Punxsutawney Police Department

  • Agency: Punxsutawney Police Department
  • Address: 301 E Mahoning St # 2, Punxsutawney, 15767 PA
  • Chief: Thomas M Fedigan, Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 814-938-6220
Fax: 814-938-4010

Punxsutawney Police Department is located at 301 E Mahoning St # 2, Punxsutawney, 15767 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas M Fedigan, Jr. The Punxsutawney Police Department phone number is 814-938-6220.

Punxsutawney Police Department News

The Punxsutawney Borough Police Department and Punxsy Hometown Pharmacy will be hosting a Prescription drug drop off location. On October 28th from 10am-2pm dispose of old or unused prescription drugs at Punxsy Hometown Pharmacy loacted in the Groundhog Plaza 203 Hampton Avenue, Punxsutawney Pa. 15767

A special thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that helped with 2017 National Night Out.

Join us on August 1st for America's Night Out Against Crime

Punxsutawney Police Department will be holding a National Night Out event in Barclay Square on August 1st, 3pm-9pm. National Night Out is a community-police awareness-raising event in the United States, held the first Tuesday of August. Organizations in the Punxsutawney area will have tables set up with information to give out to the public. Plans also include having games for children to play, a bounce house, dunk tank, and food available.

Patrolman First Class Heath Zeitler and Patrolman Bill Clement were awarded the Chief of Police Commendation letter following an incident in which they saved a female's life.

Punxsutawney Borough Police Is Bringing Active Shooter Training to Punxsutawney Punxsutawney Borough Police and the ALICE Training Institute have teamed up to bring ALICE Instructor Training to Punxsutawney on May 18-19. This two day instructor course is designed to teach proactive survival strategies for violent intruder or active shooter incidents. The goal of the ALICE program is to provide individuals with survival-enhancing options for those critical moments in the gap between when a violent situation begins and when law enforcement arrives on scene. The registration fee for this training is $595 per person and can be completed online at www.alicetraining.com. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate and is a useful strategy for everyone: law enforcement, schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, and places of worship. Completing the ALICE Instructor Training course provides individuals with certification in ALICE Training and allows them the opportunity to bring ALICE strategies back to their places of work. Additionally, registrants will gain access to exclusive ALICE resources. ALICE is in line with recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). About ALICE Training Institute The ALICE Training Institute is changing how schools, universities, and businesses respond to armed intruders. ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate), developed after Columbine, teaches strategies to survive a life-threatening event. Supported by educators and law enforcement across the country, ALICE is quickly becoming the new standard of care. For More Information Contact: Name: Chief Matt Conrad Name:Janelle Strahsburg Phone: 814-938-6220 Email: jlucas@alicetraining.com URL: www.AliceTraining.com

Punxsutawney Borough Police Department Partners with MedicAlert Foundation to Provide Free Medical IDs and Services to Community Members At-Risk for Wandering The Punxsutawney Borough Police Department, in partnership with MedicAlert Foundation, has announced a free program aimed to protect community members with dementia and autism who are at-risk for wandering emergencies. Through the new program, Punxsutawney Borough PD will now be able to enroll local residents (and their caregivers), via an online portal, into the MedicAlert national registry/database to receive a free medical identification bracelet and free 24/7 emergency support services. While the wandering statistics for Alzheimer’s disease and autism are staggering (6 in 10 adults with Alzheimer’s or related dementia will wander, and 50% of individuals with autism spectrum disorders will elope); MedicAlert has been hailed as an important part of the overall safety plan for families with a loved one at-risk of wandering. The charity reports that there is a 98% success rate for locating missing persons when MedicAlert products and services are utilized. MedicAlert has developed specialized services to address wandering emergencies: MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return® is for individuals with Alzheimer’s or related dementia, and MedicAlert Found® is for children and adults with autism spectrum and developmental disorders. These services are being offered at no charge to community members, along with a free MedicAlert identification bracelet. “We know that wandering is a grave concern for our families who have loved ones with a dementia or autism spectrum diagnosis,” says Punxsutawney’s Police Chief Matt Conrad. “Therefore, we are pleased to offer this protection to our community members who are at risk.” Residents who have loved ones that are at-risk for wandering are encouraged to enroll in the free program. Interested residents may contact the Punxsutawney Borough Police Department at 814-938-6220. Additionally, community members can register at Punxsutawney Borough Police Station located at 301 East Mahoning St. Punxsutawney Pa. 15767 About MedicAlert Foundation Established in 1956, the nonprofit MedicAlert Foundation pioneered the use of medical IDs and delivers the most dependable, responsive, and trusted Emergency Identification and Medical Information Network. MedicAlert Foundation medical IDs alert emergency personnel to a member’s primary health conditions, medications or implanted medical devices. In addition to its 24-hour emergency response service, MedicAlert Foundation also provides family and caregiver notification so that members can be reunited with their loved ones. MedicAlert Foundation’s L.E.A.P. program is a nation-wide program available to all law enforcement agencies who wish to protect their community members who are at-risk for wandering, visit www.medicalert.org/leap for more information. Contacts: Jillian Megee Chief Matt Conrad MedicAlert Foundation Punxsutawney 209.669.2460 Police Department jmegee@medicalert.org 8149386220

Police Officer Applications Interested individuals are invited to apply to the Punxsutawney Borough Civil Service Commission to take the written competitive examination leading to eligibility for appointment as a Police Officer in the Borough of Punxsutawney. An application and details may be obtained at the Police Department in the Civic Complex, 301 East Mahoning Street Punxsutawney, Pa. 15767 Requirements: U.S. Citizen, high school graduate or equivalent acceptable to the Civil Service Commission, at least 21 years of age and possess a valid Pennsylvania driver's license prior to testing. Act 120 certification required at time of appointment. Candidates must pass a physical, psychological and background examination prior to appointment. Benefits: Competitive starting salary, retirement plan, medical insurance, plus additional benefits. Completed application must be filed at the Borough Secretary's office in the Civic complex along with a non-refundable filing fee of $50.00 by 4 pm, December 2, 2016. Only a certified check or money order will be accepted, made payable to the Borough of Punxsutawney. EOE

Halloween Events in the Borough of Punxsutawney Saturday 10-29-2016 Halloween Fest will be held in Barclay Square from 12pm-5pm Monday 10-31-2016 at 6pm the Punxsutawney Fire Department will hold a Halloween Parade on East Union Street. Monday 10-31-2016 Trick or Treat in Punxsutawney 6:30pm-9pm Monday 10-31-2016 Light the Night on Rockland Avenue 6:30pm-8pm

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