ofc. Joseph J. "Mango" Taimanglo, and Ofc. Christopher A. Mayer! "Land of the Free, Because of the Brave!"

An article published in today's Reading Eagle, which reported on the November 1 Police Commission meeting, contained some information that is not quite correct. We would like to clarify some of the misconceptions. 1. Oley Township currently employs two full-time officers, not two part-time officers as reported. 2. Oley's police chief, David White, will NOT be retiring; he and the other full-time Oley officer (reported later in the article as two additional part-time officers) will be hired by Central Berks. 3. We are in the process of hiring four additional full-time officers, not just one. 4. The article stated that there were 98 calls for police in October, according to Chief Serafin's monthly report. This is incorrect. There were 602 calls in October, 98% of which were from our covered municipalities. The other 2% were assists to other agencies. The Reading Eagle has been contacted regarding the incorrect information, and corrections will be made.

The officers and staff of CBRPD want to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Please be careful as our children make their way through the streets tonight, and watch for tiny gremlins and witches to pop out unexpectedly! (NOTE: The recall on Butterfingers is still active. Please feel free to drop off any such candy at the PD marked "SGT Terry" for testing and safe disposal....)

The Missing Juvenile whose information we shared with you has been FOUND within Berks County, and has been returned safely to her home. Thank you for all your shares and help!

It's that time of year when the temps are cooler - perfect weather for outside activities such as running and cycling! But with those cooler temps come shorter days. Many people run/bike on a schedule - before or after work, etc. But the shorter days now place those activities in darkness. Dark clothing, street and headlights causing a silhouetting effect, and narrow roads make for dangerous combinations. Please employ the use of brighter clothing, blinkers, lights, and reflective apparel when out getting in those miles in the darkness! Use reflective materials on parts that create RECOGNITION of you as a human (as opposed to a street sign) by employing it on arms and legs, which helps identify you to motorists. While you may see just fine with street lights, you are a relatively small object which is often back-lit and slower moving than the other traffic on the roadway.

We here at CBRPD extend our thoughts and prayers to the victims and first responders in Las Vegas. As most citizens enjoy the safety and security we have come to understand as typical, few have the opportunity to fully grasp these types of situations. While every fiber of one's survival instinct is screaming, "run away", our officers instead run towards the gunfire and threats. For those interested, the actual radio traffic from the incident is included in a link below. It can be a bit alarming to hear, but it exemplifies the courage and professionalism of our first responders (as well as of the dispatchers and radio support) in such a situation. https://www.statter911.com/2017/10/02/police-radio-traffic-las-vegas-mass-shooting/

CBRPD would like to thank the viewers of “The Hunt with John Walsh” for their tips which led to the capture of Maria E. Cabrera-Gutierrez in the state of Washington today. Det. Sgt. Deron Manndel and CBRPD have been attempting to locate her since she fled the state with her son in the midst of a custody battle back in November of 2014. She will face charges of interference with custody of children, concealment of whereabouts of a child and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution on her extradition back to Berks County. We would also like to thank Raymond Police Department (WA) and Pacific County Sheriff's Office for apprehending Cabrera-Gutierrez and locating the two children.

While you prepare to celebrate once again regaining control of the peace and serenity in your homes as your kids head back to school, PLEASE remember to drive carefully! We remind all motorists coming through our area of the established 15 MPH School Zones active through the school day, as well as our dutiful Crossing Guards at critical road crossing points. Please help keep our children safe on their way to and from school!