Carlisle Police Department

  • Agency: Carlisle Police Department
  • Address: 240 Lincoln St, Carlisle , 17013 PA
  • Chief: Stephen Margeson (Chief of Police)

Carlisle Police Department is located at 240 Lincoln St, Carlisle , 17013 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Stephen Margeson. The Carlisle Police Department phone number is 717-243-4121.

Carlisle Police Department News

Many folks have asked about the picture on the internet discussing a threat to CHS. A few days ago that was found to be Clovis, NM. Investigators there identified the suspect and are dealing with the incident. It IS NOT related to Carlisle High School.

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Roadways are dangerous today. Stay home if you can. Emergency services are out serving as always but would prefer to meet you under better circumstances.