Adams Township Police Department

  • Agency: Adams Township Police Department
  • Address: 690 Valencia Rd, Sidman, 15955 PA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (724) 625-2040

Adams Township Police Department is located at 690 Valencia Rd, Sidman, 15955 PA. The Adams Township Police Department phone number is (724) 625-2040.

Adams Township Police Department News

*** The owner has been found. Thanks for the help!*** This dog was found today in the Southern Valley area in Adams Ridge. If you recognize her or she belongs to you, please let us know.

We are again participating in the 2017 Buckle Up PA Teen Enforcement mobilization, which runs through October 27 2017. This Teen Mobilization coincides with the National Teen Driver Safety Week. The goal of this Teen Mobilization is very specific; to increase seat belt use among drivers and passengers under the age of 18 and ultimately save young lives. The focus is on drivers under the age of 18, and we will be conducting extra enforcement details looking for unbelted drivers and passengers. In addition to enforcement details, our officers handed out flyers to all student drivers leaving the Mars High School Campus, reminding them to buckle up. We will also be teaching the Survival 101 program to the Drivers Theory class. “Survival 101” is a dynamic multimedia presentation geared toward middle and high school students. In addition to seat belt use, it covers unsafe driving practices, crash dynamics, consequences and preventive safety measures. Buckle up, it may save your life, and it may save you from a second ticket.

***update: dog has been found*** If anyone sees this black Lab named "Jalo", please let us know. He is 1 1/2 years old, about 60lbs, and is missing from the Kingsfield Drive area of Myoma Road. Jalo is micro chipped, but did not have a collar on.

Adams Twp residents are in search of a lost dog. Emmett was staying with a family in our area while the owners were out of town.The family is from Bellvue area, with the dog not being from this area it may not know its way back to the house it escaped from. It is micro chipped, and has a yellow shleter tag on the collar. The shelter has also been notified. This dog was a rescue and it has only been with the family since January. Last sighting of the dog was 6am in the area of the 200 block of Broadstone Drive. Anyone that spots or comes into contact with this dog, please contact the Adams Twp Police.

*** The owner has been found and reunited!*** We found this German Shepherd running around the Mars Valencia Rd area. If you know who owns this dog, or if it's your dog, please give us a call!

The Adams Township Police will join the Pennsylvania State Police and 206 other municipal police agencies to conduct the third targeted aggressive driving enforcement wave from July 6 to August 27, 2017. The enforcement wave will focus on red light running, the Steer Clear law, tailgating and speeding. Motorists exhibiting other unsafe behaviors or other aggressive actions will also be cited. Municipal police agencies that participated in last year’s campaign wrote 45,136 aggressive-driving related citations, including 28,235 for speeding. When approaching and passing emergency vehicles or police cars that are stopped on the roadway, you MUST pass in a lane not adjacent to the emergency response area. If doing so is not possible, safe, or legal, you are required to pass by at a careful and prudent reduced speed reasonable for safely passing the emergency response area. Slow down and move over - it's the law, and it's a $345 citation for not doing so!

*Bella has been returned to her owner!!* -- This is Bella. She is a German Short haired pointer. She was last seen in the Pinnacle Housing plan off of Hutchman Rd. Please give us a call if you see her or if she is found.

***THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED*** This guy was found today around 6pm on Mars Evans City Rd near Union Church Rd. He's a pitbull mix. If he is yours, or you know who he belongs to, please give us a call.

The missing Beagle has been returned to the owner!! Thank You to all that helped.

We are asking for help in returning this found dog to its home. The dog is a female Beagle and was found wandering around at the Adams Pointe Community Center. If anyone knows who this dog belongs to or can share this to people in the area, in hopes of having her returned.

From May 15, through June 4, 2017 we will be participating in a national "Click it or Ticket" seat belt initiative. The effort will focus largely on nighttime enforcement, between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. using Traffic Enforcement Zones and Roving Patrols. Citations will be issued to motorists who are caught unbuckled or transporting unrestrained children. According to PennDOT data there were 13,534 unrestrained crashes that resulted in 413 fatalities in 2015. Motorists are reminded that Pennsylvania’s primary seat-belt law requires drivers and passengers under 18 years old to buckle up, and children under the age of 4 must be properly restrained in an approved child safety seat. Children ages 4 to 8 must be restrained in an appropriate booster seat. A new law that went into effect August 2016 requires a child under 2 years of age be securely fastened in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system, which is to be used until the child outgrows the maximum weight and limits designated by the manufacturer. In addition, children ages 8 to 18 must be wearing a seat belt when riding anywhere in the vehicle. If motorists are stopped for a traffic violation and are not wearing their seat belt, they WILL receive a second ticket which comes with a second fine. The effort includes 315 Pennsylvania municipal agencies and supplements the national “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization which runs through June 4, 2017. As part of the initiative, PennDOT distributes federal enforcement funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For more information on seat belt safety,

The Adams Area Fire District will be holding an open house at the new firehouse on Route 228 this Saturday, May 6 2017, from 1pm - 4pm. Please stop by and see the new building, the equipment, and meet your firefighters!

