Lititz Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Lititz Borough Police Department
  • Address: 7 South Broad Street, Lititz Borough , 17543 PA
  • Chief: William R Seace (Chief of Police)
Phone: 7176266393

Lititz Borough Police Department is located at 7 South Broad Street, Lititz Borough , 17543 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is William R Seace. The Lititz Borough Police Department phone number is 7176266393.

Lititz Borough Police Department News

Aside from being the first day of November, today also marks the first day of our participation in the "Beards for Brothers" campaign for 2017 supporting the A Week Away Foundation. For a donation to the cause, members of the LBPD are permitted to put down the razor until the end of the month and rock the beard. Standby Gainesville Police Department, we're coming for you!! Click the link below for details!

If we had our choice for the best costume last night during the parade, IT was definitely this little guys! 🎈🤡🎈 And just to clarify, by "costume" we're referring to the one in the middle! ;)

Locked and loaded!!

Due to the popularity of this event, and anticipated crowd levels, we are increasing our security measures and deploying our Bike Officers to assist with crowd control and answering calls in the Downtown area. Do not be alarmed by their presence, as they will be heavily armed...................with Tootsie Pops, lots and lots of Tootsie Pops, to hand out to the Parade go'ers. 😁

Since June we have been selling our LBPD Pink Patches to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. We are very pleased to announce that we completely sold out of our patches and in total sold 284 patches! Today Sgt. Detz presented a check, on behalf of the Lititz Borough Police Officers Association, to the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health for $2,731.23. The check was presented to Dr. Nitin Tanna and several other representatives from Lancaster General also present was Suzanne Arnold for whom the Center is named. We want to thank everyone that purchased a patch or made a donation and helped make this a very successful initiative! Our Officers will continue wearing the pink patches throughout the month and we are looking forward to next year!

The 2017 LBPD Pink Patches are officially SOLD OUT! We would like to say thank you to everyone that helped support our #PinkPatchProject and made our first year a huge success! All of the proceeds are being donated to the Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Suzanne H. Arnold Center for Breast Health. Check presentation coming soon!

A big thank you and shout out to the Lititz Fire Company No. 1 for once again coming through to help us out. Earlier today one of our Officers, who was on duty, received a phone call from his wife saying there was light smoke in the basement of their home and the smell of something electrical burning. He responded to his house to check things out, confident that having been a Firefighter in a previous life he would be able to locate the issue and avoid having to wake the Firefighters from their mid-morning slumber. After no immediate signs of anything, and the smell getting stronger and stronger, he admitted defeat and it was time to call in the big guns. After all, leave it to a Cop to try to do a Firefighters job right?!? Our officer, swallowing his pride, placed the ever dreaded call to the Fire Chief asking for help😉. A short time later a Fire Engine full of local heroes arrived to help bail out the Officer and his family. After a good few minutes of the Officer being verbally accosted, the Firefighters left him to contemplate his career choice while they went to work. Using a combination of modern technology and old school techniques they were able to locate the source. Furnace you say, the Dryer maybe, possible faulty electrical wiring……….none of the above, turns out it was the motor to an old water pump that ended up being the culprit. So again, it pains us to say this, but we ❤️LOVE❤️ you guys and thanks for all you do each and every day! Thanks for taking an hour out of your Saturday afternoon to help one of us out! We very much appreciate our always dependable and hardworking VOLUNTEER Fire Department! ***Photo credit to Matt Stevenson*** This photo was taken after an entire day of handling winter storm related calls last year, the nap was well deserved!!

Just because its Friday the 13th, don't be afraid to come downtown for 2nd Friday, we've got your back!!

Always there to lend a helping hand, especially with these elaborate Promposals and HoCoprosals……Officers working this weekend located the young lad in the photo strolling through a parking lot near Warwick High School, accompanied by his "wanted" poster, looking for the subject of interest for his date to the upcoming Homecoming dance. We sprang into action, offering our assistance and put out a "be on the lookout." Shortly thereafter the wanted person was observed operating her vehicle near the area. A traffic stop was initiated on Ms. Kreider. Officers approached with caution, wanted poster in hand, explaining to Ms. Kreider the reason for the traffic stop. Mr. Michael was anxiously awaiting nearby. Ms. Kreider happily cooperated with authorities and upon exiting her vehicle met with Mr. Michael and happily accepted his proposal. Best wishes Lilli Kreider and Hilton Michael and have a great time at the Warwick Homecoming Dance!! ***DISCLAIMER, because……*** Nobody was harmed in this proposal. The "traffic stop," which was preplanned, took place in a parking lot far removed from an actual roadway, thereby not endangering any passersby. The assisting Officers only "wasted" about five minutes of taxpayer money, which we feel is a good tradeoff for the community policing aspect of this event.

We stopped by the Children's Corner Learning Center at Moravian Manor this morning to talk about Police Officers, also allowing the kids to climb in the cruiser and ask questions about our uniform, etc.... We even somehow managed to coordinate all twenty four students, who are between the ages of two and four, to stand at attention, arms at their sides, completely still, and completely silent for the better part of an entire two minutes while the "pinning" of the badge sticker to their shirts took place. Any of you reading this that understand and know how difficult it is to corral just one toddler, multiply that by twenty four and give Detective Miller a medal!!😁

Sgt. Detz stopped by the "Healthy Kids Running Series" last night to help hand out medals to the participants. We also got word that he participated in the 100 meter dash in full gear. The coordinator for the event sent us these photos, but failed to let us know what Sgt. Detzs' placement was and his finish time. We're assuming that he actually completed the 100 meter without having to stop and take a break😄.

***UPDATE*** Human and pup are reunited!! This handsome fella' was just found in the first block of West Lincoln Avenue, if anyone knows where he belongs or who his human is please let us know asap........

Its Friday, and it also happens to be the First Day of Fall!! You know what that means…………..PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!! Pumpkin donuts, Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer, Pumpkin Spice Scented Candles, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, Pumpkin Roll, and the list goes on forever…………………… Aaaannnnndddddd………coming soon to a traffic stop near you, PUMPKIN SPICE SCENTED TRAFFIC CITATIONS!! If you choose not to go 15 mph through the school zone while the kiddos are walking to and from school, or push the accelerator instead of the brake as the traffic light changes to red, or cruise through the stop sign without stopping and cause a vehicle accident, consider these scented citations to be the most expensive air freshener for your vehicle you'll likely ever purchase. *DISCLAIMER* This is a joke, these are not real tickets. If you've read up to this point you've been subconsciously informed of three different types of traffic violations which you will most likely think about now when you're on your commute today. Keep Calm and PUMPKIN on!

Next up on the weekend event list is the Fourth Annual Lititz Craft Beer Fest this Sunday, 9/24, from 2pm-5pm. For all you local folk, keep in mind that East Main Street from Broad Street through North Water Street will be closed from 0900am through 700pm. And yes, this means there will be barricades(see previous posts in regards to our thoughts on barricades). The event is hosted by the Lititz Ambucs, and in its third year of existence SOLD OUT IN 45 MINUTES waaayyyyy back in July!! You know you're doing something right when your event sells out that quickly. Last year's events proceeds of $58,000 went right back in to the community pursuant to the mission of the Ambucs Organization. There is no charge(FREE) for designated drivers, but there are food trucks, and DD's work for food. Uber, Lyft, and good ol' taxis cost money, but all options are still cheaper than a DUI. If you're a ticketholder and plan on imbibing, make arrangements and enjoy responsibly!