Weatherly Police Department

  • Agency: Weatherly Police Department
  • Address: 10 Wilbur St, Weatherly , 18255 PA
  • Chief: Brian Markovchick (Chief of Police)
Phone: (570)427-4241

Weatherly Police Department is located at 10 Wilbur St, Weatherly , 18255 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Markovchick. The Weatherly Police Department phone number is (570)427-4241.

Weatherly Police Department News

Thanks to the Clarke and Ursta families for a very special night. We greatly appreciate it the support. WPD

Weatherly School parade was a success, thanks to everyone who came out to support our school. WPD

WANTED PERSON The Weatherly Borough Police Department Obtained an Arrest for BRIAN ROLLAND on the charges of Burglary, Defiant Trespass, Theft, Receiving stolen Property, Loitering, Prowling at Night, and Tapering with Physical Evidence. Officers have attempted to make contact with ROLLAND at his residence numerous times. If anyone has any information please call us at 570-427-4241. If you see the suspect call 911 immediately. Thanks WPD

Hello everyone for the upcoming week we have some information for you. Shepard House Walk: Saturday 10/28 9am Halloween Parade Sunday 10/29 2pm Trick or Treat Tuesday 10/31 6pm-8pm Thanks WPD

The Weatherly Area School District and the Weatherly Police Department invite you to an informational night to discuss ALICE. Wednesday October 25, 2017 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM At the Weatherly Middle School Cafeteria

Chief Markovchick would like to invite members of the community to the first police and community resolution session held October 4th 2017 from 6:00 to 8:30pm at the Weatherly Borough building. Chief Markovchick will be hosting an informal walk in session where residents may make a report of an issue, seek guidance, or formally raise a concern relating to safety, security, or local dispute issues. Many times people have problems of which they are unsure if arise to a level of criminal nature. People are often reluctant to call the police, fearing that their perceived “minor” problem is not something to tie up police resources on, or that there is nothing we can do. Likewise in some cases people don’t know if their issues should be handled through criminal channels or the civil courts. Some residents may know they have a dilemma, but simply don’t know where to turn for assistance, even if no crime has been committed. The goal of the police and community resolution is to successfully address and resolve resident’s issues before they rise to a level in which formal legal action is necessary, and to help people work through their problems. The Weatherly Police department has numerous external agencies and resources capable of aiding most people with their concerns. If their issue is one that would warrant a police investigation, an official report will be taken and police resources will be dedicated. Anonymous reports of criminal wrongdoing may also be made during these sessions although the Weatherly Police Department encourages everyone to contact the police at any time through either the Borough police phone (570-427-4241) or Carbon County 911. These sessions serve for the convenience of those who are uncomfortable with traditional reporting. These sessions will be scheduled in the evening and on weekends to better accommodate the schedules of working residents. Again, the first session will be held on October 4 2017 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Sessions will be informal and no appointment is needed. Simply walk in and have a cup of coffee and talk to the chief or an officer.

The Weatherly Police is seeking the public's assistance with an incident that occurred last night 9/15 at 10:45pm. Three males were observed damaging a vehicle in the 400 block of Third St. Two males got back into a newer 4 door sedan silver or possibly gray in color and the other ran on foot. If you have any information or tips please call us at 427-4241. All information is confidential. Thanks, WPD

The Weatherly Police have an IPOD that was found in the borough in our possession. The owner can contact us to claim it at any time. Thanks, WPD

The Weatherly Police Department has received numerous reports of solicitation via phone. The caller states they are asking for donations for the PA State Police. This is a scam as the PA State Police does not solicit for donations or funding in any form as they are funded totally by tax dollars. We are reminding all residents not to give out any bank details or personal information to unknown sources. If you have any questions you can contact us at 570-427-4241. Thanks, WPD

As students and faculty return to school for the 2017-2018 school year the Weatherly police departments number one priority is the safety of the students, parents, and school staff we understand that this is a very hectic time of year it is imperative that everyone follow the following safety tips to ensure a safe and smooth transition back to school for everyone. For motorist: Obey the speed limits in the school zones on Sixth St and Evergreen Ave which is 15 mph. Take extra care to watch for children walking in and around the school campus, as well to and from the bus stop. Stop for buses with flashing lights activated. Do not park or stand in no parking zones or crosswalks. For pedestrians and students: Never walk or cross traffic lanes while texting or using electronic devices, if you need to text move off road and stop Look left and right then left again before crossing the street and cross at corners or crosswalks. At bus stops stay away from traffic and avoid roughhousing or other behavior that can lead to carelessness. Wait till the bus has stopped and doors open before approaching. When exiting the bus walk at least 10 feet in front of the bus before crossing the road so drivers can see you and watch for cars that may not have stopped. The Weatherly police ask if anyone sees or hears anything that causes concern or a safety risk to the children please call 570 427 4241 or 911 the Weatherly police wish everyone a prosperous and safe school year.

Weatherly Police have recieved numerous reports of phone calls and messages left from various numbers, from individuals identifying themselves as an IRS agent. The caller provides a name and a badge number. REMEMBER: The IRS does not initiate contact with tax payers by phone, email, text messages, or social media channels to resquest personal information or fincial information. IRS does not threathen tax payers with lawsuits, imprisonment, or other actions. Any calls demanding immediate payments using a specific pre paid gift cards, debit cards or any other prepaid device is a scam. Also any calls asking for credit card or debit card information over the phone. If you do have an issue with the IRS they will or would contact you via U.S mail. If anyone has any questions or concerns involving IRS scam phone calls don't hesitate to contact our station at 570-427-4241.