Just a reminder as we have had an influx of sick raccoon calls recently - If any of our residents or visitors come across a sick or injured animal in Adams Township, give us a call and an officer will respond. Anytime we suspect that an animal is sick or rabid, the animal will be put down, and may be sent to the USDA APHIS laboratory for rabies testing. Most of the time we find the animals waiting for us in a yard, or on the side of the road. If for some reason the raccoon decides to climb up your house, our officers will also "remove" the raccoon from the side of your house, just as Officer Mudrick did in the photo below! If you suspect you have a sick animal around your house, stay away from it, and give us a call!

This dog has been reporting missing from the Adams Ridge neighborhood off of Southern Valley Court. The dog was recently rescued by this family and managed to get loose from their home. His name is "Jax", he is a white and brown Springer Spaniel, and weighs about 50 lbs. He is wearing a brown collar with rabies vaccination and dog license tags attached. They are actively search the surrounding areas but are requesting if anyone sees this missing family member to please reach out to us.

The Adams Township Board of Supervisors recently passed Ordinance #159, which deals with soliciting in Adams Township. Any resident who does not wish to be solicited, peddled to, or canvassed can have their name added to a "Do Not Solicit" list. The list will then be given to any person obtaining a solicitation permit. Also, the ordinance clearly prohibits soliciting if the primary entrance to the residence is posted "ABSOLUTELY NO SOLICITING", "NO TRESPASSING", or something similar, given the notice is in block lettering, at least 1 inch in height. Any township resident wishing to be added to the "Do Not Solicit" list can do so at or can make such request in writing at the Adams Township PD. A copy of the new ordinance can be viewed at

This beagle was found this morning (3-9-17) on Babcock Blvd near the bus garage. Anyone who is missing this pup or has any info, please give us a call.

The Adams Area Fire Department needs your help with requesting letters of support from our community residents to submit with the grant application, which is critical to help secure grant funding. Please state in your letter why this new building is important to our community. This grant that the township has applied for will help offset construction costs of a multi-million dollar state of the art building and provide the best fire protection for the community for many years to come. We are depending and counting on you by sending a letter of support to: Adams Township Attn: Gary Peaco 690 Valencia Rd Mars, PA 16046 If you prefer, you may email it to An open house is being planned so all can view this wonderful new building. All letters must be received by Friday, March 17th. Thank you for your efforts and be sure to keep checking the Adams Township website for updates and additional information.

Adams Township Police, along with the Cranberry Twp Police Department and PennDot, would like to remind motorists about how to safely merge along Route 228. There are 3 merge points along Route 228 - eastbound near Franklin Rd, eastbound near Mars Valencia Rd, and westbound near Mars Valencia Rd. Studies show that using a "zipper merge" method at merge points reduces traffic backlog. Motorists are encouraged to use BOTH lanes until the merge point, and then take turns merging (like a zipper). Motorists using the right lane up until the merge point, as long as they are doing so safely, are in fact doing what is expected by the traffic engineers. Below is some information and an example of the zipper merge.

Adams Township has partnered with Swift 911 to alert residents regarding emergencies such as fires, outages, floods, hurricanes, evacuations and road issues such as closures and paving. Swift 911 will also notify you of current Parks and Recreation events. We encourage anyone who lives or works in Adams Township to sign up to receive notifications. You can sign up at or you can download the Swift 911 Public App (Blue Logo) for your Apple or Android device.

The Adams Township Police Department has obtained a Drug Drop Box designed to significantly reduce the prescription drugs in American homes that are either no longer needed or are outdated. These same drugs have unfortunately become the target of theft and misuse, oftentimes by people who have access to the residence. More and more adults recognize the need to remove these substances from the home, and legally and safely turn them over to law enforcement for proper destruction. The drop box is located in the lobby of the main floor of the municipal building located at 690 Valencia Rd, Mars PA 16046. Residents can drop off unwanted medications Monday through Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm. Items that are permitted in the drug box are prescription medications, prescription patches, prescription ointments, over the counter medications, vitamins, samples, and medications for pets. Items NOT permitted in the drug box are needles (sharps), thermometers, hydrogen peroxide, inhalers, aerosol cans, ointments, lotions, and liquids. We recommend anyone dropping off medications scratch off or remove personal information from the bottles. NEVER FLUSH medications. DO NOT POUR them down a sink or drain. Special thanks to Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger, who arranged to have the drop box provided by the Pennsylvania District Attorney's Association. If you have any questions, please give us a call.