Blakely Police Department

  • Agency: Blakely Police Department
  • Address: , Peckville, 18452 PA
  • Chief: Guy Salerno (Chief of Police)
Phone: (570) 489-4767

Blakely Police Department is located at , Peckville, 18452 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Guy Salerno. The Blakely Police Department phone number is (570) 489-4767.

Blakely Police Department News

The Blakely Police Department wants to thank Ed & Lori Homentosky and Linell Homentosky for their donation to our No-Shave-November event.

Blakely Police Incidents 11/5/2017 0006hrs Assist Fire Dept, Alarm, Clearview St 0021hrs Traffic stop, Penrose St & Main St, Arrest 0109hrs Traffic stop, Lillibridge St & Main St 0855hrs Traffic stop, Terrace Dr 0856hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0909hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0944hrs Traffic stop, Main St & Erie St 0947hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1021hrs Traffic stop, Hulls Creek Rd & RT6 1027hrs Traffic stop, Hulls Creek rd & RT6 1045hrs Traffic stop, Terrace Dr & RT6 1055hrs Assist EMS, Alexandria Dr 1124hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1136hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1149hrs Traffic stop, Hickory St & Keystone Ave 1151hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1204hrs Traffic Stop, 100 block, Main St 1216hrs Traffic stop, Main St & Gravity St 1336hrs parking complaint, 1100 block, Main St 1500hrs Escort, 300 block, Virginia Ave 2236hrs Motor vehicle crash, 900 block, Gino Merli Dr, Reportable

Blakely Police Incidents 11/4/2017 0104hrs Traffic stop, 1500 block, Main St, Arrest 0200hrs Traffic stop, Lackawanna Ave & Willow St, Olyphant 0226hrs Suspicious vehicle, 10th St & RT6 0852hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1002hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1028hrs Traffic stop, Terrace Dr 1047hrs Suspicious vehicle, Terrace Dr 1115hrs Traffic stop, 1200 block, Main St 1145hrs Traffic stop, 900 block, Main St 1225hrs Fraud, Bad Checks, 1300 block, Main St 1237hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1320hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1501hrs Suspicious person, 200 block, Main St 1602hrs Traffic stop, Keystone Ave & Brook St, Arrest 1635hrs Fraud, 100 block, Kingsley Blvd 1837hrs Civil issue, 900 block, Main St 2238hrs Police assist, Dickson City PD, Commerce Rd & RT6 2350hrs Assist EMS, 300 block, Gino Merli Dr

Blakely Police Incidents 11/3/2017 0034hrs Traffic stop, main St & Penrose St, Arrest 0143hrs Traffic stop, Keystone Ave & Maple St 0722hrs Assist DPW, 300 block, Rose St 0956hrs Theft, Sturges Rd 1007hrs Motor vehicle crash, 1500 block, Mai St, Non-Reportable 1313hrs Found property, Scott Rd & 10th St 1427hrs welfare check, 100 block, 4th St 1556hrs Theft, Sturges Rd 1717hrs Loose dog, 400 block, 2nd St, Taken to Griffon Pond 2203hrs Disorderly person, 400 block, Hickory St 2343hrs Traffic stop, Sturges Rd & Terrace Dr

Blakely Police Incidents 11/2/2017 0150hrs Suspicious vehicle, 300 block, Main St 0743hrs Motorist assist, RT6 & Hulls Creek Rd 1004hrs Found dog, RT6 1543hrs Investigation, HQ 1601hrs Welfare check, Sturges Rd 1635hrs Motorist assist, 300 block, Main St 2211hrs Alarm,, 400 block, Main St 2225hrs Erratic driver, RT6

Blakely Police Incidents 11/1/2017 0747hrs Disorderly person, RT6 0832hrs Alarm, Timberfalls Ln 0850hrs Police assist, Archbald PD, Family domestic 1628hrs Bad checks, RT6 1728hrs Traffic stop, 1400 block, Main St 2007hrs Assist EMS, Hospital St 2033hrs Police assist, Leigh County

Blakely Police Incidents 10/31/2017 0010hrs Ordinance violation, 400 block, Brook St 0830hrs Assist EMS, 800 block, Hickory St 1130hrs Investigation, HQ 1402hrs Harassment, HQ 1409hrs Residential lock-out, 400 block, 3rd St 1433hrs Investigation, 100 block, Railroad Ave 1542hrs Assist EMS, 1000 block, Lower Pleasant Ave 1940hrs Traffic stop, W,Lackawanna Ave & 1st St 2117hrs Investigation, 400 block, Bodnick St 2334hrs Welfare check, 100 block, 5th St 2338hrs Noise complaint, 100 block, Electric St

