Chester Township Police Department

  • Agency: Chester Township Police Department
  • Address: 1840 Harris St, Chester Township, 19013 PA
  • Chief: Kenneth J Coalson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 610-494-0211
Fax: (610)497-1658

Chester Township Police Department is located at 1840 Harris St, Chester Township, 19013 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth J Coalson. The Chester Township Police Department phone number is 610-494-0211.

Chester Township Police Department News

Chester Township Police win Team Trophy at the 5k Run for Heroes. Proceeds from this event are used to provide formal education to the Children of all Delaware County Police Officers, Fireman, and EMS personnel Killed in the Line of duty. Since 2000 this event has raised over $440,000 and has been used to educate thirty-four (34) children

Chester Township Police have a limited supply of backpacks and school supplies. Please contact Chief Coalson or Captain Dixon. Must be a Township Resident. Material can be picked up at Chester Township Police Headquarters.

Chief Coalson on the North Lawn of the White House after the Advancing 21st Century Policing Briefing. He was invited along with other Chiefs from around the country to attend the meeting at the White House.

Chester Township Police Departments main non-emergency phone line 610-494-0211 is temporarily out of service along with our fax number. We will be working with the carrier to have it repaired. We can be contacted at 610-494-0261 or 0262. Any emergency dial 911.

Capt. Hartshorn makes the run to the Nations Capital and stand in the sea of Officers in front of the National Monument in remembrance of the Officers that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Great Job!!!!!

Group picture before the run with Delaware County DA Jack Whelan and Philadelphia Police officer Jessie Hartnett.

Chester Township Police Capt. Laura Hartshorn starts the 100 mile run from the Philadelphia navy yard to Washington DC. She will make the journey with members of law enforcement from the Tri-State area. The run benefits officers the gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Chester Township is now hiring crossing guards. Anyone interested can apply at 1150 Engle St.

Tree down on Adair Rd and power is out. We notified Peco and they will be responding as soon as they can. Please avoid Adair Rd.

Chester Township Police have received multiple complaints from residents and business owners in reference to the ATV and Dirt Bike traffic behind their properties. Chester Township will be patrolling all dirt trails and citing all riders and towing all off road vehicles. Township Police just recently located a structure that appears to be used for illegal activity and will monitor this area.

Sad month for law enforcement.

Chester Township Police Officers celebrate the birthday of Dr.Seuss by reading books to children at Toby Farms nursery school.

Officer Guindon was shot and killed on her first day on the job in Prince William County. Sad day and a deadly month for law enforcement.

The potential for severe weather into this evening is increasing. The main threat will be damaging straight-line wind gusts up to 60 mph. Residents should secure any outdoor property in case of strong wind.

Chester Township Police have received multiple complaints in the Toby Farms section of drivers not stopping at posted stop signs. Officers will be aggressively patrolling that area and issuing citations.

In reference to the school threat the source of the threat has been located and an arrest has been made.

Chester Township Police are aware of the threats made against Chester Township schools and are collaborating with Federal and local agencies. We will keep you posted on developments.

Chester Township Officers had to shovel drifting snow so medical personnel could get a Township resident to the ambulance.

At this current time Chester Township Police report no major events associated with the storm. Please stay off the roads and let the plow operators clear the roads. Do not throw snow in the streets. As a reminder it is illegal to place items in the street to save parking spots, Officers have been directed to remove those items and issue citations if neccessary.

Chester Township Police will be monitoring the incoming storm.Heavy snow and strong winds are still expected.Please make sure your are prepared.

Chester Township resident showing support for Police. Any resident that is interested in a sign please contact the Police Department.