North East Police Department

  • Agency: North East Police Department
  • Address: 58 E. Main St, North East , 16428 PA
  • Chief: Charles Rosequist (Chief of Police)
Phone: (814) 725-4407
Fax: 814-725-9635

North East Police Department is located at 58 E. Main St, North East , 16428 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Charles Rosequist. The North East Police Department phone number is (814) 725-4407.

North East Police Department News

The NEPD is currently out with a young child whom appears to have walked away from home. He was found near Clinton and S Mill Streets. The child is a white male, about 3 years of age, blue eyes, blonde hair, wearing nothing but boots. The officer has gone door-to-door with no luck. If you have any information that may assist in returning this child to his home please call the NEPD at (814) 725-4407. ****UPDATE**** The child's mother has been located and they will be reunited shortly.

On Wednesday, the Knights of Columbus awarded Certificates of Merit to the officers of NEPD and the firefighters of NEFD. North East Police Department would like to thank our community for their endless support.

We have been notified of a problem with the light at East Main and Vine streets. The appropriate agencies have been contacted and the problem is currently being addressed.

A North East resident recognized the individual from the NEPD Facebook posting when he attempted to solicite at her residence. She immediatley called the NEPD, and officers were able to locate the male. He was given a notice not to solicit in the Borough. It was later confirmed with Spectrum, that this man has no affiliation with their company. If anyone sees this man or has any contact with him, please call the North East Police Department immediately at 814-725-4407.

Recently there was a man soliciting in the Borough (week of Feb 26-Mar 2), claiming to be a CEO of Spectrum Cable. He stated he was there to see if the customers were satisfied with their service, some of which let him into their homes to "view their equipment." The man was described as a white male, about 5'6", with dark short hair and glasses. He was seen leaving in a silver sedan, unknown make or model. After speaking with Charter Communications/Spectrum it was determined that this was not an employee. Here is their official statement: "It has come to our attention that an individual or individuals may be canvassing the North East area, claiming to be a representative of the local cable company. Any Spectrum representative will produce an official company badge, with clear photo identification. Please be advised that Spectrum has no individuals canvassing this area, and that such activity is prohibited by ordinance. If you are visited by someone claiming to be from the local cable company for anything other than a scheduled service call, please contact your local police department." The Borough of North East has an ordinance in place to protect its residents from hawking and peddling, such as this scenario. If you didn't make an appointment or request a service from ANY company or business, there is a good chance that they are not supposed to be there. Never let someone in your home that you do not know, or can not verify. Finally, if you see anyone soliciting in the borough or need to report suspicious activity, please call the North East Police Department at 814-725-4407.

!!!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!!! The Streets Department is requesting that motorists stay off the roads for the time being. All of their plow trucks are currently out attempting to clear the streets. They also asked that everyone who has the ability to park off street, to please do so for the night. !!!!!!!!PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to welcome Officers Harris and Kalicky to the North East Police Department. They were sworn in at the borough council meeting on Monday February 5, 2018. Photo credit: Aime Szymanski

Many people have stated there isn't any description in the blotter when viewing from a mobile device. After clicking on the link below, turn your phone (landscape view) and the entire post will show.

!!! Attention!!!! The Streets Department will be removing snow from around the parking meters in the area of Clinton and South Pearl St. They are asking that all cars be removed from that area by 3 am tonight. Thank you

We'd like to remind everyone that during these bitterly cold temperatures and extreme windchill factors, dogs kept outdoors will quickly freeze to death. Plastic doghouses, barrels, and other forms of inadequate shelter will not protect a dog from frostbite and hypothermia. Such temperatures also cause dogs' water sources to freeze over, leading to dehydration, which quickly becomes fatal. There have already been numerous reports of dogs dying across the U.S., such as in the following examples: • In Butler County, Ohio, while responding to a complaint, the local dog warden found a German shepherd dead inside his doghouse. Although there were four bales of straw on the owners' front porch, they had not put any straw bedding in the doghouse. • In Hartford, Connecticut, officers responding to a complaint from a concerned neighbor found a chained pit bull mix who had died of hypothermia. He was also found inside his doghouse. • In Lynchburg, Virginia, an animal control officer performing a welfare check found a chained dog who had frozen to death inside his doghouse. Allowing an animal to suffer in this manner is in violation of state and local laws. If you haven't already done so, please bring your dog indoors immediately. Anyone who leaves animals outside to suffer in severe weather may be prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

The North East Borough Streets Dept. is asking that all cars be off the streets in the downtown parking meter areas of Main and Lake Streets by 9PM on Friday January 5th for snow removal. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

Due to the accumulation of snow currently surrounding the streets and sidewalks, we will NOT be enforcing parking meters until further notice.

The North East Police Department is urging all residents in North East Borough to please park your vehicles in your drive way and off the streets if at all possible. Also, please follow the odd even parking where posted to assist the Streets Department in effectively clearing the vast amount of snow that has fallen on our streets over the last couple days. The North East Streets Department has been working tirelessly to keep the Borough's streets as clear as possible. Any assistance from the public with parking of vehicles will help them to plow more safely and effectively. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

"Shop with a Hero" 2017 at Corry Wal-Mart

"Shop with a Hero" 2017 at Titusville Walmart

"Shop with a Hero" 2017 at Harborcreek Walmart

This past week officers Best and Towner joined the State Police, Federal Agents, Military, EMS, EPD, and multiple local Police departments in support of the "Shop with a Hero" outreach program. This program is organized by the State Police and gives children a $100 shopping spree at local Walmarts. Shopping spree locations included Harborcreek, Titusville, Elm St, and Corry Walmarts. The children were able to choose gifts for their family and friends as well as toys for themselves. We would like to thank the Pennsylvania State Police for their endless dedication to this program. MERRY CHRISTMAS!