Found on second Street in Blakely

It’s that time of the year again, “No Shave November.” This year the officers are donating $25 each to participate. The funding we wanted it to go to this year is for Chris Hallock. Chris is a 33 year old Scranton Police Officer who became sick at the end of September and went to the hospital, 3 days later he was surprisingly diagnosed with AML-FT3 which is an aggressive type of leukemia. He has no medical history which makes this a total surprise. Chris and his wife just recently had a child and anything we can give would be a great help. If you are interested in donating as well, stop by during the day and give your donation to Chief Salerno. We appreciate any amount you can give. Thank you! -The Blakely Police Department.

Blakely Police Incidents 10/30/2017 0124hrs Alarm, Sturges Rd 0137hrs Alarm, Sturges Rd 0829hrs Investigation, Timberfalls Ln 1202hrs Motor vehicle crash, Sturges Rd & Gino Merli Dr 1300hrs False report, HQ 1603hrs Disorderly person, Terrace Dr 1907hrs EDP, Depot St 2219hrs Nuisance complaint, 1200 block, Main St 2347hrs Traffic stop, 300 block, Main St 2355hrs Traffic stop, Hilltop rd & Holly Ln

Blakely Police Incidents 10/29/2017 0006hrs Suspicious vehicle, 300 block, Main St 0009hrs Unauthorized use of Automobile, 400 block, Hickory St 0047hrs Intoxicated person, 300 block, Hickory St 0139hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0149hrs Assist EMS, 600 block, Main St 0151hrs Traffic stop, Depot St & Main St 0208hrs Suspicious person, RT6 0236hrs Nuisance complaint, 1200 block, Main St 0325hrs Police assist, Throop PD, Boulevard Ave 0651hrs Assist EMS, Electric St 0819hrs Suspicious vehicle, 1500 block, Main St 0850hrs Traffic stop, Terrace Dr 0933hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0944hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0949hrs Follow-up investigation, 400 block, Hickory St 0949hrs Traffic stop, Timberfalls Ln 0950hrs Traffic stop, 200 block, Main St, Warrant Arrest 1111hrs Follow-up investigation, 400 block, Hickory St 1123hrs Motor vehicle crash, RT6 & Terrace Dr 1220hrs Alarm, 1500 block, Main St 2135hrs Investigation, HQ

The Blakely Police Department will be prepared for Halloween night by having extra patrol units out. Check out below some safety tips while out trick-or-treating or driving around during Halloween night. -Children under the age of 12 should not be alone at night without adult supervision. If kids are mature enough to be out without supervision, they should stick to familiar areas that are well lit and trick-or-treat in groups. -Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers and, if possible, choose light colors. -Have kids carry glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers. -Slow down and be especially alert in residential neighborhoods. Children are excited on Halloween and may move in unpredictable ways. -Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians and on curbs. -Drive slowly, anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic and turn your headlights on earlier in the day to spot children from greater distances. -Popular trick-or-treating hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. so be especially alert for kids during those hours. A little awkward typing this last tip, but now a days you almost have to...Put electronic devices down and keep heads up while crossing the street. We hope you and your family have a safe Halloween night.

Fan submission from 9 year old Semper! Cool costume and awesome pumpkin carving skills!

Aerial Showcase of our great borough.

Blakely Police Incidents 10/28/2017 0000hrs Assist Motorist 0027hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0046hrs Traffic stop, Main St & W.Lackawanna Ave 0104hrs Traffic stop, Main St, Dickson City 0106hrs Transport to Jessup 0135hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0141hrs Suspicious vehicle, 1600 block, Main St 0829hrs Traffic stop, Hulls Creek Rd & RT6 0848hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0858hrs Traffic stop, RT6 0929hrs Welfare check, W.Lackawanna Ave 1003hrs Traffic control, 300 block, 2nd St 1031hrs Motor vehicle crash, Main St & W.Lackawanna Ave, Non-Reportable 1240hrs Assist Fire Dept, 800 block, Main St, Alarm 1512hrs Suspicious vehicle, Arrest 2129hrs Family domestic, 700 block, W.Lackawanna Ave

Blakely Borough Halloween Parade. Blakely Hose Co on 2nd St.

