Catawissa Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Catawissa Borough Police Department
  • Address: 118 N 3rd St #1, Catawissa, 17820 PA
  • Chief: Anthony J Kopitsky (Chief of Police)
Phone: 570-356-7102
Fax: 570-356-7855

Catawissa Borough Police Department is located at 118 N 3rd St #1, Catawissa, 17820 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Anthony J Kopitsky. The Catawissa Borough Police Department phone number is 570-356-7102.

Catawissa Borough Police Department News

Please be mindful of the upcoming weather. Use caution and be safe. As always, please don't go out if not necessary.

Attention Residents: We will be posting Main Street for "No Parking" on Sunday, March 11th. The street sweeper will be coming on Monday, March 12th before 7 AM. Thank you for your help.

Look at these beautiful faces! We had a wonderful time today reading Dr. Seuss to these great kids, and would like to thank the school for creating this opportunity every year.

The Catawissa Borough Police Department is attempting to identify this man and young girl, for damage that occurred to a vehicle parked in the Dollar General parking lot tonight around 6:20 pm. The suspects fled the area in an older model, tan colored mini van. Any information relating to their identity will be kept confidential. Thank you!

Lost white and grey Siamese cat with short "Bob" tail, wearing a turquoise collar. Missing from Shuman St. Last seen two (2) days ago. If seen please contact this department. Thank you!

While digging for some old files, we found this classic base radio. Most likely used here in the mid 1970s.

Thank you Nathan for being such a fine young man and upstanding citizen. You have set a great example for the community.

We are very impressed with the young man who comes to our station every snow fall to see if he can shovel our sidewalk. School is closed today and it's only 8am, but he is out shoveling for people and hopefully making some money doing it. Our hats go off to him!

Lost cat!. Last seen outside Cracker Barrel Monday night around 8pm. No picture available. Female cat is describe as grey in color with a little bit of calico mixed in fur. Patch of fur on right side shorter than the rest due to recent contact with a heater. Cat is wearing a Brown beaded rope type collar and is very friendly. She will respond to the name Chloe if called. If seen please contact this department or you can reach the owner directly at 5704412693. Thanks!

Please share and support this great fundraiser. Proceeds benefit the Catawissa Police Officer's Benevolent Association. Between $10,000 and $12,000 in handguns will be awarded as prizes to winners. For tickets call 570-356-7102 or send us a facebook massage. Tickets may be picked up or sent via mail. Also, if needed someone can meet you. Thank you for your support.

Please share this great fundraiser for a good cause. We will be playing for between $10,000 to $12,000 in handguns.

We have learned that the Catawissa Water Authority will be reading outdoor meters in the coming days, so you may see an individual walking in your neighbor's yard or your own. We have encouraged them to wear identifying clothing so they don't alarm our residents. We also appreciate the calls, please keep a sharp eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

No Parking signs will be posted on Main Street tonight due to snow removal tomorrow morning beginning at 8am.

To our residents, we have received numerous calls about a blue van with New York plates travelling the street. They are conducting door to door sales. They appear to be Kirby sales, and will offer to come in and clean your carpets. This is a pitch to offer you a Kirby vacuum. We have stopped and identified them, and they do have a permit issued by the Borough office. If you are not interested, please let them know immediately. If they persist, or become forceful in anyway, give us a call and we will shut them down. As of now, they are operating within the ordinances. Thank you to those alert residents who called.

Congratulations to the newest member of our team, Officer Cody Rebuck.

Please use caution driving tonight and tomorrow morning. The roads are snow covered and slick.

In honor of our fallen heroes. This wreath was donated by The Fallen Hero's Wreath Program in Philadelphia. Officer Ralph J. Fox was killed in the line of duty while protecting the citizens of Catawissa Borough Community in 1962.

It was an honor to escort this guy tonight for our tree lighting ceremony!