Lykens Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Lykens Borough Police Department
  • Address: 200 Main Street, Lykens, 17048 PA
  • Chief: Michael Ecker (Chief of Police)
Phone: (717) 558-6900
Fax: (717)453-9397

Lykens Borough Police Department is located at 200 Main Street, Lykens, 17048 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Ecker. The Lykens Borough Police Department phone number is (717) 558-6900.

Lykens Borough Police Department News

Please help us find information on the shooter involved in the series of incidents in Harrisburg yesterday.

Thank You to the public for bringing attention to these TOP Dauphin County Fugitives. Your information helped secure the first fugitive: Milton Taylor was apprehended earlier this evening. Please continue to share with you contacts and friends. It's going to be rainy and wet, these people will be lying low somewhere in or around Central PA. Check out the Most Wanted listings and submit tips by following this link.

CRIMEWATCH and Dauphin County Law Enforcement are launching a special effort to find some of the areas Most Wanted. We need the public's help in finding these people. There have been reports that they are all throughout Central PA Region. Please share with your friends, let's cast a huge net and get these people off the street.

Warning. If you know someone that is struggling with addiction please share.

Happy Memorial Day. As you enjoy an extra day of rest with your friends and family, please remember all who have served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Good evening- This weekend in Harrisburg is the Annual Arts Fest and Superhero Weekend. We highly recommend this event and encourage you to visit downtown. This is a great way to reconnect as a city, county, region and community. Get to meet first responders and other local heroes, while enjoying the great city of Harrisburg!

Does anyone recognize this shooter?

Recognize this face? He may be hiding in Central PA and is wanted in connection to a double shooting. Do not confront or attempt to apprehend. Submit tips through CRIMEWATCH or call the U.S. Marshals with the number provided.

There has been a lot of national interest in this story. Here is more information.

Two in one day. Harrisburg Crime Stoppers needs your help in finding Keon Porter. There is up to $2,000 available for information on this case.

Reports are that Temar is hiding in the region. Please help us locate Temar Boggs.

Please share with your friends. This guy may be somewhere in Lancaster County or surrounding communities.

Can you help find this suspect who is wanted for Robbery and now Attempted Homicide. Tips on, or through are all anonymous and can be eligible for rewards! $$$ for the holidays, while helping your community. Call 1-800-262-3080 HE MAY BE IN THE STEELTON AREA.

Good evening folks. There is a new and easier way for you to stay connected to us. We want you to feel connected and vested in the safety of your neighborhood. Please download CRIMEWATCH Mobile and be a part of our community. You can see what is happening right around you and you can safely/discreetly share information back to us. Our eyes are open, are yours? Download links are here: iOS: Android:

Someone has information on this young man's murder. Please be aware that you can safely and discreetly share information with authorities at or by downloading CRIMEWATCH Mobile on Android devices. All tips can be anonymous. Let's bring Rayon's killer to justice.

Good afternoon folks, As many of you are aware, today is National Law Enforcement Day. In light of the troubling year Law Enforcement had in 2014, we think it is important to build channels for more open and honest public engagement. We can do that through technology and we encourage you to connect with us though social media, on our webpage or by downloading the CRIMEWATCH mobile application. We are part of a growing network of law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens that believe we can enhance our communities through collaboration. We can remove risk posing perpetrators from our streets and we will hold individuals accountable to their choices to commit crime. We can serve this mission with respect and integrity. Despite what others might say, we take pride in our professionalism and hold ourselves to the highest standards. Remember: If you are scared. If you are threatened. If you are in danger; we are only a phone call away. Thank you always for your support.

Good evening folks- if you or anyone you know has outstanding domestic violence warrants, tomorrow is the best opportunity you'll have to turn yourself in. Read more below.

Please share!

Reward has been increase to $50,000, Please share.

Hey folks - someone out there has information about this. Please share and spread the word. $20,000 for information.

Help us find these 'Most Wanted' fugitives.