Officer Gifford with the Tasmanian Devil.

Blakely Police Incidents 10/27/2017 0112hrs Assist EMS, 100 block, Railroad Ave 1258hrs Assist EMS, 100 block, Railroad Ave 1540hrs Motor vehicle crash, Main St & Lower Lillibridge St, Reportable 1642hrs Loose dog, 900 block, W.Grant St 1840hrs Open burning, 1500 block, Columbus Ave 1843hrs Traffic stop, 300 block, Main St 1858hrs Investigation, BBRC 2348hrs Traffic stop, Scott Rd & Hulls Creek Rd

Blakely Police Incidents 10/26/2017 0630hrs Traffic control, Grove St 0700hrs Suspicious vehicle, 100 block, Valley View Dr 1008hrs Welfare check, 1400 block, Main St 1721hrs Welfare check, 500 block, Main St 1833hrs Parking complaint, Electric St 1901hrs Erratic driver, RT6 1913hrs Warrant check, HQ

Blakely Police Incidents 10/25/2017 0238hrs Family domestic, 400 block, Keystone Ave 0252hrs Loitering, 1500 block, Main St 1440hrs Motor vehicle crash, RT6, Reportable 1443hrs Investigation, HQ 1720hrs Erratic driver, RT6 1957hrs Parking complaint, 100 block, 1st St 2018hrs Investigation, 400 block, Hickory St 2116hrs Investigation, HQ 2335hrs Traffic stop, Main St, Archbald

Blakely Police Incidents 10/24/2017 0005hrs Alarm, Brook St 0109hrs Assist Fire Dept, Structure Fire, Myers Ave & Brook St 0715hrs Alarm, 800 block, Lincoln Ave 1002hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1002hrs Traffic stop, Hill St 1119hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1835hrs Traffic stop, Main St & Academy St 1843hrs Alarm, 700 block, Crystal St 1906hrs Traffic stop, Main St & Lillibridge St 1947hrs Motor vehicle crash, 700 block, Gino Merli Dr, Non-Reportable 2159hrs Suspicious vehicle, 200 block, Main St 2141hrs Investigation, 400 block, Delaware St

Blakely Police Incidents 10/23/2017 0004hrs Suspicious vehicle, 300 block, Main St 1115hrs Investigation, 100 block, 5th st 1256hrs Assist Fire Dept, 800 block, Main St 1438hrs Traffic control, Keystone Ave & Gino Merli Dr 1456hrs Follow-up investigation, 1100 block, Church St, Jessup 1517hrs Traffic control, Keystone Ave & Gino Merli Dr 1541hrs Follow-up investigation, 1300 block, Main St 1551hrs Traffic stop, Main St & New St 1633hrs Traffic stop, W.Lackawanna Ave & 7th St 1710hrs Traffic stop, Main St & Academy St 1723hrs Traffic stop, 500 block, Main St 1726hrs Traffic stop, 300 block, Main St 1756hrs Traffic stop, Main St & Pennsylvania Ave 1802hrs Investigation, 700 block, River St 1936hrs Disorderly person, 1500 block, Main St 2300hrs Suspicious person, 1500 block, Main St 2333hrs Traffic stop, Mott St & Main St, Arrest

Blakely Police Incidents 10/22/2017 0103hrs Traffic stop, main St, Dickson City 0125hrs Traffic stop, Main St, Dickson City 0143hrs Disabled motorist, Scott Rd & Hulls Creek Rd 0613hrs Police assist, Dickson City PD, EDP, 1000 block, Main St 1106hrs Harassment, 600 block, Hilltop Rd 1211hrs Neighbor dispute, 100 block, Railroad Ave 1230hrs Found dog, 400 block, Main St 1532hrs Disabled vehicle, Scott Rd & Hulls Creek rd 1542hrs Criminal mischief, 800 block, Theresa St 1611hrs Traffic stop, Lincoln St & 2nd St 1636hrs Traffic stop, Hickory St & Keystone Ave 1716hrs Motorist assist, Main St & Depot St 1724hrs Traffic stop, RT6 1731hrs Suspicious person, RT6, Timberfalls 1846hrs ATV's in roadway, 300 block, Main St 1916hrs Traffic stop, W.Lackawanna Ave & 1st St 1958hrs Traffic stop, Main St & W.Grant St 2204hrs Alarm, 400 block, Main St 2346hrs Alarm, RT6 2351hrs Suspicious vehicle, RT6