Tullytown Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Tullytown Borough Police Department
  • Address: 500 Main Street, Tullytown Borough , 19007 PA
  • Chief: Patrick J Priore (Chief of Police)
Phone: 215-945-0999

Tullytown Borough Police Department is located at 500 Main Street, Tullytown Borough , 19007 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Patrick J Priore. The Tullytown Borough Police Department phone number is 215-945-0999.

Tullytown Borough Police Department News

Mayor Cutchineal swearing in Officers Mark Rosenfeld and Brittany Peck earlier this evening. Welcome aboard!

Stop by our local Dunkin Donuts and grab some doughnuts for National Doughnut Day! The Tullytown Dunkin Donuts owner supports emergency services and contributes to many community/ school events. Thank you!

Be smart now is the time to check smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries. The life you save could be your own!

Officers Wallace and Aldsworth making friends tonight. Happy Halloween!

Weather watch : forecast is for heavy rain sunday so now is the time to check your vehicle's windshield wipers and fluid. Also when wipers are on turn on your vehicle's headlights.

Tullytown and Falls Twp. responded to the 100 block of Lakeside dr for a male with gun complaint. Schools were briefly placed on lockdown while police handled the situation.

If you or a loved one need substance abuse help call this number.

Drop off your unused or expired medications at Tullytown Municipal Complex from 10am - 2pm October 28, 2017.

Some pictures from the candlelight vigils tonight.

At the request of Mayor Cutchineal there will be two seperate candelight vigils Sunday October 8, 2017 in memory of Helen Farr 7pm area Main st. / Pond and Qadan Trievel 8pm Levittown Shopping Center by Home Depot exit. Please pass along and bring candles.

Public Safety Message: Tullytown Borough Police and Bucks County District Attorney Detectives charge Anthony J. Depolo with criminal homicide and possession of instrument of crime in connection with the Sunday shooting death of his girlfriend in Tullytown. Depolo was arraigned by DJ Wagner and held without bail in the Bucks County Correctional facility.

If you are looking for something to do this Saturday PLEASE support these community events!


On behalf of the Residents, Businesses, Mayor, Council and Officers we wish to recognize Officer Andrew "House" Houser's 6 years of service to the Tullytown community. Congratulations as you move on as one of Temple University's finest. Sincerely, Chief Daniel J Doyle. PS...Temple lookout you have been Housed! LOL

On behalf of the Residents, Businesses, Mayor and Council of Tullytown we wish to thank all of the emergency responders who responded today to the building fire. GREAT JOB!

Firefighters on scene 2 alarm building fire 700 block of Wm. Leigh Dr. Dispatched approximately 7:30am when a police officer observed heavy fire from the building.

The Metro/PCS armed robbery which occurred back in February was cleared Wednesday as Kyle Page plead Nolo Contendere to armed robbery and related charges. Page acknowledged in open court that the Tullytown case brought against him would convict him beyond a reasonable doubt. Page also plead guilty to crimes in Falls and Middeltown Townships. Great police work by multiple police agencies, victims,witnesses and prosecutors to help remove this dangerous criminal from the streets.

TBT : March 2009 Chief Patrick Priore teaching hand to hand combat techniques to the members of the South Central Emergency Response Team.

Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list, the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist and the Eagles will fly and there's gonna be hell, when you hear mother freedom start ringing her bell and you'll feel like the whole wide world is ringing down on you, brought to you courtesy of the Red White and Blue! #americanresolve

What a gorgeous day for our town picnic. Come on out and enjoy a family fun day of food, games, music ending with a spectacular fireworks display! A lot of hardwork went into this event so go ahead and thank the elected officials, our wonderful staff and volunteers.

We at the police department wish to welcome the newest member of our family, Raelyn Wallace who was born today at 17:01 hrs. Congratulations Ed and Katie!