Shillington Police Department

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  • Address: 999 E Broad St, Shillington, 19607 PA
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Shillington Police Department is located at 999 E Broad St, Shillington, 19607 PA. The Shillington Police Department phone number is 610-777-1338.

Shillington Police Department News

Please feel free to share with Family, Friends, and neighbors.

Just a reminder to all residents... Please remember to clear your sidewalks as soon as safely possible. Attached is a copy of the Borough ordinance regarding the clearing of sidewalks. Thank you and be safe!

Tonight one of our Officers, Duane Witman, participated in the annual Crime Alert Berks County β€œShop with a Cop.” Each year a group of elementary school children are selected to shop around with a local Officer at Boscovs. The event is sponsored by Crime Alert Berks County and Boscovs. Along with Officer Witman doesn’t Santa look familiar?!?πŸŽ…

Another public service announcement... Our Dept. has also received more calls lately.

The Police Department would like to extend our warmest wishes for a Happy Holiday and New Year!! Please stay safe!! πŸŽ„β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈπŸŽ‰ As a reminder this is another time of the year for criminals to start stealing packages from porches. Please take every precaution to ensure you receive everything you have ordered and/or are expecting to receive. Report anything suspicious. Please remember to bring your pets inside as we have already begun to experience below freezing temperatures. Keep up to date with the page for updates and notices of snow emergency routes being activated. If a snow emergency is declared please share with your neighbors. This helps the Police with not having to go door to door to notify residents to move their vehicles and/or ticket them. We will make every effort to post information via our Facebook page.

Public Service Announcement

One of our residents dropped this off today... and it is delicious! Thank you for showing your support! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving!!

Beginning Friday, October 20th and extending through Tuesday, October 31st, Township police will enforce a Halloween curfew between 9PM and 5AM affecting anyone under 16 years of age. Door to door trick or treating will be permitted in the Borough of Shillington Tuesday, October 31st until 9:00 PM.

The Berks County Conservation District plans to spray for mosquitoes Thursday in residential and recreational areas of Cumru Township, Kenhorst, Shillington and Mohnton.The targeted areas are places where high populations of adult mosquitoes capable of transmitting West Nile virus have been detected, the conservation district said. A truck spraying Permanone, which quickly kills mosquitoes, will begin the operation around dusk, officials said. If the weather is bad, spraying will be postponed until Monday.

We would like to take a minute to recognize Ofc. Caltagirone on being recommended and approved for the promotion to Corporal at tonight's Borough Council meeting. Effective 8-13-17 Ofc. Caltagirone will take on the title and duties of Corporal with the Police Department. Congratulations!

Attention Residents: Overnight into this morning there were several theft from vehicles reported. There was no specific area targeted. At approx. 0400hrs. this morning the Shillington PD, along with the assistance of Cumru Twp. PD, Mohnton PD, and Wyomissing PD, apprehended (2) suspects found to be in possession of verified stolen items. The suspects were taken into custody. There were several other items found in their possession that are yet to be claimed. If you found that your vehicle was rummaged through and/or know of anyone else that may be a Victim please contact the PD. This may not be an isolated incident to the Borough so please share with people in neighboring towns. As always report anything suspicious to the PD. An alert Resident is the reason for the apprehension of the suspects. We thank you for all of your assistance and please be safe!

Come out and get your morning exercise on while supporting a good cause!! πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ The Heroes Run will take place on Saturday August 26th at the FOP Memorial. Registration begins at 0900 hours. You can register online at πŸ‘πŸΌ

For those inquiring about the parade route... If in the off chance the parade is cancelled due to rain there will be a ceremony held in the Governor Mifflin HS auditorium.

Happy Birthday to the twins, Edin and Anaiah!! Ofc. Schoone was able to make a quick stop in the park where they were celebrating their Birthday. Edin was dressed with authority in his Police Officer uniform and Anaiah was looking very elegant in her blue butterfly princess dress! From the entire Police Dept. we hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!

SHILLINGTON'S 89TH ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY PARADE AND SERVICE Hosted by The American Legion Reber-Moore Post #635, Monday, May 29, 2017. The parade will begin at 10:30 AM at the Governor Mifflin Middle School parking lot followed by a service at the Fairview Cemetery. Please arrive by 9:45 AM if you are going to participate in the parade. The parade will end around 11:30 AM; followed by the service immediately upon arrival at the cemetery. The following are contributing sponsors for the parade: Patriot Brass---University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) Bravura---John Andras & Company, Inc./C.P.A. & Ronald Bair, Jr. CFP/Keystone Financial Management Pretzel City Brass Band---Gallen Insurance Agency & Andrew Gallen & Company, Inc. C.P.A. Hamilton Celtic Pipes & Drums---White Star Travel Center Stein's Flowers As in years past, the Reber-Moore Post #635 would encourage parade participants to join us for a gathering at the Shillington Fire Station, 221 Catherine Street after the parade to thank you for your participation.