The Weatherly Police are requesting assistance from the public for an incident that occured last night. Officers are attempting to identity multiple ATV drivers that were driving recklessly around town for several hours. The actors were disturbing the public and caused property damage in several places. Anyone with information regarding this, please contact us at (570) 427-4241

Attention all residents, thank you for you quick assistance and response to our last post. After investigation it was found that it was NOT a child abduction attempt. The child misunderstood the actions of the occupants of the van. The occupants of the van came to the police station immediately and cooperated fully with the investigation. Also we can not urge you enough, if you have information or are in trouble call 911. Valuable time can be saved by directly contacting us. If you have any questions please contact us at 570-427-4241. Thanks, WPD

Weatherly Police responded to a call for shots fired in the 900 block of North Street on 8/6/17. Through investigation it was found that a resident set off fireworks in that area. A reminder that if anyone hears or see's anything suspicious please don’t hesitate to call. Thanks WPD

The Weatherly Police and Pa Game Commission would like to remind residents about living with black bears. Due to a recent spike in bear complaints, we ask residents not to encourage bears to become problem bears by putting garbage were it is available to them or even worse by intentionally feeding them . Bears will consume just about anything such as human food, garbage, bird feed and pet food. Once bears find easy accessible food sources they lose their wariness of people and keep coming back. Please secure your garbage and other food sources and do not place garbage out till the day of pickup. Also if you splash some ammonia or bleach on the garbage, this will deter the bears. If a bear is visiting your property, there are two possible courses of action. The first is make loud noises or shout at the bear, but, keep your distance. The second option is to leave the bear alone and clean up the mess after it leaves then follow up by making sure you eliminate whatever attracted the bear in the first place. Keep in mind that if the bear scatters your garbage you are responsible to clean it up even if it is off your property if you have any concerns or issues feel free to call or stop by the station

On August 4th 2017 at approximately 03:25 hours an officer on patrol observed a vehicle commit several traffic violations. Upon stopping the vehicle it was found that the driver was wanted by Stroud Area Regional Police for firing a gun into an occupied vehicle and assault. Through the investigation the suspect was found to be in possession of narcotics he was taken to Carbon County Prison and housed on the warrant. Charges for narcotics and the traffic violations will be forth coming from WPD.

On 8/1/17 the Weatherly Police received tips on an individual that had outstanding criminal warrants out of Luzerne and Schuykill counties. The suspect was located hiding in a residence on Wilbur St by officers following up on those leads. The suspect was housed at Carbon County Prison awaiting extradition to those counties. Thanks to everyone who called in and helped get this person captured.

On July 30 at approximately 16:58 a Weatherly patrol unit observed a vehicle that was suspected on being involved in a hit and run. The driver who was known to be suspended was driving at a very high rate of speed on West Main Street. Upon attempting to stop the vehicle the suspect fled at a high rate of speed, passing in non-passing zones, and cutting cars off. The suspect then abandoned the vehicle on Junedale Road and fled on foot. Inside the vehicle narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and stolen items were located. The driver then attempted to file a report that he was carjacked on Plane Street. The driver was then taken into custody a short time later charged with fleeing and eluding police, reckless endangerment of another person, false reports to law enforcement, violations of the drug cosmetic act, receiving stolen property, driving while suspended, and careless driving. The suspect was then taken to Carbon County Prison.

Weatherly Police are investigating a hit and run accident in the 200 block of Third St where two vehicles were stuck and damaged last night. Anyone with information can contact us at 570-427-4241 all information will be confidential. Thanks, WPD

The Weatherly Police are investigating a theft from a motor vehicle that occurred on 7/22/17 at the Dollar General. Taken from the vehicle were groceries that were recently purchased and a bottle of liquor. Anyone with information please call us at 570-427-4241 all information is kept confidential. Thanks, WPD

On 7/17/2017 at 2317 Hrs Officers were dispatched to a residence in the area of Younker Av and Rebar St for a break-in in progress. Officers arrived within a minute of dispatch time, a witness advised officers he observed someone run from the rear of the victim’s home into a heavily wooded area. Officers conducted an extensive search for the suspect in the wooded area and in the surrounding neighborhood, but were unable to locate the suspect or suspects. Weatherly Police Department is continuing to investigate this incident and are asking if anyone witnessed or has information to contact us at 570-427-4241.

On June 4th officers responded to a call for vandalism to motor vehicles in which damages were found to be in excess of $3,000. Through an investigation officers filed charges on two adults and two juveniles. All parties were charged with the following, criminal mischief to property and disorderly conduct.

The Weatherly Police Department extends our condolences to the family, friends, and fellow troopers of Trp Michael Stewart who was killed in the line of duty following a crash in Westmoreland County today. Rest easy brother.

At approximately 00:15 on 07/12/2017 an officer on patrol observed a vehicle being operated in the 1000 block of East Main St with equipment violations. When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle it fled down a dirt road into a wooded area off South Leigh George Drive were it was stopped. The driver was taken into custody and charged with fleeing and eluding, careless driving, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of controlled substance, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, restriction on alcoholic beverages, and numerous inspection violations. The passenger fled the area on foot but was later found by officers and has charges pending.