Perkasie Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Perkasie Borough Police Department
  • Address: 311 S 9th St, Perkasie Borough , 18944 PA
  • Chief: Tim Dickinson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 215-257-6876
Fax: 215-257-5010

Perkasie Borough Police Department is located at 311 S 9th St, Perkasie Borough , 18944 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim Dickinson. The Perkasie Borough Police Department phone number is 215-257-6876.

Perkasie Borough Police Department News

Congratulations to Chief Lehman on his retirement after 24 years of dedicated service to Dublin Borough PD, seen here with Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub. Thank you for your service to the community.

We mourn with the Perkasie Fire Department on the loss of two great men, honored here in a post from Sellersville Fire Department.

On December 31, 2017, Perkasie Borough Police came into possession of a large number of possibly stolen items. Some of these items were returned to vehicle owners who live on 2nd Street in Perkasie as well as Chalkboard Apartments. These thefts occurred in the last week of December. If you are missing items such as cell phones, cameras, vehicle keys, watches, or pocket knives please contact Perkasie Police with a description to see if they match items in evidence.

From our friends at Phoenixville PD.

If you are selling items online, please beware of people that offer to send you an overpayment for the item then request you send them the balance, this is a scam - we have had reports of this type of incident in our area. Below are several tips from the Better Business Bureau that are helpful.Tips to avoid online sales scams: *Don't accept checks or money orders: When selling to someone you don't know, it is safer to accept cash or credit card payments. *Do not accept overpayments: When selling on Craigslist, eBay or similar sites, don't take payments for more than the sales price, no matter what convincing story the buyer tells you. *Always confirm the buyer has paid before handing over the item. Don't take the buyer's word for it. *Be wary of individuals claiming to be overseas. In many different types of scams, con artists claim to be living abroad to avoid in person contact. Consider this a red flag. *Meet sellers/potential buyers in person and in a safe place: Meet in a public area and never invite buyers/sellers into your home. Ask your local police department if they have a "safe lot" program. Even if they don't, suggesting the parking lot or lobby of a police station as a meeting place might be enough to scare off a scammer.

K-9 Revo is ready for the Holidays

We recently posted information on an armed robbery at the Gulf Gas Station in Sellersville and have received many tips. Thank you for your assistance. We also received one comment regarding our inability to solve these robberies. We did........ -On 12/30/2012 and 1/8/2013 the same Gulf gas station at the corner of Main and Noble Streets in Sellersville was robbed at gunpoint. On 1/8/2013 a male was taken into custody for both robberies. The offender pled guilty to both incidents. -On 12/19/2015 the gas station on East Walnut Street in Perkasie was robbed at gunpoint. On 1/5/2016 three juveniles were taken into custody and charged for the robbery. All three juveniles pled guilty in juvenile court. The current robbery is under investigation. Our department has been following many leads. As you can see from past incidents, it may take some time for us to solve these crimes. We are currently reviewing video, interviewing people, serving arrest warrants and search warrants, analyzing phones, and following many leads. It takes time, paperwork, and numerous phone calls, all while making sure we act within the confines of the laws and regulations we must follow. We thank you for your patience and look forward to another robbery arrest soon.

Santa is here.