PSA Attn: Borough residents, It is, again, that time of the year for criminals to be out and about lurking in the dark stealing from vehicles. Last night there was another "rash" of theft from vehicles. It appears it may not have just been the Borough that was hit, so if you have relatives in neighboring areas please pass along the information to them. Again, a reminder to you all to keep your vehicles locked at all times you are not in them or in direct eye sight. The criminals are committing crimes of opportunity. With you leaving your vehicle unlocked it is presenting them with the opportunity to easily gain access inside. Please, if possible, bring all valuable items with you inside at night. This includes phones, tablets, GPS, laptops, guns, ect. A good habit to get into that can help the Police if you become a victim of theft is to record serial numbers for anything you find valuable to "YOU." People have different opinions on what is important to them. If all else fails record serial numbers for everything you own. This allows the Police to enter the items into a National database. If another Dept. locates an item they can run the serial number and know it was stolen from our Borough. As always please report any suspicious activity to us! Thank you and be safe!!

The Shillington Police need your help to identify these four (4) young males who threw rocks and broke 2 windows of a property on Catherine St that occurred on April 18, 2017 at approximately 9PM. Please call 610-777-3947 if you recognize them. Thank you!!

Attention Residents: As a friendly reminder please ensure your homes are secure. There have been reports of residential burglaries in the surrounding areas where access is gained through unlocked doors. It appears most, if not all, were conducted in that way. Something as simple as checking all of your door locks, window locks, and bilco doors could be an easy deterrent for criminals. Please do not forget to lock your vehicle doors when you are not in and/or near them. This is also if you just need to run into your home to grab something and are returning back to leave. It provides an easy opportunity for a thief to open it up and grab out your belongings. As always contact the Dept. if you see anything suspicious. Thank you!

As an FYI, If you would like to show your support for Law Enforcement we have received a fresh new box of blue ribbons at the PD. You may pick them up during normal business hours.

Attention Residents: Over the course of the past couple of weeks there have been reports of theft of packages from residences. In some instances the packages have been located elsewhere and were returned to their owners, thankfully, with their contents still inside. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when these types of crimes begin to occur. Theft of packages, bicycles, and theft from vehicles. It appears the criminals are waking from hibernation. As a reminder please ensure you lock your vehicles at all times when not in immediate proximity. A suggestion with packages being delivered is to request the carrier to place packages out of sight and not directly in front of the front door. As always please contact the PD if you observe anything suspicious and try to obtain as much information about the person, persons, or vehicle as you can. DO NOT approach them. Thank you!

Due to the snow accumulation predicted by the National Weather Service for the impending snow storm, a Snow Emergency has been declared in the Borough of Shillington from 8:00 p.m. on Monday, March 13th until 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15th. As in the past, all cars must be removed from Snow Emergency routes until they are cleared from curb to curb and all precipitation has stopped. Any vehicle not moved may be towed and/or ticketed. If you have any questions, please call the Shillington Police Department at 610-777-3947. Thank for your attention in this matter. SNOW EMERGENCY ROUTES : β€’ Lancaster Avenue (East and West) - Museum Road to Borough Line β€’ Philadelphia Avenue - Lancaster Avenue to Borough Line β€’ South Wyomissing Avenue - Lancaster Avenue to Borough Line β€’ North Wyomissing Avenue - Lancaster Avenue to Elm Street β€’ Broad Street (East and West) - Kings Boulevard to Museum Road β€’ Elm Street (East and West) - Museum Road to Wheatland Avenue β€’ Gregg Street - Wheatland Avenue to Summit Avenue β€’ New Holland Avenue - Lancaster Avenue to Borough Line β€’ Liberty Street - Lancaster Avenue to Elm Street β€’ South Miller Street - Lancaster Avenue to Kerrick Road β€’ North Miller Street - Lancaster Avenue to Elm Street β€’ Brobst Street (North and South) - Museum Road to Waverly Street β€’ Spruce Street - Philadelphia Avenue to Broad Street β€’ Kerrick Road - South Miller Street to South Wyomissing Avenue

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 1:15pm, there was a hit and run accident in the 200 block of Philadelphia Ave. The suspect vehicle is described as a white older model SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer. The vehicle should have extensive front end damage, it was last seen on Chestnut St in Shillington. Please contact the Shillington Police Department at (610) 777-3947 if you have any information pertaining to this incident.

Attention Residents: The Police Dept. is attempting to locate the owner of these ladies. They were found in the 000 blk. of E. Walnut. Any help would be appreciated. If you know the owner can you please contact them and have them call our Office. Thank you in advance! 610-777-3947