Prospect Park Police Department

  • Agency: Prospect Park Police Department
  • Address: 720 Maryland Ave, Prospect Park , 19076 PA
  • Chief: Clifford Engel (Chief of Police)
Phone: 610-534-2222
Fax: 610-534-7275

Prospect Park Police Department is located at 720 Maryland Ave, Prospect Park , 19076 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Clifford Engel. The Prospect Park Police Department phone number is 610-534-2222.

Prospect Park Police Department News

Congrats to Delco’s own Villanova Wildcats for advancing to the NCAA Finals

We are currently investigating an incident that occurred last evening around 11:30pm on Lincoln Avenue in the area of 16th Avenue It appears a drug deal went bad and a single shot was fired from the buyer into the car of the drug dealer. No serious injuries were reported and it is still an active investigation Anyone with information, please contact the police department at 610.534.2222

We regret to report the sudden death of Newtown Township Police Sergeant Clinton Cunningham. Sgt. Cunningham suffered a brain hemorrhage off-duty while working out Sgt. Cunningham was a highly decorated five-year member of the Newtown Township Police Department. He also previously served nine years with the Philadelphia Police Department Last week Sgt. Cunningham was voted by his peers as the Officer of the Year We ask that you keep his family, including his wife and four kids, in your prayers as they begin the healing process

There’s a fair amount of damage throughout the Borough Cones, caution tape and barricades are in place for a purpose Please do not go around them, take them down or feel they don’t apply to you Thank you for your cooperation

If anyone sees a light colored Toyota with passenger side damage and dark paint transfer, please let them know we have their mirror glass The owner left it behind on Adams Avenue after hitting a parked car overnight and driving away Mirror mirror on the ground, you were left behind in a hit and run but your owner will be found

Make sure the Iggles are the only ones flying high on the road to victory today Arrive alive, don’t drink, drug and drive. Go birds ! E - A - G - L - E - S !

Please help our dedicated volunteers and clear the area around the fire hydrant closest to you

Prospect Park Officer J. Horace Callaghan died on this date in 1940 after being struck by a drunk driver while directing traffic We remember his service & sacrifice

Happy Thanksgiving..go Bucs

Sometimes thank you just isn’t enough

Today, November November 8, 2017 the Prospect Park Police located a male brown and white dog. If anyone knows of the owner of the dog please contact the police dispatcher at 610-565-6700 and ask to speak to a Prospect Park Police officer.

In cooperation with Black Jack Kehoe Division #4 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH), we are collecting canned goods and non-perishable food items to be donated to families in need at Christmas A barrel has been placed in the vestibule of the police station to collect the donations up until 12/10 where the AOH will then distribute full meals Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows of any families in need, please contact Officer Henry O'Neill via email: Thank you !

* PHONE SCAM ALERT * An elderly resident received a phone call today from someone claiming to be her grandson asking for money after being arrested Although the resident does not have a grandson, she does have a grandson in law. The scammers used his name in conversation and at first she felt it was legitimate Another male claiming to be the police picked up the line and told the resident that she had to send $3,200 to secure her grandson's freedom Fortunately, the resident did not provide any information to the scammer nor did she send any money their way Please be aware of this scam and the many others out there targeting our greatest generation

We're happy to report the 2 bicycles stolen from the juveniles at the Wawa on Saturday have been recovered We want to thank the victims for their legwork, the Collingdale Police Department and plainclothes officers from the area who assisted us in recovering the bicycles and making arrests The smiles on their faces when the bicycles were returned were priceless and well worth the effort

2 juveniles had their bicycles stolen from the Wawa on Lincoln Avenue earlier this afternoon. 2 black male teens befriended the juveniles and then took off with their bicycles a short time later. One black male was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and had a "boxy" style haircut. The other black male was wearing a blue and white hooded sweatshirt and black Nike sneakers. The bicycles are a pictured below and are as follows: 2017 SE Bikes - PK Ripper - black with custom, reflective gold stickers, a handlebar pad with "SER" on it and aftermarket Thickslick tires (no treads) 2017 SE Bikes So Cal Flyer - silver with blue stickers, a blue seat, orange hand grips and orange and blue Spokeskins We are requesting video surveillance from the Wawa, but if you see these bicycles out and about, please contact 9-1-1

We mourn the loss of New Orleans PD Officer Marcus McNeil who was ambushed and murdered today leaving behind a wife and 2 children Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers #thisisourface

Today a resident had their dog run out of the house. Zeus is a black labrador retriever, 8 months old and weighing about 100 pounds. He is wearing a collar but no tags to identifiy him. If anyone knows the wherabouts of Zeus please contact the Prospect Park Police department.

Thank you to our friends at Cookies for a Cop for your generous "thank you" #sweetkindness goes a long way

A resident cutting his grass reported being stopped by a male in a dark gray minivan today with a Florida tag where the male offered to sell him jewelry The male in the van claimed to have been a victim of the hurricane in Florida and was trying to get money for his family by selling the jewelry. The resident was able to get a photo of the male and female occupant as well as the license plate number of the van. No money was exchanged at this time The male and female are believed to be part of the Romani gypsies that plague the country with all types of scams to make money. We are investigating the incident further and surrounding agencies have been notified and made aware of their presence in the area As always, please dial 9-1-1 if you see something or someone suspicious

Dear veterans, you are not alone ! If you need help, please reach out to someone. You don't have to do this by yourself

Please join our friends in the Delaware County District Attorney's Office in honoring the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives on 09/11/2001 They will also be honoring Delaware County Sheriff Sgt. Nick Maraini who was firebombed while serving a warrant in Collingdale

If you lost a set of keys at Park Square in the last few days, we have them here at police headquarters. There are 2 car remotes, a house key and 2 unique keys attached.

We mourn the loss of Officer Matthew Baxter & Sergeant Richard Howard of the Kissimmee Police Department in Florida We also stand with the injured PA State Troopers and Jacksonville (FL) officers wounded in shootings last night The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion Remember the fallen, respect the righteous

Just a reminder that the police station - 720 Maryland Avenue - is an approved internet purchase exchange location The spot is monitored by video 24hrs a day and provides a safe, worry free location Remember, if someone refuses to meet you at the police station, it's a good indicator not to do business with that person

On this date in 1989, Officer Bill Nichols was shot in the line of duty. Had it not been for the training and quick thinking of Officer Ed Kienzle and the assistance of many other officers, paramedics, EMT's, hospital staff and by the grace of God, Officer Nichols surely would have died Officer Nichols' shooter (whose name doesn't deserve mention) was sentenced to a ridiculous 8 1/2 to 17 years in prison for attempted murder of a police officer. The shooter is out of prison and continues to have run ins with the police Watch Officer Nichols' story on Rescue 9-1-1 and wish him continued well wishes and a long, happy life Part 1: Part 2: