Lock Haven Police Department

  • Agency: Lock Haven Police Department
  • Address: 20 E Church St, Lock Haven , 17745 PA
  • Chief: Elwood C Hocker (Chief of Police)
Phone: (570) 893-5911
Fax: 570-893-5626

Lock Haven Police Department is located at 20 E Church St, Lock Haven , 17745 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Elwood C Hocker. The Lock Haven Police Department phone number is (570) 893-5911.

Lock Haven Police Department News

For those of you interested in Clinton County Emergency Notifications.

We have had a report of a person (white male, 6'-6'3", middle-aged), posing with Comcast, going to homes in the area and attempting entry. We're currently investigating the incident but want to remind everyone to PLEASE verify a business or person claiming to work for a business before you let them in your home. Take the time to call the business and verify that the person is who they say they are and are working for the company they claim. If you have ANY suspicion whatsoever, call 9-1-1. Get a description of the person and any vehicles involved, including registration if possible. This information can aid in us being able to locate the person/company in question. We will update you when we have additional information.

The City of Lock Haven will be conducting snow removal operations on E Main Street starting tomorrow (Friday, 2/9/18) at 0500. BOTH sides of E Main Street from Henderson Street to the 5-way lights on Bellefonte Ave, including E Main Street to First Street, will be posted "NO PARKING". Crews will remove snow as quickly as possible to resume parking.

***IRS Phone Scams*** Our department has taken several complaints the past few days regarding IRS phone scams. The IRS would not conduct business over the phone. If there are any legitimate inquiries they will always be done in writing. We urge you to NEVER provide financial or personal information over the telephone to anyone. Residents should NEVER purchase gifts cards, money orders or any other items that have monetary value and send them in the mail. If you receive a call that could be an IRS scam you should take the following steps. 1. Write down the employee's name, badge number, call back number and caller ID if available. 2. Call 1-800-366-4484 to determine if the caller is an IRS employee with a legitimate need to contact you. 3. If the call is a phone scam a complaint can then be filed at phishing@irs.gov (Subject IRS Phone Scam)

***Snow Alert*** Alright, folks....you know well in advance to set your alarms a little earlier for tomorrow. Why?!? There's snow coming. We've heard different reports with different amounts. Get up a little earlier, get your vehicles warmed up and PLEASE get it cleaned off properly. Then, carefully drive to your destination. You don't have to rush if you give yourself extra time! Be safe!

Some property belonging to Jack Fox was turned in this morning. If you know Jack Fox, please let him know he can retrieve his property at the police station.

Due to a clerical error, a warrant for a parking ticket was incorrectly issued for John and Jody Hiney. The warrant has been cancelled and withdrawn.

Be aware that South Fairview Street at Bellefonte Avenue is blocked. If you need to go this way, you'll need to find an alternate route.

Lock Haven City Police have warrants for the individuals listed below. Some (not all) of these warrants are for parking tickets. For your convenience, you may take care of the payment online at ujsportal.pacourts.us. If you need further assistance, contact the Magistrate's office at 570-893-4086. If you have any tips, please contact city police at 570-893-5911. You may also message us on Facebook to give information. Keep in mind, ANY derogatory comments will be deleted and you will be banned from this page. Ahrar, Mohamed Ahamed Ahmad, Tehmeena (2) Allen, Stacy Lynne Alterio, Alisha Mae (8) Anderson, Nicole M Anderson, Otis Jerome Barber, Alyssa/Nicholas Lockard Barner, Jessica J (6) Baumann, Darrel Adam (6) Belinda, Jacob Thomas Berkman, Alan Scott Bixler, Brant Mathew Brechbeil, Mackenzie Brennan, Tara Jean (2) Carroll, Faith Charlene (2) Catlin, Skylar T Chandler, Mark Erwin (5) Chenault, Joshua Daniel Chubb, Wade A Claudio, Lisa/Cornell Rambert Condo, Julie A Peters Coney, Amanda Beth Confer, Mary (3) Conway, Steven W Cox, Dawn G Creegan, Joseph M Croteau, Bertrand Isidore III (2) Cummings, Joshua M Dale, Jonathan Christopher Daum, Nicholas Leroy Davis, Alyssa Dawn Dawson, Jodie M Donnell, Jessica Storm Duggan, Mary Ann Dunlap, Shane Michael (5) Elensky Jr, William Estifanos, Shiden Ghebreyesos Etters, Matthew F. (3) Evers, William E (2) Feldner, Edward Fisher, Billee Rae (2) Foreman/Nash, Lelia R/Donald F (2) Fortson, Tyrell Lamont Eugene (2) Freeman, Joseph David (3) Gardner, Gerald Charles Gayle, Miguel Gee, Dana Lynn (3) Gee, Richard Kenneth Germello, Ardell Lee (3) Gibson, Courtney C Gilman, Kenneth G (2) Girton, Michael J Goodreau, Beth/Samuel (5) Grinnell, Wesley (2) Gundy, Autumn Bene Hallager, Timothy J Harden, Shakeira Sherease & Lisa (2) Harrington, Kimberly/Andrew Henry, Matthew Jay Hilton, Ava A Hinckley, Dakota Dean Hinds, J Antonio Johnson, Janelle G/Dwayne Matthew (2) Johnson, Karyn E Johnson, Sallo Josephine Kaczor, Alexis Dawn King, Jessica Ann King Jr., Baron Bernard Kitting, Sara E Kuntz, Laura Rae Lamade, Dietrick Budd Rupert Lazzari, Louis P Leigey, Heather M Leonard, Phillip Spencer/Amy Louise (2) Levan, Megan (3) Litz, Justin Michael Lohr, Melissa & Guy McLeod Sheed, Porschea Amanda McClusick, Brooke Ashley McCool, Michael Allen McNeil, Crystal M McNelis, David Patrick Mackenzie, Sabrina L Mauck, Vincent Anthony Riggs (2) Mealing, Lysa Marguerite (3) Mejia, Arlent Bladmir Miles, Arlene M Mincer III, Donald L (6) Mincer Jr., John Kennedy (22) Moore, Molly Elizabeth & Michael C Moore, Tia S (2) Moreno, Wanda I (2) Morse, Tiffany Morse, Sidney J Moyer, Hallie Evelyn (2) Munco, Richard Todd Murphy, Alice R (2) Myers, Zachary L (2) Neff, Cindy (Lock Haven) Nguyen, Linda/Elijah Antontio O’Brien, Charles Michael Page, Abdul Parsons, Brian P (5) Pastor, Matthew Patterson, Shakoya L Patton, Joseph Anthony & Michael Pavuk, Kaitlyn Susan Peasley, Brandon Michael Pelton, Chelsey Jo Perakovich, Christian H Plowman, Rachel Adrianne (2) Puenta, Gerald Quail, Brandon Douglas Rambert, William Richard Reifer, Desiree I Reitz, Carly Shawntel Resto, Everlia Rinehart, Autum Cheyenne Rinehart, Megan C (2) Rivera, Maribel Robinson, Dawud Shaheed Robinson, Jonathan E (3) Robison, Kaci Noel (4) Rook, Jon M (3) Rote, Amanda Rae (5) Ruggiers, Ashley Ruszkai, Joseph Alfred Jr Schied, Erin Mary Seyler, Terry Scott (2) Sheets, Gawaine Lee/Patricia Shields, Jesse Charles (2) Shiffer, Siedal Clark Shilling, Mark David (3) Shreck, Cody James Simpson, Autumn Laine Slykhaus, Seth Taylor Smeal Jr, James Henderson Smith Bolden, Tina Smith, Brittany Nicole & Ronald Smith III, Cleveland Soo, Owen Terrell Sporny, Toni Elyse Spotts, Tiffany (2) Spring, Wyatt Delo Scott Steen, Charles Wayne Swahn, Lori A (3) Terreblache, Kevin Timothy Toner, Timothy David Trankina, Kaitlyn Vinson, Jason B Wadley, Justin (2) Walizer, Rachel Warner, Jackson B Weber, Joshua Delrio/Mary Coleer (4) Welker/Burns, Michael A/Nicole P (2) Welker, Stephanie Jean Welty, Joshua A Wilson, Justin Scott Wilson, Samantha Lee Winslow II, Robert Edward Wollam, Seth Frederick Wright, Jason Wroczynski, Meredith Ellen Wynn, Natisa Jo (3) Yontosh, Kayla Marie

