Tullytown Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Tullytown Borough Police Department
  • Address: 500 Main Street, Tullytown Borough , 19007 PA
  • Chief: Patrick J Priore (Chief of Police)
Phone: 215-945-0999

Tullytown Borough Police Department is located at 500 Main Street, Tullytown Borough , 19007 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Patrick J Priore. The Tullytown Borough Police Department phone number is 215-945-0999.

Tullytown Borough Police Department News

DA Weintraub clears Bristol Township Police Officers.

All schools closed March 24, 2018. PLEASE SHARE!

A huge shout out to all of the residents who removed their vehicles during this last storm. THANKYOU for your cooperation! The four vehicles that remained parked will be getting a friendly reminder in the mail.

Bucks County Offices and Courthouse opening two hour delay tomorrow. Court begins at 11am.

Pennsbury, St. Mikes, CSL, Bristol Township schools Closed Thursday March 22, 2018. PLEASE SHARE.

Our hard working public works taking on Nor'easter, winter storm Toby....Get R Done Boyz!

Expected Snowfall NWS Mount Holly Map amounts have not changed. Heaviest snow expected between 11am -3pm.

Emergency Management Message: if you absolutely have to be on the road today during the storm you may want to have a winter car kit with ya. Being prepared begins with you!

St. Mikes, Bristol Township, Pennsbury Schools closed tomorrow 3/21/2018. PLEASE SHARE!

Mayor Cutchineal has declared a Snow/Ice Emergency starting 6 am 3/21/18 thru 6 am 3/22/18. All available data indicates a significant Snow/Ice storm of up to 12" for our area tonight and tomorrow with high winds. Power outages possible. No parking on streets during this time period. Off street parking locations are the Levittown Lake and Municipal parking lots.

Eastern PA Weather Authority's FINAL call map!

Bucks County Government Offices and Courts Closed 3/21/2018. Snow Emergency

Updated NWS snowfall map 3:44am - 3/20/18

Emergency Management Message: Snow/Ice Emergency declared starting 6am 3/21/18 thru 6am 3/22/18. All available data indicates a significant Ice/Snow storm for our area tonight and tomorrow. Possible accumulations of up to 12" with winds gusts projected in the 25mph to 35mph zone. Power outages expected. Please prepare now.

Public Safety Message: Officers will be out and about this evening looking for impaired drivers. Enjoy the St. Patricks day festivities but be responsible and use a designated driver, taxi or uber!

On behalf of Council, Mayor and the Tullytown community we want to thank store manager Jon Hernandez and Walmart for their continued community involvement and the generous donation of supplies to support our emergency management prepardness!

Public Safety Message: if you must drive today please allow extra time for your travels, adjust your speed, use your seatbelts and headlights! Be safe

Municipal phone lines are back operational. Thank you for your patience!


Another shout out to the Tullytown Volunteer Firefighters for putting up the medical QRS unit and staffing the station.

We want to thank our Public Works crew for another OUTSTANDING performance!

Pennsbury, Bristol Township and St. Mikes Schools Closed Thursday March 8, 2018

Emergency Management Message: Due to the high volume of calls the Bucks County Emergency Communications center is receiving please limit calls to 911 Emergencies.

Emergency Management Message: Residents who may lose power can come to either the municipal building or firehouse both we be available. The municipal complex phone lines are not working at this time. Residents with non emergency concerns can call the Firehouse at 215.949.3033 PLEASE SHARE

Bucks county operating Code Red conditions. Important info for first responders!