Thoughts and prayers are with all members of the U.S. Marshal’s Service and the family of Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher David Hill, who died in the line of duty this morning in Harrisburg. We also send best wishes for a speedy recovery to the two officers who were injured in the shooting.

*****SNOW REMOVAL ANNOUNCEMENT**** The City of Lock Haven will conduct snow removal operations on the following streets starting TOMORROW (Thursday, 1/18/18): Main Street (North Side) from Henderson Street to First Street and Bellefonte Avenue (North side) from East Main Street (Triangle Park) to West Church Street (5-way lights @ KFC). Starting FRIDAY (1/19/18) Main Street (South Side) from Henderson Street to First Street and Bellefonte Avenue (South Side) from East Main Street (Triangle Park) to West Church Street (5-way lights @ KFC). The meters in these areas on those days will be bagged with NO PARKING. Please slow down while traveling through the area for the safety of the workers and others.

Come on, folks! It's really not that difficult and truly can be the cause of an accident. Get your vehicles cleaned off the way they should be! Take the extra 5-10 minutes and get it done the proper way.

Just a reminder folks. Please make sure you clear out around fire hydrants if they are on your property.

Please be aware!!!

With temperatures dropping extremely low the next few days, please look over this information. Stay indoors unless you have to be outside. Frostbite can set in in just minutes when it's this cold, even with your skin being covered. Keep in mind that your animals are just as susceptible as you. If it's too cold for you, it's too for them! Posted below are some good tips for this wonderful blast of cold weather:

PET OWNERS, pay attention! COLD BLAST PET SAFETY: Pennsylvania passed "Libre's Law" earlier this year. The law makes it illegal for pet owners to leave their pets unsupervised in temperatures below 32 degrees or over 90 degrees for more than 20 minutes.

LOCK HAVEN RESIDENTS: HOLIDAY RECYCLING AND CHRISTMAS TREE PICKUP Lock Haven residents can recycle non-metallic gift wrap paper. It can be placed in your curbside recycling bin or deposited at the Myrtle Street Recycling Center. Gift wrap should be placed in the containers designated for junk mail at the Recycling Center. In addition, you can recycle those corrugated cardboard boxes Santa brought. Please break them down and place them in the cardboard container at the Myrtle Street Recycling Center. Finally, the City will once again be picking up Christmas trees curbside for recycling on Monday and Tuesday, January 8 and 9, 2018, and Thursday and Friday, January 18 and 19, 2018, weather permitting. Trimmings and tinsel must be removed.

All officers and staff at the Lock Haven City Police Department would like to take a moment and thank Chief Keith Kibler on his 25 years of law enforcement service to the city. Chief, we wish you well in your next endeavor!

We're looking to the public for information on acts of criminal mischief that occurred overnight from November 21 to November 22, 2017 in the areas of E. Church St, E. Main St and E. Water St. If you saw anything suspicious or have information, please contact city police at 570-748-2936.